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Male Edge Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Male Edge is the answer to a longer, thicker penis. This isn’t a pill or some other wonder supplement that offers claims that have never been backed up by science. This is a proven penis enlargement device – a penis extender.

Interested in a full Male Edge penis enlarger review. Well, you have come to the right page, and we will explain the reason many people use the device that has no side effects.

In a study published in BJUI, it was found that 55% of men weren’t satisfied with their penis size and want a bigger penis.

The size statistics reported in another study updates that the average human penis size is about 13.12 cm when erected with a girth of 9.16 cms while the respective flaccid measurements are 9.16 cm and 9.31 cm.

In an independent study, it was found that women who needed deeper vaginal stimulation preferred longer penis which is why penis extenders are flourishing in the market.

While the size concept isn’t a mere made up fact, men always prefer a larger penis that has a major role in self-satisfaction and that of the partner as well.

There are a hundred choices for penis size enlargement, basically belonging to the following options:

  • Supplements (containing nitric oxide and testosterone boosters)
  • Vacuum based devices1
  • Penis surgery2
  • Lotions

While many of these options aren’t fake, their efficacy is nowhere near to that of a penis extender when it comes to size enlargement.

In this article, we are meeting a new product that is old enough than most of the penis enlargement products currently in the market.

Male Edge is the ultimate solution that you’ll need if you prefer a clean and steady result.

Without further ado, let us jump into this Male Edge review.

male edge infographic

What exactly is Male Edge?

Male Edge pro Extender

This is a world-class penis extender device that works on the principle of traction for increasing the penis size. Like the Phallosan Forte, Jes Extender, and Quick Extender Pro, you can expect good results!

There are many studies which suggest the potential of applying tension or stretch to the penis tissue which over time increases in stature.

Male Edge is a brilliant biomedical device from the house of DanaMedic based on Denmark.

The manufacturer might be familiar to you, but with another popular name, the mighty ‘Jes Extender’ which has been the one-word answer to penis enlargement back in the day.

Most of the penis extenders work using the same principle, but this product has a tad bit grip in the designing part, thanks to their 20+ years of market presence that allowed them to perfect the design.

The superior ergonomics of the products makes it a less burden for the user thus promoting extended usage of the device.

After using this product one could gain a size difference of about 2 inches and the increment is directly proportional to hours you spend wearing it.

What are the main features of Male Edge?

Male Edge has been a long debated device since 2012 for its magic abilities to increase the penis size.

Scientifically proven maximum length possible without any non-invasive procedure is less than 2 ~ 2.5* inches (* depends on human body types) and this could easily stretch the penis size to about 2 inches without any issues.

Running through the feature list, MaleEdge has everything in favor.

  • Clinically studied and results are published in BJUI.
  • Endorsed by the medical community due to the effectiveness.
  • Uses one of the most successful mechanism of action – traction.
  • DanaMedic has 20+ years of market presence.
  • The predecessor model of Male Edge was a huge market success.
  • 15+ years of customer feedback and scientific studies are reflected on this.
  • The manufacturer guarantees permanent result.
  • This penis enlarger can address issues like Peyronie’s disease and Chordee.
  • Construction is using all medical grade FDA approved materials.
  • This device is CE certified and is a class 1 medical device.
  • Waiting for registration approval from FDA.

How does Male Edge work?

bigger penis extender

Traction is the key principle fueling this device, resulting in penis length and circumference increment.

There is a community called ‘Phalogenics’ in which the intention is to naturally increase the penis size by applying tension on the tissue.

Human tissue has an amazing ability to adapt in response to the physical stimuli and a perfect example might be Nigerian tribal lip plate tradition.

Similarly, when the penis tissue is subjected to a safe amount of physical tension, the tissue expands causing painless micro tears on the shaft of the penis.

As soon as the micro tears occur the cells release chemical messenger to start what is known as ‘cytokinesis’ or simply cell division.

New cells are being added to the extra space created by torn tissue, which over time increases the cell density thereby increasing size and length of the penis.

Since the process depends on natural cell division, it demands more time than other alternate penis enlargement methods but more effective and safe than others.

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What results can you expect?

penis size

Scientifically it has been established that traction is the best non-surgical method available in the current treatment modality to increase the penis size.

Penis size enlargement is the obvious and guaranteed result that one can expect after using Male Edge.

There are various independent studies been done on penis extenders and their effectiveness in increasing penis size.

In a clinical trial by this penis enlarger product team, it was observed that an average increase of 33.9% in flaccidity was observed in just 6 months of usage.

The penis size after erection increased by 1 inch i.e. by 14% in this time frame and every centimeter of penis growth is a great achievement.

Traction of 1000gm was applied for initial 2weeks and scaled up to 1200gm for remaining weeks.

