Phallosan Forte Review: Does It Really Work?
Phallosan Forte penis extender review

Phallosan Forte Review: Does It Really Work?

Phallosan Forte, a popular penis pump, is a proven system for natural penis enlargement, penis extension, and straightening, and it also works as a painless, discrete and reliable mechanical device.

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Over the past few years, mechanical penis size extenders have gained popularity since the alternate choices often result in vain.

There are therapeutic drugs, physiotherapy exercises, supplements, natural medicine, and finally the surgical option to increase penis size.

But the effort, money, and perseverance required for all above methods are challenging which led the researchers and biomedical engineers around the world to think something novel.

Such a hunt for innovative penis size extenders led to the birth of Phallosan Forte, the new word in penis extension.

Though the principle of penis extension is fairly old, the execution is new and effective helping many males achieve their dream size without the use of any drugs or surgery.

In this Phallosan Forte review, we will share a detailed outlook regarding this product to help you decide with the purchase and to make sure this is the right one for you. The are many penis extenders that you can wear around your waist for hours a day. However, we know this is the right one for you.

So without further ado let’s jump into the review.

What is The Phallosan Forte Extender and are there any gains?

phallosan forte - penis extender

Phallosan Forte is a vacuum based penis size extender engineered by Texana Manufacturing Ltd based on Malta to grow your inches in length and girth.

This product will help you combat a dozen penis anatomical issues using a single product and an age-old principle.

While the mechanical penis size extension is the primary intention, the out of the box advantages offers you a stable solution for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Phallosan Forte will help you gain penis size both lengthwise as well as girth wise.

One can address multiple issues with the help of Phallosan Forte like ED, Incurvate Penis, Peyronie’s disease, retraction penis, and many more issues.

In a sense, you can call this product a multi-gym kit for your penis since the principle is nearly similar to that of how muscle building works.

After using you’ll see below changes sometimes even in the first week:

  • Increases penis size.
  • Straight posture.
  • Reversed Peyronie’s disease and ED.
  • Stronger and rock hard erection.
  • Improved self-confidence.

What are the main features of Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is best in class when it comes to using this comfortable extender.

They employ a well-known approach but in a slightly improvised and innovative way, and this small tweak creates a big difference with the result.

One comparison you could see that this product has a lot of unparalleled features compared to other products in the market.

Some of the unique features of Phallosan Forte are:

  1. This product is a medical-grade solution for penis extension.
  2. Some physicians might recommend Phallosan Forte.
  3. Construction is done using biocompatible medical grade materials like anti-allergic silicone.
  4. One single device is suitable for all penis size.
  5. Since a soft protector cap is used, you can wear Phallosan Forte for an extended period of time.
  6. From ordering till shipping, everything is 100% confidential and discreet.
  7. The design ensures there is no strangulation or loop formulation.
  8. Since the form factor has a good ergonomics the product won’t feel a bulk under the pants.

How long do you use Phallosan Forte for?

You, of course, want the most effective gain out of Phallosan Forte. And, you’ve probably read lots of reviews on which schedules to follow.

We have put together this step-by-step guide on what to follow;

  • Week 1

One the first few days wearing this extender, we recommend keeping it on for roughly 2 hours. You don’t want to strain yourself.

Later on in the week, you should be able to wear the device for 4 hours. However, only do so if it feels comfortable. Also, remember to rest your penis if it feels uncomfortable.

  • Week 2

Now it’s time to wear it for extra hours. You should try to wear the Phallason device for at least 8 hours.

Make sure you build up to this by incrementing the hours by each day. If it feels too uncomfortable, then reduce the time you wear the device on your waist. The Phallosan Forte was made for comfort.

  • Week 3 – 5 

You should now be able to wear the penis extender for minimum 8 – 11 hours in comfort. You should keep the tension on, but only do so if it feels comfortable enough to do so.

  • Top Tips

If you can wear it for 8 hours a day consistently, then you will see results. Remember to measure your penis to see the gains in growth.

How does Phallosan Forte work?

How to use Phallosan Forte and gains

Phallosan Forte uses the concept of stretching and micro-tears to achieve the desired result. If you want to get results, the best results – then you need to try this comfortable extender!

The extender instructions say;

  • To elaborate, a mild vacuum is created inside the chamber accommodating the penis resulting in a stretch to the penis tissue.
  • This stretch is maintained as such for a long period of time, thanks to the design features the vacuum suction stays as such.
  • The stretched penis is then secured on the sides of pubic bone using a strap so that you don’t feel any bulk down there.

