how ed affects a woman

How Erectile Dysfunction Affects a Woman

Are you ruining your partner’s sex life due to erectile dysfunction problems? Read on to know how your erection issues can affect your partner negatively.

Quick summary

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men can negatively affect their partners’ mental health, leading to feelings of undesirability, anxiety, unhappiness, or suspicion, and straining the relationship.
  • Communication with your partner about your ED and seeking medical help is crucial to address the issue and explore alternative ways to maintain intimacy in the relationship.
  • Erection booster pills, made from 100% natural ingredients, can be an effective way to treat ED without harmful side effects. Some popular options include Max Performer, Male Extra, and Viasil.

Are you avoiding physical intimacy with your partner because of your improper erections?

While avoiding sex because of your dysfunction might seem the best solution for you, consider your partner’s feelings as well. Is she happy with little or no sex? What about her sexual cravings?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get/sustain an erection long or hard enough to engage in penetrative sex. Most men affected by ED avoid sex altogether or only indulge in a quickie to satisfy their cravings.

Men suffering from ED might choose to abstain from having sex, and their partners might take up the heat of that decision.

In this article, let us see how ED in men affects their partners. Let’s start!

How can his ED affect a woman?

Sex is the most beautiful conjugal relationship, a blend of equal consensus, excitement, pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness.

The mating is incomplete even when one of these is not fulfilled for either of the partners.

Both need to agree to engage in sex, get equally sexually excited, derive pleasure from foreplay, experience satisfaction from climax, and feel happy later on.

When a man is affected by erectile dysfunction, either one or two factors are not fulfilled. Either he is unable to get an erection and hence, cannot please his partner. Or, he may not be able to sustain his erection long enough so that his partner can derive enough pleasure.

A man’s dysfunction definitely affects her. Your ED can affect the mental health of your partner. It can make your partner feel undesirable, anxious, unhappy, or suspicious that you are being unfaithful. It can bring a strain on your relationship.

Doesn’t matter if your partner is a male or female, the intimacy you offer physically is a mental relaxation for them; it brings a sense of belongingness and helps their subconscious build trust on over you.

When to seek help?

Once you are aware of your erectile issues, you must first speak to your partner and explain your condition.

Seek medical help because ED is curable when treated at the right time. Also, there are other ways to satisfy your female partner sexually while you cannot control your erections.

Your doctor might suggest vasodilator drugs like Viagra or penile pumps to help you overcome your erection issues.

However, be mindful that chemical drugs come with potential health hazards; therefore, the regular use of these drugs is not recommended.

So, what is the other option? How can you cure your ED naturally without any side effects?

Nature has an answer for all!

The best and most effective way to treat ED is erection booster pills. These pills are quite famous today for their potent qualities and 100% natural ingredients.

Erection booster pills can enhance your erection naturally without giving you any harmful side effects. Hundreds of nutraceutical erection pills are available on the market, but you must pick the best ones.

Some of the best erection pills available on the market are Max Performer, Male Extra, Viasil, etc. These can cure your erectile dysfunction effectively without putting any pressure on your body.

The best part is if you are already in some kind of therapy, using these products won’t affect the efficacy of treatment but will contribute positively.


Your ED problems can definitely affect her because sex is a combined activity.

You need to be equally thoughtful of your partner’s sex requirements and try to fulfill them.

If you have ED, the best approach would be to treat your ED naturally so that you do not have to worry about any health hazards.

The best practice would be to use a natural erection booster pill to improve your penile erections.

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