Improve Sexual Performance

10 Ways To Improve Your Sexual Performance

Having a happy sex life requires a little more than you would know. So try these 10 ways to improve your sexual performance and see if things end happily.

Quick summary

  • Sexual dysfunction affects a significant number of people worldwide, but there are many ways to improve sexual performance and satisfaction.
  • Techniques such as the start-stop method, stress management, communication with your partner, and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle can all help improve sexual performance.
  • Other methods include using herbs with aphrodisiac and testosterone-boosting properties, focusing on foreplay, changing the ambiance, quitting smoking and alcohol, and managing your relationship with your partner.

Do you know that sexual dysfunction affects around 43% women and 37% men around the globe?

A very little would we would share about the sexual problems due to the social stigma on how people perceive sex.

But the good news is that the people are trying everything under their sleeve to boost their sexual capabilities to lead a happy married life.

Though treated taboo, there is an underworld that is open for all grown-up men and women to discuss their sexual problems and take back suggestions and remedies.

That underworld is somehow becoming a mainstream platform today, and all thanks to the internet and growing awareness.

In this article, we are giving you 10 ways to boost your sexual performance to rock in the bed.

Without adding further words, let’s jump straight into the topic.

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10 ways to improve your sexual performance

improve sexual performance

Discussed below are the ten most successful techniques/methods/suggestions to boost your sexual performance.

1. Start-stop technique

It will be little confusing what name implies, but the technique is really simple, and you don’t need any props or medication.

All you have to do is abstain from ejaculating at the peak of intense action.

Sounds bit crazy, but yes you can do it and perfect it over time with practice.

When the urge becomes imminent, you hold for a moment and takes a deep breath to normalize the rush and again repeat the action.

This way, you will get enough fun time with the same intensity as you have started and that too for a longer duration.

2. Stress management

stress management

It is really important to manage your stress and anxiety as they are directly linked to your sexual libido.

Getting anxious before sex could delay the performance or tampers the quality of sex.

You can reduce the stress/anxiety before action by meditation or breathing techniques which could lower the blood pressure and makes you feel calmer.

Regular exercise for both mind and body can help you, but getting some quality sleep is the first and foremost requirement for all.

Getting therapy or even prescription drugs from a doctor could help you focus more on action instead of getting stressed in the bed.

3. Communicating with your partner

If you need a finger snap solution to boost your sexual performance significantly, then this is it.

Just talk with your partner about your likes and dislikes, your expectation, address your problems, and talk freely with them.

Because there is no better place in the world than your bed to have a free conversation with your loved ones and the resolution comes right away.

But always mind to be polite and don’t bring something that would irk your partner, which in fact would be an instant ‘gone bad’ situation.

4. Healthy body

For a healthy body, there is nothing better than getting exercise, and a lot of science is tailing that statement.

If your overall vitals are good, then eventually your sexual functions will also be proper.

Conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or high blood pressure, etc. could inversely affect sexual health.

Getting proper exercise on a daily basis is the best remedy than relying on medications, which in fact worsen the libido problems as per studies.

Also, giving a hand exercising to the penis muscles could help you in controlling the semen release, thus preventing the premature ejaculation.

5. Herbs for rescue

herbs for libido

Another great natural remedy for boosting your sexual performance is by using herbs or other plant extracts with aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting capabilities.

Ginseng can alleviate the erectile dysfunction and helps in improving penis size, while Pinus pinaster, maca root, and other herbs like Ginkgo Biloba are known aphrodisiac plants.

Herbs like ginger, fenugreek, DHEA, Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris others on the list that can boost the testosterone, which helps in enhancing the sexual functions.

It is always better to get herbal products from an authorized seller or pharmacists because of the prevalent fake market on the internet.

Pure herbal products often don’t have side effects, while fake products use illegal steroids to boost testosterone.

6. Keep a check on your diseases

People suffering from chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, hypothyroidism, etc. are very prone to sexual dysfunctions.

So always keep a constant check on your health condition and make sure that your vitals don’t exceed the limit.

Doing exercise and meditating are the best choices to control lifestyle diseases since the medications used for treating these diseases, in fact, could lower the libido.

Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits are the first and foremost thing to do, which will automatically prevent diseases and grants you good sex life.

7. Foreplay matters


If you think sex is all about penetration, then you are gravely mistaken because a 2017 study had shown that only 18% women get orgasm during intercourse, while a 40% says foreplay is the key.

Women prefer foreplay, and many studies had reported that women like clitoral stimulation, which is the easiest and pleasurable part for them than actual penetration.

This might include fondling, oral sex, kissing, hugging, and other techniques improvised between you.

So if you want to make a pleasurable session, focus on foreplay than moving into climax.

8. A change in ambiance

For boosting your sexual performance ‘ambiance and feel’ definitely matters, and that’s why you should work more on new experiences.

The usual routine sex can get boring over time; therefore it’s better to go for a vacation once in a while or maybe a weekend trip to new destinations, like beaches, resorts or hill stations, etc. to find a new ambiance for some personal moments.

Spending time together will help your bonding more than you could imagine, and when the entire surrounding changes, you’ll feel more refreshed and motivated to make love with your partner.

9. Say no to alcohol and smoking

Well, this one is contrary to the popular belief that alcohol and cigarettes make you more vigorous for sex, but the fact is otherwise.

Many studies have shown that smoking and alcohol are linked to cardiovascular, liver, and lung disorders, which significantly affects your sexual health.

A 2015 study found that people who quit smoking had a better sexual performance compared to their past when they used to smoke.

Also, not all partners would prefer the smell or taste of alcohol which is an instant ‘turn-off’ switch for many.

So next time, when you are in for an intense session, just take a break from smoking or alcohol and see if it helps.

10. Manage your relationship


Having a pleasing and robust relationship with your partner is the key to happy sex life.

Any issues that burn inside you inversely acts on libido, and that’s why you could abstain from sex with your partner when in a long fight.

If you feel like you need a sexual boost, then first make sure that you and your partner are having a good rapport with each other.

If that works, then all the above tips would come handy for you giving an extra boost of pleasure.


So boosting your sexual performance takes a little more than what you think, but it is not a difficult task though.

All the remedies described here are, in a sense, things that most of us might know, but the problem is that we fail to act.

Keeping yourself healthy is the first and foremost thing to do, to get an outburst of sexual desire.

All the physical remedies in this list would only work if you have a healthy body, and to channel this desire, you would need a healthy mind as well.

When it comes to bed, keep all your worries and tensions out of the room and try to indulge in the magic of sex.

Maintaining a good mental vibe with your partner and the gut for experimentation will make your sexual life complete.

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