When the tissue is stretched the cells are pulled apart creating invisible micro-tears in the tissue.

The body will soon repair this tears by cell division and as a result, new cells are being added which over the time will accumulate a cell mass increasing the size.

Since a stretch is applied and maintained for a longer duration, cells in the penis would make adjustments in the posture and connective tissue network which helps the user to fix any curvature issues as well.

Apart from that Phallosan Forte is being used to address a lot of medical issues related to penis anatomy like:

  • Incurvate Penis.
  • Rectracio Penis.
  • Prior to prostate surgery to cushion the tissue.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Diabetic Mellitus patients use for improving the blood circulation into the penis.

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Does Phallosan really work?

The Phallosan Forte is easy to use, and it does work! In just a short amount of time, people have put the Phallosan to work and seen an increase in size.

Here’s the thing.

There are plenty of penis extenders to buy online. And, it’s difficult choosing a comfortable penis growth tool that actually works. There’s so many that don’t work, which is why you need to select the one to get results.

Luckily, we can assure you that this is the extender that gets the best results, as it works. People all over the world have used this to grow inches in size.

How powerful is the tension?

You can expect good gains because the Phallosan applies more tension versus other penis extenders. And, you can adjust the tension yourself by gently pulling on the strap.

If you’ve ever used the SizeGenetics penis extender, you’ll know the tension adjustment involves more work.

You have to;

  • twist the tension screws
  • remove the plastic noose
  • screw on longer extender elongation bars

What results and gains can you expect?

phallosan review increase penis size

This product is one of the finest penis extenders that delivers the promised results.

Since the strategy is straight forward and working, 95% of times the users can experience the change in size of length and girth.

After using Phallosan Forte, one would experience a change in penis length viz. the length from root to tip and change is the girth or the circumference of the penis.

On average, after 3 months of usage, the flaccid increase will come around 1.4 inches and the erected increase will come around 1.6 inches with a girth increase of 0.55 inches.

If you continue to use Phallosan Forte for 6 months then you could see a change up to 1.9 inches and these numbers are scientifically studied and validated by Author: Dr. Clemens Tilke.

Apart from size increase, you could see the improved erection since constant stretch to the penis will dilate and rejuvenate blood vessels to carry more blood.

Since the newly growing cells are under an artificial physical stimulus they will maintain a proper posture thus fixing the curvature problems.

Phallosan forte length gains result to expect;

Length gains 3 months 6 months
Minimum 0 cm 0.5 cm (0.19″)
Average 1.05 cm (0.41″) 1.78 cm (0.70″)
Maximum 3.8 cm (1.49″) 4.8 cm (1.89″)

Phallosan forte girth gains results;

Girth gains 3 months 6 months
Minimum 0 cm 0 cm
Average 0.64 cm 0.8 cm
Maximum 2.5 cm 2.5 cm

Alternative to Phallosan Forte

One of our favourite extenders is the SizeGenetics penis extender! Which is another great extender to use.

Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics? Well, they are both one of the best penis extenders on the market!

Are these results permanent?

phallosan forte gains results

Yes, Phallosan Forte, if used correctly, will deliver results that are stable, and long-lasting.

The key factors are the frequency and duration of the Phallosan Forte usage.

If one manages to use it overnight for a duration of 3 months, they are likely to get good results.

Plus understanding the biology here, the cellular confirmation once formed won’t change quickly unless a new physical stimulus is given, so the size gained is permanent won’t go back the previous stage.

Even if you stop using Phallosan Forte after 6 months, the normal physical activities are enough to maintain the gained size.

However, please note that there might be variation in results gained since the human body is diverse and different for different individuals.

For example, ED caused by hormonal imbalance might not be cured by using Phallosan Forte but would be managed as long as you this product.

Is Phallosan Forte safe?

is phallosan forte safe

Phallosan Forte has a lot of physical interaction in the process and the safety of this product is taken care with utmost attention to ensure there are zero adverse effects.

Provided the user use as recommended by the manufacturer there is no scope for any injury or other side effects.

This product is exclusively clinically tested and proven to be safe for penis length extension.

The manufacturer always recommends using a protector cap in order for the penis tissue to handle high tension without causing any redness or injury.

Since the construction is using medical grade silicone, any chances of allergy shall be ruled out.