In the study, the users wore the device for about 12 hours a day for 20 – 26 weeks in order to achieve the above numbers.

As a result, an average increment of 1.2mm/ week was obtained without any complications.

The study also elucidated the possibility of this device to be used for treating Peyronie’s disease3 and Chordee.

Are these results permanent?

penis enlargement methods

The clear cut answer to this question based on the human anatomy is ‘Yes’- one hundred percent!

The process by which the penis achieve size increment isn’t just a temporary tissue adjustment, rather a hardcoded physical change by increasing the cell mass.

There are users who had achieved double the size increase than what Male Edge clinical study had shown.

So technically there is no upper limit to how much you can improve using this device, and none of the studies indicated the size reduction upon discontinuing the traction device.

Moreover, the change in cell density is more similar to scarring and they never leave the body; similarly, the added cell mass never degrade when the product is discontinued.

However there are studies that suggest that penis size might actually shrink if you don’t use it much since the elasticity of spongy tissue might degrade without any activity over time, but the increased length technically don’t go away.

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Is Male Edge safe?

Is Male Edge safe

As far as the clinical data speaks the traction devices are one of the safest choices out there for increasing penis size.

One discomfort might be in wearing this device for a long duration apart from which traction is a perfectly risk-free method of increasing the penis length.

There are thousands of customer feedback available with the manufacturer and none of them had so far reported about any adverse effects.

While the clinical data is only for 6 months, there are users who had used it for over a year and got 2.5 inches + increment.

Regarding the construction, the body is made out of polycarbonate medical grade plastic and silicone to eliminate any allergy issues.

A newly designed protection pad is also included in the kit to add an extra layer of comfort for the penis.

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Male Edge real reviews

Male Edge reviews

Male Edge has a good brand reputation and popularity in the penis extender genre4.

Overall, people are very well satisfied with this product giving a score of 8.9 out of 10 with an overall customer satisfaction index of 90%.

Checking through some real-life testimonials and comments:

Rob wrote on Amazon:

Easily the best product on the market, I have grown 2″ in just 3 weeks and can go for so much longer! The misses absolutely love it, the only problem is the girth has increased which makes some places a bit tighter if you get what I mean.

An anonymous user wrote on penisextendervote:

I am a little shy and I don’t normally write reviews. This product actually works. I’m not talking like people put fake reviews but to be honest it actually gives good results.

Jules Drake wrote on Amazon:

A bit early to discover results just yet, but what I can say is that the device is comfortable to wear and well constructed. After getting used to it, I’m able to wear it while sleeping. I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Male Edge : price & where to buy it

male edge official website

You should buy a product at official website:

There are three purchase choices for Male Edge:

Male Edge Basic: $149.99

What’s included: device, ruler, product box, travel bag, official Male Edge Program Boucher, rubber strap.

*Use code: MALE10 to get 10% discount

Male Edge Extra: $174.99

What’s included: all accessories in Basic Package + 1 psc protection pad and rubber straps.

*Use code: MALE10 to get 10% discount

Male Edge Pro: $199.99

What’s included: all accessories in Basic Package + 2 psc protection pad + 1 psc Cohesive Gauze.

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  • Free DHL Shipping for all products.
  • Delivery in 1- 2 days.
  • Discreet packaging to maintain secrecy.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, instead of usual 90 days money back policy Male Edge has something interesting.

Male Edge has a double money back guarantee if the user doesn’t result after 1000 hours training.

In order to avail this privilege, the user has to register with ‘My Male Edge’ and record the progress once a week.

If the product used correctly and no result arrives even after 1000 hours of training, then you are eligible 2X the original price of the product.

The user has to update the photo of the penis with the device once in a while as requested by the website.

Male Edge pros & cons


  • The manufacturer has 20+ years of market presence.
  • Clinically studied and documented results published in BJUI.
  • Many independent studies support the principle of traction.
  • Medical endorsed by clinicians.
  • Used for treating Peyronie’s disease and Chordee.
  • Penis curvature correction can be done with this device.
  • The onset of change in size can be seen in 2-3 months.
  • Is used to address hypospadias.
  • If used correctly 1.2mm / week change can be achieved.
  • Double money back guarantee.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Customer care support in 19 languages 24×7.


  • This contraption has to be worn for at least 5- 6 hours a day.

Male Edge: conclusions

Male Edge is a great product targeting those people looking for a non-invasive and working penis size extension solution.

Since this device works on the principle of traction, the results are guaranteed at least by some amount of margin due to the clinical relevance of the approach.

There are people who had achieved more than 2-inches with this device.

The only downside might be the fact that you’ll have to use this device for 6 ~12 hours a day for 20 ~ 30 weeks.

However, the results can be felt on a weekly basis which is clinically proven to be 1.2mm per week.

The product price is decent, considering the brand reputation spending an extra few pennies won’t do any harm.

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