ejaculation with erectile dysfcunction

Will You Be Able To Ejaculate If You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Is it possible to ejaculate while experiencing erectile dysfunction? Know everything about the disorder, its causes, and how it affects ejaculation here.

Quick summary

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition in men, caused by various factors such as vascular disease, physical trauma, psychological effects, and neurological disorders, which can lead to difficulty in sustaining an erection.
  • When experiencing ED, it is difficult to ejaculate as health issues may hinder blood flow regulation and sexual desire, and the brain may perceive the penis as out of operation, preventing the release of hormones for a sexual high.
  • Natural supplements like Eron Plus, Male Extra, VigRX Plus, and Member XXL can help treat ED and improve ejaculation and orgasms. Once the effects of ED wear off, a person can usually ejaculate again with healthier volumes.

Thousands of men every year undergo serious sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction (ED).

In this condition, the man loses his ability to get or sustain an erection while having sexual intercourse with his partner. This eventually hurts a man’s sentiments and creates a shameful situation.

However, it is important to understand that ED is a common condition in men. And the reason why you may experience this is because of your underlying health problems.

Some health problems include obesity, alcoholism, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. But, a question that remains vaguely answered is whether you can ejaculate despite experiencing ED. Let’s see what the experts have to say.

Erectile dysfunction and its causes.

As we mentioned earlier, when you experience ED, you lose the ability to sustain an erection. This typically happens due to several underlying health issues that block blood flow to your penis.

Clinically there are hundreds of causes which may be anatomical, physiological or psychological factors that could lead to ED.

Some of the main reasons why most men have erectile dysfunction are the following:

  • Vascular disease: In this case, your arteries harden, resulting in a blocked blood supply to the penis.
  • Physical trauma: You can also experience the condition if you accidentally injured your penis.
  • Psychological effects: If you are depressed or have anxiety, you may experience ED.
  • Neurological disorder: Damaged nerves due to diabetes or stroke can also result in ED.

Ejaculation and erectile dysfunction: the simple relation

When you are sexually aroused, your penis relaxes and begins to expand the blood vessels. When this happens, the blood flows in and gets trapped in spongy tissue.

And, when the blood is trapped under pressure, it results in an erection while your ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system.

Because your health issues may not regulate the blood flow naturally, it can trigger your sexual desire, which may not allow you to ejaculate while masturbating or having sex with your partner.

Another mechanism that governs this is your brain. When the penis isn’t inflated for any reason, the brain perceives it as out of operation and thus wouldn’t release the hormones to give you a sexual high.

Natural supplements that help you

Many different ways can help you deal with the disorder and eventually treat it. While some prefer potent drugs, others adopt natural ways to cure it. Many men choose natural supplements for safer results.

However, in such cases, you need to choose the cGMP facility-manufactured natural erection booster pills that treat the disorder and offer better ejaculation and orgasms.

If you are unsure which is the best option for you, then you must trust the market-topper male erection pills.

A few of these supplements, like Eron Plus, Male Extra, VigRX Plus, and Member XXL, are some of the best scientifically studied natural male enhancement pills.


When you experience erectile dysfunction, your body blocks the regular blood flow to your penis.

This can affect not only your erection but also lowers your sex drive. Thus, ejaculating in this situation is almost impossible.

However, this is a not  a permenant damage that is caused to your organ. Once the effects of ED wear out, you should be able to ejaculate again with healthier volumes.

In order to boost the working of your penis, you need to supplement it with right nutreints and that only happens safely with a natural erection booster pill.

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