However, some users have complained about swelling when high pressure is used, for which the manufacturer recommends not crossing the maximum allowed tension.

The manufacturer is certified to ISO9001:2008 and 13485:200 the manufacturing is done under strict regulations and GMP to lock product quality.

It is manufactured under the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC and satisfies EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1 standards.

Adding reinforcement to the product safety is the fact that Phallosan Forte is a product of German brain making it a precisely engineered product.

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Real reviews

phallosan forte real users reviews

Mostly positive reviews and comments are seen on the internet regarding this product.

Customer satisfaction index is scale to measure the user satisfaction by evaluating the product on the context of value for money, delivery of results, the onset of action, the versatility of the product, and its efficacy.

Phallosan Forte scores a decent 87% pointing towards their success and popularity in the penis extender market.

Some of the comments collected from the Internet are as follows.

Saif wrote on Amazon:

I bought it from Amazon, I got it in 5 days was very fast delivery, I would recommend really a good product and I got the good result so far I’m used it for the first three months and I could see big difference, the best and the only one worth this amount of money.

AverageWhiteMale wrote in mensreviewzone as:

I am a veteran user and have gained more than 1.5 inches over the last 2 years. I have tried various products and have done a lot of research on this topic. I would like to summarize my suggestions here.

Let me first cover the positives before coming to the critical points. The main advantages of Phallosan Forte are its comfort and wearability. It can be easily hidden under normal loose clothes. Note that this extender has proven the scientific success and it has documented results for length of gain.

Thing is the principle on which Phallosan Forte works best for people when your flaccid penis is relatively longer than normal. So, it works best for easy gainers when your penis is a more malleable and larger placid penis. Since these guys have more area to work with, the pulling force gets distributed > cellular extension happens over a large area which results in more gains. Long duration with easy wearability in PF offers other type of extenders (eg rod).

An anonymous users review as quoted on ecaworldfitness :

I’ve used other penis extenders before, but they were all really uncomfortable and sometimes painful to use. The Phallosan Forte is really clever and easy to use, and it works great! I’ve been using it for two months so far, and I have already increased my penis length by about half an inch.

How to order Phallosan Forte and where to buy it

phallosan extender gains

How much does Phallosan cost?


Phallosan Forte Price: $339.00.


  • Payment can be done using all major debit/credit cards, PayPal.
  • Secure payment portal.
  • Confidentiality in purchase guaranteed.

Package includes:

  • Elastic Belt.
  • Suction Bells.
  • Tension clip.
  • 4 sleeve condoms (S, 2*M, L).
  • 2 protector caps.
  • 3-way suction ball.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Measuring template.
  • Travel bag carrier.


  • Additional $25 for shipping.
  • Delivery in 2 days.
  • 100% discreet packaging.

Phallosan Forte money back guarantee

Yes, you will get 14 days easy return policy upon purchasing Phallosan Forte.

The 14 days revocation is reason free and you don’t have to furnish a reason for return.

You will get complete support after return period if in case any issue arises.

Phallosan Forte pros & cons


  • Guaranteed penis size increment.
  • Recommended by a group of doctors.
  • Addresses a number of problems like ED, Incurvate Penis, Penis hypoplasia, etc.
  • 100% working and results are seen within 3 months of prescribed usage.
  • Clinically studied and safety is assured.
  • Good value for money.
  • Works utilizing a well-known theory of micro tears and repair.


  • You have to wear this for a long duration on a daily basis.


Phallosan Forte review: conclusions

Phallosan Forte is penis enhancement that delivers the promised results within 6 months of usage and those who need a guaranteed and easy penis enhancement should try this.

Initially, it might be a bit difficult to wear this device and hang around, but over time you would get used to with Phallosan Forte.

The good thing about this product is that it is been recommended by doctors for treating various penis-related disorders like ED, incurvate penis, hypoplasia, etc.

So if you need a working solution to increase your penis length by 2 inches, then Phallosan Forte is just the right product you need.

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  • I have the product and have not seen any negative reviews at all, which seems odd to me. I’ve used it almost a month now and after an initial struggle with over pressurizing I can use it for 8 hours with no discomfort. However, I do see a size gain already but my usual morning erections are weak and it’s difficult to maintain hardness now. Also, when I take it off to pee, my stream goes in 4 different directions no matter what I do. Is it just me or am I doing something wrong?

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