bladder incontinence underwears for men

4 Best Bladder Incontinence Underwears To Try For Men

Finding bladder Incontinence underwear for men doesn’t always sound like the best time. Here is how you can choose a comfy pair that meets all your needs.

Bladder incontinence can happen for so many different reasons. Medical conditions, weak bladders, and age are all causes that contribute to urine leakage.

Men of all ages can deal with this but often feel shame, anxiety, or embarrassment of having bladder issues in public. In addition, many don’t know that there is bladder incontinence underwear that can provide a comfortable solution.

But first, understanding bladder incontinence is important.

What is Bladder Incontinence, and Why Does It Happen?

Bladder incontinence is commonly referred to as urinary incontinence and can be classified in a number of different ways. This is when you lose control of your bladder and pelvic muscles, resulting in leakage.

Here are some of the classifications,

  • Stress incontinence – When pressure causes urine leakage from sneezing or coughing.
  • Urge Incontinence – Having the constant need or urge to pee results in bladder loss.
  • Overflow Incontinence – Struggling to empty the bladder completely, resulting in constant leakage.
  • Functional Incontinence – A physical or mental impairment that keeps you from being able to reach the toilet in time.
  • Combination Incontinence – Experiencing multiple kinds of incontinence.

Regardless of which incontinence someone may have, there are many kinds of incontinence underwear to help with the solution. Here are the best bladder incontinence underwears for men to try.

What Makes a Quality Pair of Incontinence Underwear for Men?

Because between 3% and 11% of men deal with some type of incontinence during their lifetime, finding a helpful solution is a must. However, most don’t know what to look for.

Look out for these qualities.

  • Quality products are important. If they are uncomfortable to wear, then it doesn’t help the issue in the first place. Therefore, you should look for underwear that is tested by dermatologists to offer the most comfort.
  • Functionality is also incredibly imperative. For example, does the underwear absorb well? Do they make you feel bulky, or are they a discreet fit? The answers to these questions should be a determining factor in your choice.
  • Price is also a consideration because if they are expensive and do not last you very long, the investment becomes too much. Therefore, finding the right price for a quality pair is the goal.

Because Market

Because Market’s bladder leak incontinence underwear constantly gets voted the best pair of incontinence underwear for men. There are a few different reasons this company thrives.

These dermatologist-tested underwear offer discreetness and comfortability for those who enjoy being active. This is because most of the underwear has the same shape and feels like men’s briefs.

They also have an excellent absorbency ability and don’t feel like they get weighed down. Best of all they are delivered discreetly so you don’t have to share your personal information with everyone else.

Dry Direct

Dry Direct hits the top of the list because they cater to someone who has more severe issues with bladder incontinence. Not everyone has minor leakage but everyone should be able to still feel comfortable doing daily activities.

They have both overnight and daytime pull-up incontinence underwear that actually are unisex. However, they have 40-ounce absorbancy holds which have beaten out many of the other top brands.

They also offer booster pads or underpads to provide even more comfort and functionality. Dry Direct is a must for men with more persistent incontinence issues.


Prevail has a number of good qualities that men like to buy the underwear for but one of them is certainly their cost-effective methods. Considering that their underwear comes down to 0.75 cents a piece but 0.25 a guard, it is a big hit.

Another big hit for this company is that they have a lot of different products that offer different levels of absorbancy. They also have different styles and fits so it doesn’t serve just one preference.

You also can find their products sold at a number of big suppliers so if you are in a pinch chances are you can pick it up fairly quickly.


Depend has been around for quite some time so they understand the market well. They work best for those who have immobility issues or have a hard time getting to the toilet.

They not only have a lot more sizes available for purchase than others but they are found in so many brick and motors as one of the most popular brands.

And they have a number of fashionable options that make you feel like you are wearing normal underwear rather than the actual depends.

Finding The Right Fit

Every guy is going to feel slightly different towards one pair of incontinence underwear than another. Naturally, this is because bodies vary in shape and size.

There is also a number of other factors like materials used, style, fit, and others that would determine whether a specific pair would work for him. Then consider items like price, quality, and functionality.

It could take a few tries to get the right pair but with these companies listed above, there is a for sure product that brings comfort to bladder incontinence of all levels. It just may take a little trial and error.

Written by Tom Knight
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