swollen prostate and impotency

How Do BPH or Enlarged Prostate Cause Impotence?

Do you feel discomfort in your lower abdomen and find it difficult to pass urine? High time you get a checkup for prostate, or your erection is at risk.

Quick summary

  • Enlarged prostate, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) indirectly, with certain medications or treatments for BPH potentially causing impotence.
  • Natural remedies for BPH include saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and stinging nettle, which may help relieve urinary symptoms and alleviate some of the effects of prostate enlargement.
  • To prevent or treat impotence due to prostate issues, consider natural erection booster pills like Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, or Viasil, which are made from natural ingredients and have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

An enlarged prostate may bring a halt to your sexual life and also lead to embarrassing urination problems. If you are over 50, you might have more chances of getting an enlarged prostate as this problem worsens with age.

An enlarged prostate brings with it many other side effects, one of them being erectile dysfunction (ED).

An enlarged prostate, also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, affects half of all men by age 60.

By the age of 85, around 90% of men have this condition. A man’s prostate gland is always increasing, which is why older men are affected by this condition.

While BPH does not increase your risk of getting prostate cancer, it does increase the risk of ED. In fact, the treatments done for BPH are more responsible for causing ED.

Erectile dysfunction can be a very depressing medical condition, not only for the man but also for his partner. It leads to dissatisfaction in sexual relationships and even breakups. Let’s learn more about this below.

What is prostate enlargement?

The prostate gland is responsible for producing some of the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation. It is located around the urethra, a tube through which urine flows out of the body.

When the prostate gland enlarges, it means it grows bigger in size. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in men as they grow older.

The actual cause of prostate enlargement is not clear to date. While doctors link it to aging and changes in the testosterone levels in the body, it has not been scientifically proven yet.

But, men who have had their testicles removed at a young age due to testicular cancer, or any such other disease, do not develop BPH.

It has also been observed that if the testicles are removed after a man develops BPH, the prostate starts to shrink in size. Therefore, there is a direct link between testosterone and BPH. But the removal of testicles to treat BPH is not a standard procedure.

An enlarged prostate gland can cause severe urinary problems such as frequent urge to urinate, little urination, or painful urination. The enlarged prostate gland blocks the flow of urine out of the bladder, leading to bladder or kidney issues.

Doctors treat BPH with certain medications, surgery, and minimally invasive therapies.

How will it lead to impotence?

Although BPH does not directly cause ED, some of the medications given for treatment can cause impotence.

Finasteride (Proscar), a common anti-testosterone prescription drug given to men with BPH, has shown signs of ED in 3.7% of men and has also shown signs of diminished sexual desire in 3.3% of men who use it.

Transurethral resection of the prostate, a surgical technique, is often done to treat men with BPH when medication fails, causing ED in a certain percentage of men.

BPH affects your sex life indirectly. It leads to low sex drive, reduced sexual satisfaction, and erectile dysfunction.

How to combat prostate enlargement?

There are several chemical and natural remedies to treat prostate enlargement. You can take tamsulosin (Flomax) or Terazosin (Hytrin) to relax the bladder and prostate muscles.

Medicines like finasteride (Proscar) or dutasteride (Avodart) also help reduce BPH symptoms. These medications block the hormones that cause the gland to grow.

However, if you want to combat prostate enlargement with natural methods, you can also try those. Some of the most popular natural remedies are:

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a herbal concoction prepared from the fruit of a type of palm tree. It has been used as an alternative medicine since ancient times to relieve urinary problems, even those caused due to BPH. Saw palmetto may have some anti-inflammatory and hormone-blocking properties that prove helpful.


This herbal medication is extracted from plants like rice bran, wheat germ, etc. It contains phytosterols and sitosterols that can effectively relieve urinary symptoms of BPH.

Stinging nettle

If you accidently touch the leaves of the European stinging nettle, it causes a sharp jolt of intense pain. When used as a medicine, it can improve some BPH symptoms. It is often used in combination with saw palmetto to treat urinary symptoms of BPH.

Homemade foods to treat BPH naturally

Some researchers found that men eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy vegetables, will have a low risk of BPH. On the other hand, fat-rich food may have an increased risk of prostate problems.

Can you prevent impotence due to prostate issues?

Impotence due to prostate issues can be prevented or treated by taking chemical drugs, surgeries, or some natural medications that do not have any side effects.

Regular use of chemical drugs may have serious side effects in the long run. If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life even after an enlarged prostate, you can try some of our natural erection booster pills.

These pills are made using natural ingredients, and they have no side effects. You don’t need any doctor’s prescription to procure or use it. Moreover, these are made by certified professionals in a cGMP facility and have been tried and tested.

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To conclude, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of an enlarged prostate, but not always. Most often, ED is caused because of the medicines administered to treat BPH, and therefore, it would be a great idea to prevent that from happening in the first place.

One can consult a doctor to get the right treatment for BPH-related ED, but the best remedy would be to stick with herbal remedies instead of chemical drugs.

These would be a perfect choice to restore your lost sex life while naturally and asymptomatically treating the enlarged prostate without causing any trouble for you.

To learn more about these products and to explore some of the best erection pills on the market, check here.

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