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Can Garlic And Onion Boost Up The Testosterone Level?

Did you know that adding onion and garlic into your daily diet can boost your testosterone levels? But what if you need a stronger boost? Learn here.

Quick summary

  • Testosterone is a hormone that affects various aspects of physical and sexual health, including fertility, sex drive, bone strength, and muscle mass.
  • Garlic and onion have been shown to increase testosterone levels by stimulating hormone production and providing the body with flavonoids, which protect sperm.
  • Natural testosterone supplements, such as Testogen, Testofuel, and Testolan, can help raise T-levels with no negative side effects and can provide benefits such as increased energy, mood, and sexual desire.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that affects fertility, sex drive, bone strength, and muscle mass.

A person’s testosterone level will normally decrease with age by 1~ 2 percent per year, but certain medical illnesses, lifestyle habits, and other factors might impact how much of this hormone is present in the body.

Some medical therapies, particularly in younger men, can help raise low testosterone, but individuals can also stimulate the body to create more testosterone by modifying their diet and lifestyle.

In this post, you can find the solution to your inquiry about whether garlic and onions can increase your testosterone level. Let’s continue reading to find out what the answer is.

Can garlic & onion increase testosterone levels?

When it comes to cooking and eating, garlic and onion are your best friends in the kitchen & bedroom. They assist you in producing ever better sperm.

Both raise the hormone levels that stimulate the production of testosterone in your body. Furthermore, both contain significant concentrations of a natural plant component known as flavonoids, which protect your little swimmers from harm.

Additionally, onions have been shown to raise low testosterone levels. In a 2012 study using a rat model, researchers discovered that consuming fresh onion juice daily for four weeks dramatically boosted serum total testosterone concentrations.

But at the other end, a small amount of garlic used regularly for roughly a month will help you reap the benefits of garlic’s extraordinary properties while also increasing your libido.

How to increase testosterone levels other than garlic and onion?

If you don’t have a taste of onion or garlic or you avoid eating it, then you should not stress because the best testosterone supplements are present in the market, which can raise your T levels easily, without any hassle.

The best selling T-supplements are:

These supplements are potent T- boosters that improve muscular size, stamina, & strength while lowering cortisol levels.

When it comes to increasing testosterone levels, it only uses the best natural components on the market. When taken as directed, there are no negative side effects to worry about.

All of the reviewers have stated that they have noticed a rise in their energy levels & mood.

After a few weeks of utilizing these products, users see a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle.

Every reviewer strongly recommends them because they have no negative side effects, and they are safe to use.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing energy, attention, and mood
  • No adverse effects.
  • Enhances one’s sexual desire


So if you are wondering if onion or garlic can boost up your T-level, then you may note that yes, they are capable of improving them, but it takes time.

On the whole, these are the most effective testosterone boosters available on the market. Furthermore, the good feedback from satisfied consumers serves as sufficient evidence.

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