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Do Bupropion Boost Testosterone Levels In Men?

Bupropion is an effective antidepressant with an unseen perk. This drug can boost your masculinity by increasing testosterone. Learn more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Bupropion has been shown to increase LH and testosterone levels in one study, but long-term use may lead to male sexual dysfunction and negative effects on testosterone levels.
  • Natural testosterone supplements, such as Testolan, Testogen, and Testofuel, are made from herbal extracts and other ingredients that can increase testosterone production and improve fitness and sexual benefits.
  • While bupropion may increase testosterone levels, natural testosterone supplements are considered a safer option for boosting testosterone production and improving overall health and wellness.

Testosterone is normally produced in great quantities by men during their adolescent years and even into their early twenties.

By the age of 50, that amount has been dramatically decreased to less than half of what the system could maintain previously.

For such reasons, men need to look out for ways to boost testosterone levels; however, many think that bupropion increases testosterone levels in men. Let’s find out is it true or not?

Does bupropion boost testosterone levels?

Straight to the point, therapy with bupropion resulted in an increase in LH & testosterone levels, according to one of the 2019 studies.

According to a previous understanding, bupropion exerts its antidepressant effects by decreasing the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

However, there is a 1999 study that highlights male sexual dysfunction is linked to using bupropion hydrochloride (BUP).

The point of the study was to test the influence of BUP upon the reproduction of male mice and the development of their progeny.

Hence, it is observed that bupropion can increase testosterone levels, at the same time can also lead to some dysfunction and might not be helpful in the long run. So this drug might not be the t-booster you need to boost your sexuality.

Natural supplements to boost the testosterone

There are herbal and organically made testosterone boosters like Testolan, Testogen, and Testofuel that are primarily concerned with the fitness advantages they can provide to the user by boosting androgens.

Instead of concentrating just on muscle mass development, these t-supplements also work to reduce abdominal fat, boosting libido, sexual performance, and other aspects of testosterone-induced benefits.

It works by triggering a natural increase in the body’s own testosterone production through the use of herbal extracts, ZMA, vitamin complexes, & D-aspartic acid.

Even though these supplements do not officially focus on testosterone’s reproductive advantages, it is important to note the potency of the components in this formulation.

Regardless of his age, any guy may benefit from taking the testosterone supplement, which may increase his testosterone production.

Several other blends of the components are used to maximize their effectiveness in the recipe. The substances are divided into three categories: increasing muscle mass, encouraging more energy, and boosting both athletic & sexual performance.


Bupropion can prove helpful in increasing testosterone levels, but it is mainly a prescribed antidepressant and not directly related to boosting T-levels. Also, long-term use of this drug might even affect testosterone levels adversely.

However, there are premium natural testosterone supplements that can largely help enhance testosterone levels.

Moreover, they are considered as the safest way for increasing muscle mass & promoting improvement in the t-levels, unlike bupropion, whose effect is still under investigation.

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