burning ejaculation

Do You Have Burning Ejaculation? Here Is What To Do

Painful ejaculation can occur due to several reasons, some unforeseen. This article will tell you about its causes, treatments, and symptoms.

Quick summary

  • Painful ejaculation can have various causes including medication, prostatitis, stones, prostate cancer, and surgery, but it can be treated with medication or surgical procedures.
  • Natural supplements like VigRX Plus and Viasil can improve sexual performance and help with erection problems caused by painful ejaculation.
  • Communication with partners and medical professionals is essential to address the underlying issues that may cause painful ejaculation and improve overall sexual health.

Sexual intercourse may be one of the wonderful and magical things that have happened to humankind. Not only does it create beautiful bonds between two lovers, but it also allows them to explore each other’s bodies.

However, things can take a wrong turn in life. Amongst which is not to feel the pleasure anymore. Losing the ability to have an orgasm in men can be very frustrating.

Besides, painful ejaculation can lower your self-confidence and harm your relationship with your partner. The sadder part is that many men feel ashamed to talk about having a painful erection or ejaculation.

The first thing to do is talk to someone, preferably your partner. But, before that, you need to make sure you know everything about erection and painful ejaculation.

In this article, we will guide you through the causes, remedies, and everything that will help you understand more about your penis. So, keep reading to know more.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Burning Ejaculation?

The first thing you need to do is check for symptoms. The only common symptom is pain. But, where it occurs should tell you more about your overall sexual health.

The pain may vary from one person to another. This pain can last up to 24 hours, from mild to intense.

In fact, according to a lot of men, they do not experience any type of painful ejaculation after masturbating. But, they begin to feel pain when having sex with their partners.

The following are the most common symptoms men experience post ejaculation:

Painful Urination

A lot of men feel the pain after ejaculation, but not instantly. According to them, their penises hurt while urinating after sex.

Painful Right After Ejaculation

You may also feel pain instantly after or while ejaculating, which might radiate from the root to the phallus and get intense on the glans

Pain In Other Organs

At times, painful ejaculation hurts not only your penis but also other areas surrounding it. Other places where you may feel the pains are your rectum and bladder.

Pain While Touching The Penis

You may also experience pain for a few moments, especially before ejaculation. This happens when you stroke your penis or when handled by your partner.

What Are The Causes?

The reason why you may be experiencing pain while, before, or after ejaculating depends on various grounds. However, according to experts, the following are the most common causes of painful ejaculation:


Medical drugs or antidepressant drugs like serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, tricyclics and tetracyclic, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors have the tendency to cause sexual dysfunction in men.


Prostatitis is a common disorder in men. It is an inflammation that infects your prostate gland, causing painful urination. If you have a weak immune system,  diabetes, or enlarged prostate before age 50, you may develop this disorder.


Another common reason for painful ejaculation is stone in your ejaculatory duct. This factor blocks your ejaculation and also causes infertility.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the common reasons why you experience pain while ejaculating. If you notice blood in your semen or urine, you need to rush to a specialist as soon as possible.


The surgery to remove prostate tissue or treat prostate cancer can lead to a few risks. Amongst them, erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, and penile pain are the main reasons you may have trouble having a joyful ejaculation. However, other than that, other surgeries like inguinal herniorrhaphy also lead to a long-lasting painful ejaculation.

How Is It Clinically Treated?

In case your condition matches a few of these symptoms, do not worry. Thanks to advanced medical facilities, there are answers to almost all questions.

In case of surgery side effects, your condition will improve eventually. However, your doctor may still suggest a few medications or surgical procedures that can help you treat the disease.

In case of bacterial infection, your doctor will suggest you an extended course of antibiotics. Along with that, they will also prescribe other medications that can prevent swelling.

If it is a stone-related pain, your doctor will prescribe you transurethral resection. The doctor will remove the stones from your ejaculatory ducts in this surgical process.

In the case of pudendal neuropathy, your doctor will prescribe steroids, nerve blockers, as well as numbing agents.

These medicines will help you to control the agony. However, apart from that, the doctor may also prescribe exercises or options that will help you strengthen the pelvic muscles.

How To Naturally Take Care Of Your Penis Health?

Painful ejaculation may be frustrating, but the best thing is that you can treat them.

All you need to do is talk to your partner and consult an expert. This will help you to fight this battle and restore your amazing sexual life.

But, if you wonder if you will get the same erection and sexual urge as before, then the answer is YES! In fact, you give a try natural herbs-based erection pills.

These are natural supplements made from pure organic products of traditional values, supported by science.

VigRX Plus is one such product that can improve your sexual performance. This is a popular male enhancement pill that enhances your erection. Besides, with VigRX Plus, not only do you give yourself a healthy sexual life, but you also improve your libido.

Viasil is another best male enhancement pill you must try. It is 100% effective and shows great results in no time. In fact, not only does Viasil improve your overall sexual performance, but it also gives you the dream erection.


Sex is a blessing everyone is supposed to enjoy with their partners. However, things may tend to take a different turn due to several underlying issues.

In such cases, you need to put faith in yourself and try to communicate your problems with your partner, best friend, or at least your doctor.

Doing so will not only help you to physically and mentally stay fit but also give yourself and your partner a healthy sex life.

Painful ejaculation may occur due to various different reasons. However, no matter how awkward it gets,  make sure to see a specialist.

Once you treat the disorder, you do not need to worry about your erection. That is because there are natural erection pills to help you go back to your wonderful and high-performance sex life.

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