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How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erection problems are real, and you only realize once it had sabotaged your sex life. Without waiting, learn how to treat erectile dysfunction. More here.

Quick summary

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition affecting men’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection, with prevalence increasing with age. It can have a significant impact on an individual’s sex life and relationships.
  • Various treatment options are available, including PDE5 inhibitor drugs (e.g., Viagra, Levitra), testosterone therapy, vacuum pumps, and surgery. The choice of treatment depends on the underlying cause and severity of ED.
  • Natural supplements like Max Performer, Male Extra, and VigRX Plus, among others, offer alternative, side-effect-free options to help improve erection quality and overall sexual well-being.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most devastating conditions that affect a man, both psychologically and sexually.

If you are experiencing it, this article explains how to treat erectile dysfunction.

Unlike other disorders, erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most prevalent and widespread conditions that affects at least 50% of men above the age of 50 years.

Even though the prevalence rate is so high, this disease is something that can be controlled if you get the right help.

So, without fiddling around, let us go into the crux of this article and bag some knowledge.

What is erectile dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition experienced by males, characterized by the difficulty in building a strong erection or getting no erection at all.

It can affect any age group but most commonly seen in the elderly, and the risk increases as you grow older.

According to studies, around 40% of men in the age group of 40’s experience some grade of ED, while 5 -15% of them suffer from complete impotence.

Hundreds of factors can influence the degree of ED, and it is better to choose a treatment depending on the severity.

The most common reason is shrinkage of arteries carrying blood into the penis, thus resulting in reduced blood flow.

Decreased testosterone levels could give weaker trigger, which would result in a weaker erection. Other reasons include stress, hormonal imbalance, lack of exercise, comorbidities, etc.

How could it adversely affect your sex life?

Even though the condition might look harmless, it can sometimes adversely affect your sex life and put you in a depression.

Physically your penis is not erecting, but psychologically this creates tension between you and your partner, which over time, would question the integrity of your relationship.

ED sufferers can be basically classified into three types. People who get a partial erection, people who don’t get any and people who don’t have enough libido to cause one.

The first and second group people find it very difficult because they could mentally feel the vigor but couldn’t express it because of a flaccid penis, while the third group of men requires hormonal treatment to induce vigor.

Also, people with ED find it difficult to enjoy the sexual stimulus because the sexual libido always has a feedback mechanism that takes input from your erected penis and varies accordingly.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

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PDE5 Inhibitor Drugs

These are classes of drugs that inhibit the activity of an enzyme called PDE5 and helps in the dilation of penis sacs to give you a durable and firm erection.

The popular Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) belong to this category of drugs, which are often administered under supervision by a professional.

The vasodilation caused by these drugs has many side effects, and in rare cases, it could even be life-threatening.

If your ED is caused by a shrinkage in arteries carrying blood to the penis, a PDE5 inhibitor drug can help you get back on track.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone deficiency is one of the reasons why you might be finding it harder to get an erection.

For a healthy male, the t-levels should be between 270 ng/dL to 1070 ng/dL with an average of around 600 ng/dL.

In this therapy, synthetic testosterone compounds are administered (as injections or tablets) under a doctor’s supervision.

Sometimes, it is combined with the PDE5 inhibitor drugs for enhanced action.

Vacuum Pumps

This is one of the easiest, effective and working solutions to combat moderate ED without the need for drugs, injections, or surgeries.

A vacuum pump is a cylinder that is worn over the penis, and an airtight seal is made. The air inside is pumped out, which creates a vacuum that draws blood into the penis sacs to inflate it.

This method is very popular and even approved by the FDA. It is sometimes recommended by the doctors to combat ED.


Surgery is the best in terms of satisfaction and only recommended for people who had failed in oral drugs, supplements, and other treatment options.

There are some inevitable risks, but a penile implant is most suited for males who had crossed their 50’s.

However, the long recovery period, pain, risks of infections, etc. are some of the reasons why surgery comes as a last resort.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are products made by combining herbal extracts, some animal products, and other organic medicinal stuff in a stoichiometric ratio.

These supplements are often side-effects-free, safe, and highly effective because of its organic nature.

Here are some of the best products in the market.

1. Max Performer

Max Performer

One of the herbal PDE5 inhibitor supplement with added features to boost general sexual well being and libido. This product is a worthy competitor to sildenafil and tadalafil.

2. Male Extra

Male ExtraWith its 600 mg of L-Arginine, Male Extra is one of the few pills with superior nitric oxide activity. It is also a non-therapeutic remedy for ED and Peyronie’s disease.

3. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

A 10-ingredient formulation with excellent nitric oxide activity and sports top ingredients like muira puama and Bioperine. Around 1.2 million units of VigRX Plus is sold already across the globe.

4. Eron Plus

Eron Plus

This product is a set of two pills, both of which are focused on improving the quality of erection. It can also work on increasing the vigor and heightening the orgasm.

5. Viasil


Do you feel embarrassed due to your low endurance capacity? If yes, it is time to switch to Viasil, a comprehensive male enhancement supplement. The product contains power-boosting agents that reawaken your libido.

6. Member XXL

Member XXL

Member XXL is a modern and comprehensive food supplement to accelerate the size and thickness of your penis. It helps in heightening your sexual receptivity by directing the flow of oxygenated blood towards your sex organ.


If you are struggling with severe ED, then get medical help. Else, if it is a mild erection problem, try to understand the underlying reason for it.

Malnutrition, low testosterone, stress, lack of exercise, etc. could be taken care of quickly by yourself.

Even if you are going to a doctor, the primary treatment will be using PDE5 drugs. But if you want to handle it yourself, try a penis pump.

Natural supplements are the next best and safest product you can use to improve the erection.

As a home remedy, try to eat foods rich in nitrates and give some form of exercise to your penis to improve blood circulation.

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