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How To Get A Harder And Stronger Erection?

An erected penis is a hallmark of good sex. But do you have the durable one? If not, read this article to learn how to get a harder and stronger erection.

Quick summary

  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of an erection is crucial in fixing issues related to weak erections. The article highlights the factors that can influence erection, including physical well-being, mental health, and diet.
  • Several lifestyle changes can help in achieving a harder and stronger erection. These include regular exercise, giving up smoking, finding inner peace through meditation or yoga, and using a cock-ring to sustain the erection.
  • Natural supplements can also aid in achieving a solid erection. The article provides a list of some of the best-rated male enhancement supplements containing organic ingredients and proven to be effective.

Erection is the physiological link of sexual arousal, and it connects your body with the mind. But what if you cannot get a firm erection?

Well, this article will give you some tips and tricks on how to get a harder and stronger erection.

According to studies, there are many factors that can influence the quality of erection. Therefore, understanding the root cause has to be the primary thing before fixing the problem itself.

Here, we have some proven and effective ways to boost your erection to sustain and stay rock hard for an extended period.

So, without adding more words, let us learn a few.

How penis erection works?

how erection works

Erection is one of the complicated mechanisms happening in a male body, and it is controlled by several physiological and psychological factors.

Let us first try to understand the anatomy of a penis. There are two cylinder-shaped chambers on the penis called corpus cavernosa, which has an artery (to bring blood in) and a vein (to drain blood out).

When you are aroused by a stimulus (touch, sight, smell, etc.),  the brain unchains a series of chemical reactions that result in the relaxation of arteries and the closing of veins running along the penis.

The blood rushing into the penis gets trapped in the cylinder-shaped pouch, which expands or erects the penis.

What are the factors that influence erection?

Anything from what you have eaten to your surrounding, your job, or morbidity status could influence the erection.

First, let us talk about the physical well-being aspects of an erection. You need a healthy body, good hygiene, under control hormone levels, healthy weight, etc. for a solid erection.

That doesn’t mean sick don’t get an erection, but on close inspection, scientists understood that majority of the patients with impotence had some form of physical disease.

A stress-free mind is the most critical requirement because stress can mess with neurotransmitter functioning in the brain, thus affecting erection from the starting phase itself.

Next is the food you eat, which influences the levels of certain hormones, especially testosterone, and therefore a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is crucial.

How to get a harder and stronger erection?

strong erection

Get fit

Exercise is the easiest way to gather some good fit and drain all ill-health. Some studies even point to the reduction of risk in people who exercise frequently.

Physical active people will have improved circulation of blood, especially into the penis, and this helps with a sold erection.

Also, nitric oxide synthesis increases when you fulfill the revised nutrient demand by muscles.

The lifestyle diseases and hormonal variation etc. could be avoided if you do exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

Bye-bye smoking

Not only smoking is terrible for your general health, but it could take an appalling hit on your sex life as well.

An observation in the book Manopause states that smokers had a smaller penis and significantly decreased libido compared to non-smokers.

There is also a possibility of damage to arteries carrying blood into the penis, which could lead to permanent impotence.

Rock it with cock-ring

A cock-ring is a small O-shaped toy or a widget that can help you sustain the erection for longer than usual.

When the penis erects, the vein which is supposed to drain blood from the chamber closes.

But due to physiological problems, it might partially open and leaks blood back into circulation.

A cock-ring could significantly reduce this leakage and help people with venous leakage have a stronger erection.

Inner peace matters

Erection is not just a physical process. It has a psychological part that needs a stress-free and calm mind to work.

Practicing mediation or yoga can help you calm yourself and find inner peace. Building a good rapport with your partner helps you to get that peace of mind in bed.

Also, 8 hours of sleep, quality time, getting engaged in something that you like, music, dance, etc., can help you relieve stress and get a proper erection.

Natural supplements

1. Max Performer

Max Performer

An all-in-one performance booster cum erection specialist product that can help you restore the lost potency.

The activity starts in the brain by regulating neurotransmitters, thus improving sexual signaling. It has also got PDE5 inhibition activity to enhance erection and ejaculation.

2. Male Extra

Male Extra

This product has pills containing 600mg L-arginine in it, which is a potential vasodilator that can shoot the nitric oxide activity.

It is made from entirely organic ingredients like MSM, zinc cordyceps, etc. and also helps in treating conditions like erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease.

3. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

With its 10 herbal ingredients formulation, this product is a superior all-in-one sexual booster that has excellent nitric oxide activity.

Around 1.2 million units of VigRX have been sold so far, and it contains some of the best components like Bioperine, horny goat weed, muira pauma, etc.

4. Eron Plus

Eron Plus

It is a set of two pills contains L-Arginine, maca root extracts, fenugreek, and tribulus as the main ingredients.

This pill is scientifically studied and has no side effects as well. Not just erection, but users have reported an increase in libido and a heightened orgasm when the supplement is used for an extended period.

5. Viasil


Viasil is safe and comprehensive sex enhancing formula for uncompromising men. It improves your vigor and endurance levels to fulfill your sexual desires.

A nourishing amalgam of organic and healthy compounds, the supplement reinvigorates sexual drive and energy. It also fights back against erectile dysfunction in the case of sexually weak men.

6. Member XXL

Member XXL

A small penis could become a source of embarrassment in front of your female partner, and there aren’t many options to fix it.

Well, it is time to overcome this awkwardness with Member XXL, a novel male enhancement supplement for attention-seeking men with the unique amalgam of organic ingredients to enhance your libido and optimize your sexual energies.


First, find out the exact reason behind your weak erection. If it is not something serious, then a few of the changes mentioned above might be enough.

Mostly, it has to do with your lazy lifestyle, and bringing order to it will solve half of the issues.

Giving up some of the health-deteriorating habits like smoking, excessive eating, etc. will definitely help your erection to get better.

Staying stress-free is most important of all, practicing meditation or yoga can help your mind stay on track.

Combine all these with the best rated male enhancement supplements, and it can help you alleviate the erection issues without even visiting a doctor.

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