Boost Your Libido Naturally

How To Boost Your Libido Naturally?

Most of us might have experienced low-libido at least once in our lifetime, but do you know you can boost your libido naturally? Read more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Libido is a crucial life instinct that has enabled human survival through reproduction and continues to be a significant aspect of human well-being.
  • Both men and women can experience low libido due to various factors, including physiological, psychological, and lifestyle conditions.
  • Doctors conduct a diagnosis to determine the underlying cause of low libido, which can include physical examinations, psychological assessments, and blood tests.
  • Natural methods for boosting libido, such as consuming chocolate, Yohimbine bark, fruits, and engaging in relationships, meditation, and herbal remedies, can help improve overall well-being and tackle sexual health issues.

Libido1 is a gift of evolution that made the humankind thrive in prosperity all these years.

It’s a life instinct or the drive that motivates two individuals to engage with each other to bud another life.

Without this ‘hormonal cocktail’ in us, the survival would be impossible since reproduction would have been a challenging task for early men.

As the years passed and in this 21st century, libido is a necessary instinct and even medical world gives a lot of stress in libido management and enhancement.

Even the research sector has a lot of interest in this segment because of the compelling rise in the human need for polishing their libido.

Both men and women experience libido, but at a different level of complexity, and a lot of hormones has to work in harmony to achieve this task.

There a lot of artificial means to enhance your sexual drive, but in this article, we are turning our attention towards natural methods for boosting libido.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Why would you go low on libido?

male low libido

Both males and females might experience low libido, and the reasons could be a lot of things like physiological, psychological or even lifestyle conditions.

In males, low testosterone is the major culprit associated with low libido, and treating this hypogonadism would help them regain lost potential.

But the issue is not that simple, and a variety of medical anomalies can cause this too.

Men are more prone to anxiety and stress related to work, and various studies have established a relationship between work-related stress and low libido2.

Or it can be the underlying lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

Certain medications used for tackling the above conditions might also induce or worsen the libido problems over time.

In women, constantly changing hormonal balance might be one reason, and menstruation-related irregularities were also found to cause temporary libido drop.

This effect is more prominent during pregnancy and feeding time because its natural mechanism of the body to make the mother more focused on the baby.

Psychological stresses in women, including relationship issues, low self-esteem, traumatic sexual encounters, etc. are linked to low libido.

Surgeries, medication, or even lifestyle habits can reflect on one’s libido in a significant manner, and that’s one reason why exercise for both mind and body matters.

How low libido is diagnosed?

Lack of sexual outburst is not always because of low libido, and to confirm this, a doctor would conduct a quick diagnosis to devise the treatment regimen.

The very first step would be a physical health examination in which the patient is evaluated for conditions like diabetes, hypogonadism, heart disorders, or other chronic diseases.

In women, sex-related problems like endometriosis can lead to low libido, and even vaginal discomfort during sex has known to cause lack of desire.

Vaginal infection in women can also cause this, and doctors examine the vaginal discharge, its frequency, and other associated factors for diagnosis.

Certain medications for reducing blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, or even birth control pills are known to bridle libido.

From a psychological point of view, a doctor would try to gather details like relationship status, causes of stress, or depression.

Counseling, in most cases, work and if not certain medications are prescribed to reduce the stress or anxiety.

Next major assessment is done with hormonal levels, for which a blood test is done in most of the cases.

Certain sexual disorders like ‘dyspareunia’ can also cause low libido and in some cases treating the root cause it the best way to restore lost libido.

Methods to boost your libido naturally

There are lots of natural methods out there to increase your libido without the help of chemical drugs.

Some of the effective techniques in the list are:

1. Chocolate


If you refer to the ancient works of literature, there will always be one mention linked to love-making and the chocolate.

They taste fantastic, and not just good taste but has scientifically proven abilities to raise libido.

Studies have found that the chocolate can release serotonin and phenylalanine, which are dubbed as the ‘molecules of love.’

But always note that tastier version – the ‘milk-chocolate’ or the kind of one we are all familiar with would contribute less to libido-boosting than the pure chocolate which in fact tastes bitter.

2. Yohimbine


This is an African tree bark flourishing on West African forest, and it is known to have amazing aphrodisiac properties.

Some call it a natural Viagra due to its ability to sustain an erection for an extended period of time.

Yohimbine bark can improve the quality of erection as well, and it is widely used in traditional African medicine.

3. Wine


This is one of the most debated natural remedy used by many for boosting their sexual drive.

And science says that more than a glass of wine won’t contribute towards libido, and going alcoholic could even destroy the sexual drive in both men and women.

Too much of alcohol content in the bloodstream could also inversely affect the orgasm.

4. Sleep

man sleeping

Sleep is really important for a healthy body, and only a healthy body can have a good sex life.

In a busy schedule, people often fail to get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation can topple the metabolism and create hormonal imbalance causing libido drop.

Sleeping at least 8 hours a day can help the body get enough rest; with a healthy diet and enough exercise, your body can self-revitalize to keep things on track.

5. Relationships


This is another important psychological factor that has a direct impact on a person’s libido.

Emotionally getting agitated in a relationship can destroy your sexual drive and carrying the hardships of a failing or a failed relationship can kill your libido over time.

Counseling is the first step in helping a person to restore his sexual life, but the easiest one is finding a self-resolution along with your partner.

6. Meditation


There is no objection when it comes to meditation because it’s proven science, and millions are doing it while you are reading this article.

One can do exercise for their body but often neglect the mental health, but that fact is that fixing your internal stress can, in fact, help your body recover faster.

This underlying science has helped lots of people with low libido to meditate and restore their lost drive.

While meditating, you are letting away or in another sense, draining your worries and stress, thus restating a proper brain activity for the body to work normally.

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7. Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies

There is a lot the plants could do, and some herbs are known to be a classic aphrodisiac which is widely used in traditional medicine and Ayurveda.

Garlic is a plant, and it has been extensively used in the preparation of medicines due to the high levels of compound called allicin which is an excellent aphrodisiac agent.

The smell of basil leaves and extract of Gingko Biloba are great anti-depressants which can relax the user and initiate the release of serotonin.

8. Fruits

bananas and avocado

The easiest and most accessible choice are fruits which are a few dollars away in your nearest grocery store.

There are studies which point out the positive effect of fruits in rising the libido in both men and women.

Bananas, figs, avocados are some of the fruits with the ability to shoot the hormones that can induce sexual desire.

Magnesium-rich fruits and citrus fruits, in general, are good aphrodisiac agents.


Getting help from a doctor is always the best and right thing to do if you feel low on libido.

But above mentioned are some of the easiest and harmless methods to experiment on you before finding peace in chemical drugs.

Most of the techniques here could help in boosting your overall well-being apart from fixing your libido issue.

So it’s worth a try to boost your libido naturally, and the chances are very thin for it not to work.

Meditation is a highly successful technique used by many to tackle a lot of sexual health issues like libido drop, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

Fruits and veggie methods are easy due to their accessibility, and the herbal extracts can be grabbed from your nearby pharmacy.

Nature made us all; therefore, nature will have the solution for all our problems as well!

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