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How To Treat Weak Ejaculation?

Weak ejaculation is a ticking time bomb, and fixing it before getting worse is the best resolution. Here is some data on how to treat weak ejaculation.

Quick summary

  • Weak ejaculation is a common sexual problem that can affect fertility and partner satisfaction, and can be caused by various physiological and psychological factors.
  • Natural supplements are available to treat weak ejaculation, which can improve sperm health, boost ejaculation volume, and fix hormonal imbalances.
  • Home remedies like exercises and dietary changes can also help, but medical diagnosis and chemical drugs should be considered for severe cases, although they come with potential side effects.

Ejaculation simply means semen in this context, and a weaker ejaculation implies the forceless/volumeless release of semen load.

This often happens with age, but some people might prematurely develop weaker ejaculation because of various health problems.

Whatever be the reason, if the ejaculation is weak, it might lead to a plethora of problems in your sexual life, starting from unsatisfied partner to infertility.

According to a survey conducted in the US, at least 65% of men past their 40’s are suffering from weak ejaculation problems.

Often this disorder requires the attention of a medical expert, but you can sometimes avoid the embarrassment of consulting a third person with the help of supplements.

In this article, we are meeting some of the best semen enhancement pills, which can help you fix the weaker ejaculation problem, thereby saving your sex life.

Without pouring more words in, let us gather some knowledge and learn ways to treat weak ejaculation.

What is meant by a weak ejaculation?

low normal sperm count

Weak ejaculation is an umbrella term that could either mean the forceless ejection of semen load or decreased volume of semen released.

Either way, the result is a decreased chance of fertilization and a displeased partner.

The process of semen release from the body has to be understood first. Emission & expulsion are two processes which eject the sperm load out of your penis.

In the emission stage, the sperm is collected in the bulbourethral gland and mixed with prostate/seminal fluids. Any problem at this stage results in a reduction of volume.

If the force of release is less, then the second stage of the process has to be blamed.

Weak ejaculation is highly subjective, and different individuals have different effects because of it.

Some individuals might get an intense orgasm even if the semen load is less or ejection is weaker.

But the secondary effects like fertility, partner satisfaction, & erection strength are affected due to weak ejaculation.

Sometimes it can be an early warning sing of premature ejaculation disorder or impotence.

What are the causes of weak ejaculation?

It can be caused by many reasons, both physiological and psychological. Damage to specific nerves or muscular conditions could lead to weak ejaculation.

In aged people, the pelvic muscles naturally deteriorate, and this could result in feebler pushing of semen load from the penis.

If androgenic hormones, especially testosterone, is low, it could affect the working of sex organs and result in reduced sperm quality, bland libido, and weaker orgasm.

There is a medical condition called retrograde ejaculation, which occurs when semen traveling through urethra enters the bladder instead of spewing out, it could result in a weak ejaculation.

Lots of medication and treatments could lead to a condition called Perceived ejaculate volume reduction (PEVR), which affects both ejection force as well as volume.

In a 2005 study, people undergoing treatment for clinical depression reported a 35%~ 65% reduction in the ejaculation quality.

Psychological problems like depression, anxiety, failing relationships could also negatively affect your sexual health, especially the ejaculation.

How to treat weak ejaculation?

There are various treatment modalities for fixing weaker ejaculation. But lets us start with the most obvious and easy one on the list.

1. Natural semen supplements

These are new generation products adopted from traditional medicine regimens and combined with some science in it.

Mostly herbal extracts and their refined products concocted into a capsule form after vigorous lab studies and clinically tested for its efficacy in intended action.

Check out some of the best semen pills on the current internet market that can fix all your sexual worries.

1. Semaxin


  • One of the best ejaculation pills in the market from Key Player Limited with some superior anti-oxidant property for sperm health.
  • Not just that, this product has a secret recipe made by combining some top-quality ingredients like N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and astragalus extracts.

2. Volume Pills

volume pills

  • These are the pills that can boost your ejaculation load, and improve the erection using the stash of Chinese herbs they have used.
  • The company claims that it can increase the ejaculation volume by up to a whopping 500%, and this means your penis can spew at least 5ml or more with a greater force like used to be in your 20’s.

3. Semenax


  • Operated by Canada based Leading Edge Health, Semenax is more of an orgasm booster with ejaculation properties.
  • This pill can boost your ejaculation volume by 20% and fixes the hormonal imbalance with the help of rare Swedish flower on their list of ingredients.

4. Maxatin


  • This is a serious product that can boost the ejaculation load by 500%, and it is a perfect remedy for fixing weak ejaculation and hypospermia.
  • Not just that, this is an all-in-one solution for multiple sexual problems like low libido, weaker orgasm, etc. and can also help in boosting sperm production.

Home remedies

Home remedies are the easiest and safest choice.

Exercises like Kegel, pause & squeeze technique, etc. can help you add more strength to pelvic muscles.

Also, try changing your diet and include more fruits (banana, pomegranate, citrus fruits) and veggies (legumes & beans), since the ejaculation is a vitamin and mineral intense process.

Consult your doctor

If the problem is severe, get medical help and do a medical diagnose to rectify the issue.

There are lots of chemical drugs like brompheniramine, pseudoephedrine, midodrine, etc.  that can help you reverse the ejaculation disorder.


male ejaculation

Weaker ejaculation is not a disease; instead, it is a symptom of some underlying problems.

You can always reverse this issue with proper care, diet, and the right supplement.

Natural supplements are the best bet because of their side effects free use and faster results.

Home remedies can help you, but there is no scientific evidence to prove these home theories.

Chemical drugs are the fastest and most effective, but the tailing side effects make them a last resort.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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