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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Sex Life?

Alcohol may give you courage, but it can also ruin your sex life like no other. Don’t believe us? Here is what the experts say about alcohol and sex.

Quick summary

  • Alcohol can severely impact your sexual health by causing issues like ruined orgasms, decreased fertility, difficulty achieving erections, and taking sexual risks.
  • The best way to improve your sexual performance without alcohol is to stay physically fit, avoid bad habits, explore your body through masturbation, and try natural sexual enhancers made from organic or herbal extracts.
  • Natural performance boosters like Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, and Viasil can help recover your sex life without any of the gruesome side effects associated with chemical drugs.

Obviously, there is nothing that can beat a steamy drunk love-making session. And, let’s be honest.

Young people love finding someone in the club they can go home with, and nothing is wrong with that. But, at the same time, couples love getting drunk at home and finding comfort in each other.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to having sex. In the same way, they also like or dislike the concept of having drunk sex sessions. However, is it really a good idea to involve alcohol in your life?

In this article, we will be telling you how exactly alcohol can affect your sex life and what you can do about it. So, keep reading till you find your answer!

How can alcohol affect your sex life?

As you may have already heard from your non-alcoholic peers, alcohol is not really good for your health. It has a great chance of developing liver, heart, and mouth problems.

Apart from that, it also messes with your digestive system to a greater extent. And, when it comes to sex, alcohol may ruin your plans as well as your sexual health.

As we mentioned earlier, alcohol can severely affect your overall health. But, it can also affect your sex life from various aspects, if not health alone. The following are the ways how alcohol can affect your sex life:

It can ruin your orgasm

Yes! You may feel super aroused after drinking, but it actually has the chance to ruin your orgasm. In simple words, alcohol interferes between the brain and genital signals. This can cause confusion and less pleasure. In fact, according to experts, men may also end up ejaculating way too quickly or do not ejaculate at all.

Alcohol may affect your fertility

When you consume excessive alcohol, your testosterone levels begin to drop. And, when the testosterone levels drop, it can directly impact the regeneration of your sperm. So if your body fails to produce the right amount of sperm, it may result in infertility in no time.

You may have a hard time getting an erection

Yep! Drunk sex may be cool, but not when you are really drunk. When you consume an excessive amount of alcohol, you may not be able to get an erection as quickly as you generally do.

This is because alcohol can prevent increased blood flow to your penis and stress out your central nervous system. In fact, if you regularly consume heavy doses of alcohol, you may soon experience erectile dysfunction.

You may end up taking serious risks

By risks, we mean sexual risks. When you are drunk, everything around you feels joyful and happy. But, it is not the same every time. Alcohol encourages you to ask your crush out and slam the ex who broke your heart, but it also encourages you to have sex without a condom.

Having sex without any protection with your only partner is not a problem. However, if you have multiple partners, having sex without a condom is a big NO! It can cause unwanted pregnancy as well as infect you with deadly diseases.

It may decrease your sex drive

Many people claim that heavy drinking over and over again can lead to decreased libido. And that is because, as we mentioned before, alcohol consumption can lead to reduced testosterone levels. But, likewise, your sex drive depends on your testosterones. So, when your testosterone drops, your sex drive eventually drops as well.

Are you an alcoholic and looking for a way out?

We understand how for some people consuming alcohol before having sex is important. It may surely raise the sexual tension between you and your partner, but, in actuality, it only ruins it. You can also say that alcohol improving your sex is nothing but just a myth.

But, you know you do not need to worry when with us! We have mentioned some of the best ways through which you can not only improve your performance in bed without drinking alcohol but also improve your sex life:

Keep yourself active, not just sexually but physically too!

The best way to improve your sexual performance is to stay fit. Not only do you keep your organs fit and fine, but they also allow your body to have an increased blood flow to your penis. Thanks to this, you can keep your erection for longer hours.

Remove all your bad habits from your life

Yes, we said it! But, first, you must let go of all your bad habits like constant smoking and drinking. The relationship between you and your alcohol consumption is pretty toxic, and the faster you let go of it, the quicker you improve your sexual performance.

Touch yourself and explore your body

If you have trouble having a constant erection, you can try masturbating. When you masturbate, it allows you to explore your body, more like your soft spots. So, doing this will teach you to sustain your erection and find surprising points for your partner to find.

Natural sexual enhancers

If the psychophysiology suggestions aren’t your thing, we have some surprises for you, which can be your passport to your happy, normal life while averting alcoholism bit by bit!

Natural performance boosters are supplements made from organic or herbal extracts following Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani, Chinese, and traditional Koryo medicine.

These products combine the goodness of several products into a pill format that can easily be consumed by the user daily.

Comparatively, natural pills max out a performance similar to that of therapeutic drugs but at a slower rate.

In a nutshell, some of these pills can help you recover your sex life like that of Viagra, but without any of the gruesome side effects.

In fact, they are manufactured in a cGMP facility similar to that of chemical drugs and even go through stringent lab tests to ensure the safety of the users. All the formulations are scientifically studied and clinically tested as well.

To make it easier, here are the top 4 performers in the internet market.


Many people think they cannot perform well without intoxicating themselves with alcohol. But unfortunately, even though alcohol may help you enjoy your sex life, after a point, you may not feel the same.

Instead, consuming alcohol before having sex can ruin your moment with your partner. And not just that, you may also begin to experience several health and sexual problems.

So, to avoid these conditions, make sure you cut alcohol from your life and adopt a healthier lifestyle. While occasional mild – moderate consumption may be okay, it is not recommended to mix it with sex!

If you are someone who is struggling to come out of the alcoholic whirlpool, consider rehabilitation.

On the other side, if your sex life is struggling because of alcohol, then natural sexual performance enhancers can come to your rescue, and these products are the current.

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