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Can You Make Your Ejaculate Thicker And Stronger?

Are you seeking different ways to make your ejaculate thicker and stronger? Then this article will give you helpful tips to make your spunks mighty!

Quick summary

  • Sperm health and count are important factors in determining fertility, and a low sperm count can lead to fertility issues.
  • Lifestyle changes such as exercise, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol and drug use can improve sperm health, as can natural remedies such as fenugreek supplements and ashwagandha.
  • Herbal sperm supplements like Semenax, Volume Pills, and Semaxin can naturally improve the quality of sperm, increasing semen volume, motility, and overall fertility rate.

Sperm count is the average number of sperm present in a single sample of semen; it is one-factor determining fertility.

To make your ejaculate thicker, the semen needs to have the right composition, and to make it stronger, the sperm count has to be higher with more agile sperm cells in it.

When men are unable to make their female partners pregnant, fertility doctors often diagnose a semen analysis test to assess sperm count and sperm health. Good sperm health is crucial for fertility.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, a good sperm count is 15 million per milliliter or 39 million per ejaculation. If the sperm count is below this level, fertility issues may arise.

There are various factors that affect a man’s testosterone levels, including poor diet, chronic diseases, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco consumption, etc. Sometimes, genetic disorders and drug overdose may also impact sperm health.

But the good news is that sperm health can be boosted by making a few lifestyle changes and certain natural remedies.

This article will take a sneak peek into some natural remedies, dietary changes, and medicines that are proven to boost sperm health.

How does a sperm work?

Before even you can learn how to fortify your sperm health, you need to know what is happening inside your body.

A sperm cell has a head, a midpiece, and a tail. It typically looks like a tadpole. The acrosome or the head of the sperm contains enzymes that help the sperm cell to enter an egg.

Only one sperm fertilizes each egg from around 300,000,000 sperm cells contained in a single ejaculate.

It mainly consists of chromosomes that are responsible for transmitting certain characteristics of an individual, such as hair, eyes, and skin color.

Each cell in the human body has 46 chromosomes that define the person’s complete biology and psychology. The sperm cells have only 23 chromosomes. When this cell unites with the female ovum, which also has 23 chromosomes, the resulting zygote, has 46 chromosomes.

The sperm cells also contain the X or Y chromosomes that determine the sex of the child.

Sperms penetrated the female’s reproductive tract but could not make it to the egg will die. Sperm cells live in a human body for around 2 to 3 days after mating, after which they are taken care of by cleaning cells of the immune system.

To read more on this, check here.

How do you make your ejaculate thicker and stronger?

There are several ways to boost your sperm health. Some of the best tried and tested natural remedies are mentioned below:

Enough sleep and exercise

These are the two best solutions for most diseases in the world. Regular exercise can increase sperm count, boost weight loss and improve overall health. This increased sperm count and motility in 45 men in a 2017 study with a sedentary lifestyle.

Quit smoking

A 2019 study revealed that regular smoking reduced sperm count. Nicotine in tobacco alters the sperm cell and reduces its motility.

Avoid alcohol and drug use

The use of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or excessive alcohol also decreases sperm production. These also cause other health conditions like depression, anxiety, liver damage, etc.

Take a fenugreek supplement

Fenugreek has been used as a natural remedy for boosting sperm health. As per a 2018 study, fenugreek seeds have a compound called Furosap that improves sperm quality.

Increase vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is naturally made in the body in the presence of sunlight. You can also eat oily fish or fortified foods to increase your vitamin D levels. This vitamin impacts sperm health. Higher levels of vitamin D can lead to better sperm health.

Ashwagandha supplements

Ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, has been used for a long in traditional medicines as a remedy for sexual problems. In a 2013 study, males with low sperm counts took 675 mg of ashwagandha for 90 days to reveal a 167% increase in their libido and sperm count.

Herbal sperm supplements

These are natural remedies for boosting your sexual performance. These pills do not contain any synthetic chemicals or steroids. These pills are made from herbal extracts and are suitable for all men above 18.

These products target two types of people – those looking to boost their overall sexual performances and those suffering from sexual dysfunctions.

After regularly using these pills for 3 -4 months, one can experience an increase in sexual vigor, sperm count, libido, semen volume, sperm health, and overall fertility rate.

One of their highlights is that they can naturally improve the quality of sperms, thereby increasing the semen volume, motility, and quality.

Semenax, Volume Pills, and Semaxin are three of the best products in this genre. They are proven, effective, and work 100% of the time. You can learn more about it some of the best semen pills here.

Why does ejaculate health matter?

On average, a man ejaculates around 100 million sperm at a time, but only one sperm out of these fertilizes the egg.

To meet the waiting egg, sperm cells must make a tough journey from the vagina to the fallopian tubes, where the eggs are ovulated.

Only a few survive this long journey, and then only one sperm makes its way to the egg to fertilize it and make a zygote.

To compensate for this tough journey, a minimum of 20 million sperms need to make it into the female body, of which, by the chances of probability, one can make her pregnant.

On average, a man ejaculates 1.5 ~ 5 ml of semen; if the consistency is not thick, it means the number of sperms is less, thereby a lesser number of sperm cells in it.

As mentioned earlier, sperms have to make a rough journey from the vagina to the ovary if fertility is the concern, and therefore, healthier and stronger sperms are very important for conception.


Sperm cells and the process of reproduction are quite marvelous. Nature has created this very complex process of human reproduction, but there is a valid answer to each and every process that occurs in the reproduction cycle.

If your sperm count or sperm health is low, there are proven natural remedies and certain medications to improve the count.

But healing through natural remedies may take some time. If you do not have the time to heal slowly through natural remedies, you can try sperm health boosters.

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