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Does Caffeine Increase Testosterone Levels?

Caffeine is a classic performance booster, but can it shoot up your testosterone level? Well, this science-based article has some information for you.

Quick summary

  • Some studies have found that regular coffee consumption can have a positive effect on testosterone levels, with one study showing that men who consumed caffeinated coffee experienced a significant increase in serum testosterone levels and a decline in estradiol levels.
  • Caffeine’s positive impact on testosterone levels is attributed to its affinity for binding to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), leaving more testosterone available for cells to use.
  • For those who cannot rely on caffeine for boosting testosterone levels, stimulant-free natural herbal testosterone boosters, such as Testofuel, Testogen, and Prime Male, can provide a slow but consistent increase in testosterone levels. These supplements often contain arginine or citrulline for stimulant-free testosterone support.

Caffeine is humankind’s age-old stimulant friend. This chemical compound is mostly found in coffee, but apart from that, you get it from chocolate, guarana, kola nut, and certain energy drinks.

But we came across an internet phenomenon that caffeine can boost testosterone levels.

Well, this article will make the background study on caffeine and its impact on your t-levels.

So, without further ado, let us jump into the crux of this article.

Can caffeine increase your testosterone levels?

Yes, few studies found out that regular coffee consumption has a positive effect on testosterone levels.

It was observed in a 2012 study that men who consumed caffeinated coffee exhibited a significant increase in serum testosterone levels while having a decline in total / free estradiol levels.

The SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin has an affinity towards caffeine, thereby getting bound to it.

When there is very little SHBG to bind to testosterone, more will be available for the cells to use since the caffeine is already attached to the available SHBG.

The list of benefits caused by benefits is long, and testosterone hiking is just one of them.

Is there a shortcut to increase testosterone?

Well, caffeine is one of the components that is majorly used to boost t-hormone levels. It is widely used in testosterone boosters, which are nothing but a nutraceutical composition to raise the t-levels naturally.

However, not everyone can use a stimulant without any health concerns. Caffeine is known to increase blood pressure while causing insomnia and restlessness.

This is where stimulant-free testosterone boosters like Testofuel, Testogen, Prime Male, etc., come in handy.

These natural herbal compositions are made using safe and clinically proven ingredients to guarantee you a slow but consistent t-hike.


Caffeine can increase your testosterone levels. But if you are someone who cannot rely on caffeine to shoot the t-hormone levels, then you must focus on natural herbal testosterone boosters like the ones mentioned above.

Caffeine is already a major ingredient in most testosterone booster supplements; therefore, when you purchase a product, make sure that it is stimulant-free.

Arginine or citrulline-based t-boosters are the best choices when you want your testosterone supplement to be stimulant-free.

Written by Tom Knight
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