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Semen Retention: Are There Any Benefits Of Not Ejaculating?

Do you know you can last longer than usual? All you need to do is hold your horses, or as they say, semen retention. Here is everything you need to know.

Quick summary

  • Semen retention is an ancient practice that involves refraining from ejaculation during sexual activities, and some people believe it delivers better physical, mental, and spiritual health results.
  • There is no scientific evidence present that suggests that semen retention causes any physical or emotional risk, and it may be practiced either short or long-term according to the individual’s will.
  • While some people practice semen retention to improve their sex life, others believe that ejaculation is essential for overall physical and mental health, and modern medicines are available to solve sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and low semen volume.

Men, especially those who are sexually active, should keep an eye on their gentile. A man with a good gentile is likely to perform at his best in the bedroom.

There are many technical methods for practicing good penis care, some of which utilize scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.

However, many men use a different approach that you can follow to last longer in bed without the need for supplements or medicines, or surgery.

Many men believe it is the best way to take care of your genitals and improve your sex life. They think that it is good for long-term sex life.

Due to this reason, many men practice semen retention. On the other hand, those people who don’t practice semen retention wonder whether it gives any sexual benefit or not.

Let’s learn more about semen retention and whether it gives any sexual benefit or not.

What is semen retention?

Semen retention is the act of doing sexual activities by refraining from releasing their semen.

For example, some people abstain from all sexual behavior to avoid ejaculation, but rather than preventing sex, they might practice semen retention, which is learning to have an orgasm without ejaculation, also known as dry sex in some societies (including tantric).

You must be wondering how anyone can enjoy sex without ejaculation. It is because the orgasm comes at the time of ejaculation.

Hence, you can never enjoy sex without ejaculation. However, it is possible with self-control, and semen retention is the best example of it.

Although modern science does not encourage semen retention, many people believe it delivers better health results.

Semen retention is an old practice, and humankind has been doing it from the beginning of civilization. You would be surprised to know semen retention was a very popular practice in ancient England during the Victorian era.

The reasons for semen retention

There are several reasons why many people like to practice semen retention, including emotional, physical, and spiritual reasons.

For example, some people find a purpose in their lives through the self-discipline required for semen retention; other people find it part of a sexual relationship, where submission and domination are possible; and others think it improves their physical well-being and emotional health.

Whatever the chosen reason, the person practicing semen retention believes there is a perceived benefit to some part of their life, whether mental, spiritual, or physical.

However, there is no scientific evidence present that suggests that semen retention causes any physical or emotional risk, and you may be practiced either short or long-term according to your will.

Many people believe that semen retention helps them focus more effectively. But, at the same time, it also lets them control anger. On the other hand, a few people believe that semen retention increases stamina and improves athletic abilities.

Benefits of semen retention

By practicing semen retention, a persona may get three benefits, physical, mental, and spiritual. Let’s investigate each one of these benefits and see what you can get by practicing semen retention.


Semen is a part of your body mass, which is mainly made from protein. Therefore, many people believe, that semen retention helps you with bodybuilding. Hence, many coaches encourage athletes to practice semen retention before any tournament. On the other hand, many hair experts also say that semen retention prevents hair fall.


Studies show that semen retention can lead to countless positive mental and emotional outcomes. For example, you may notice a reduction in stress or anxiety in your daily life when practicing semen retention. At the same time, you may get more motivation to work, complete projects around the house, and pursue other life goals. But, perhaps the most obvious benefit is the renewed sense of self-control.


Men who practiced semen retention reported being happier and less dissatisfied than men who did not. Some said that focusing on self-control matters allowed them to pay more attention to other aspects of their life. In addition, spending time talking with men who practice semen retention might be an eye-opening experience.

Benefits of ejaculation

The main benefit of ejaculation is that it gives you deep relaxation. You can alleviate a lot of stress by ejaculating from time to time. It also lets you keep your hormone level in check.

Many scientific research papers have also agreed that ejaculation is good for overall physical and mental health.

However, many people feel afraid to ejaculate because they have less semen production. These people can take benefit from modern medicines to solve this problem.

Ejaculation boosters are what you must consider if you want to boost your volume. These are 100% herbally made products containing proven natural therapeutic products.

Semenax, Volume Pills, Semaxin etc., are a few of the best volume boosters in the market.

The process of semen retention

The process of semen retention involves erection but not orgasm. One way you can practice semen retention is by not thinking about sex.

You can keep yourself away from all sex-related items. As a result, you will think less about sex, and you will have fewer chances of ejaculation.

You can also meditate frequently to keep all absurd ideas of sex away from your head. Many people, such as monks, often follow this technique for semen retention. But unfortunately, this path is difficult for normal people who aren’t on the spiritual path.

A normal person may get engaged in sexual activities, but he should control himself before reaching the climax.

This way, a man can practice semen retention. It may be a little difficult for a normal person, but many normal people follow this strategy for semen retention.

You would be surprised to know that many world-class athletes follow this strategy when they are retaining semen.


For now, the health benefits and precise nature of these advantages are still unknown. The bottom line for men who choose semen retention is that they are not doing any harm to themselves, making the decision purely personal.

If you are searching for a method to regain control over your life and possibly experience these advantages, you may choose semen retention.

However, you do not need to retain semen if you are suffering from any disease. Nevertheless, many people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or fertility problems often try semen retention.

This is because they believe that semen retention will solve this problem and it will make their sex life better.

It is a wrong way of thinking, and you need to take the right medicine to solve your sex problem. Some of the semen boosters could be the best solution for all your sex problems. Therefore, don’t forget to read up on those too.

Written by Tom Knight
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