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Do Penis Extenders Cause Any Side Effects?

Penis extenders are the easiest & safest way to increase your penis size, but do penis extenders cause any side effects? Learn more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Penis extenders are mechanical devices worn over the penis that use tension springs or screws to apply a stretch to the penis, resulting in micro-tears on the tissue that heal into extra cell mass, leading to a size change of 1-3 inches in the erect penis.
  • Penis extenders are considered safe to use and do not cause any side effects like chemical drugs or surgical procedures. Manufacturers take safety measures such as conducting clinical studies, using medical-grade materials, providing comfort pads, and offering money-back guarantees.
  • Some of the top brands of penis extenders include Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Pro Long System, Phallosan Forte, and Male Edge. Each brand offers unique features and benefits, and users are encouraged to research and choose the one that best fits their needs and budget.

Penis length is one factor that most men would consider the prime characteristic of his sexuality.

Because of this reason, men around the world are ready to spend a fortune on penis enlargement products like extenders, erection pills, testosterone capsules, etc.

According to recent studies, the average erect penis size around the world is considered to be 5.16 inches.

Usually, people with a penis length (erect) less than 4 inches are considered to have a small length.

Penis extenders came as a savior for those men having a small penis and helped them improve the size by up to 3 inches increment.

There are a hundred different brands selling penis extenders today, and finding the right pick is the hardest choice.

But the most puzzling question of all is, do penis extenders cause any side effects?

Let us find it out in this article and see some of the best penis extenders in the current market.

What is a penis extender, and how does it work?

penis extender

A penis extender is a mechanical device consisting of a frame made from plastic with metal support made from stainless steel or aluminum.

This apparatus is worn over the penis, and with the help of tension springs or screws, a stretch is applied to the penis.

This stretch, when combined with long hours of use, will create micro-tears on the penis tissue.

Microtears, as the name suggests, are painless microscopic damages on the tissue creating gaps/voids on the penis shaft.

The body’s natural repair mechanism will quickly heal these gaps formed, which results in the addition of extra cell mass.

This process, after several cycles, would result in a size change ranging from 1 ~ 3 inches on the erect penis.

Most of the models will provide a strap or belt to secure this device onto the hip, which avoids unnecessary weight on the penis.

You can also use is to combat other problems like penis curvature issues, Peyronie’s disease, phimosis, etc.

Do penis extenders cause any side effects?

penis extenders side effects

No, penis extenders won’t cause any side effects like chemical drugs or a surgical procedure.

This is completely a safe-to-use device that yields a permanent 1 ~ 3 inches of size change in 6 months to 1 year of continuous use.

Some of the major side effects associated with penis enlargement are damage to the kidney, liver problems, cardiovascular issues, etc. while using a pill and pelvic pain, nerve damage, loss of sensitivity of the penis, etc. for surgical procedures.

The worst that could happen with an extender is mild skin abrasion, which is rare, and even if it occurred, it would go away in a few days.

Other than that, this device will not cause any trouble at all, and over time you won’t even feel the device under your pants as you get used to it.

A penis extender is by far the safest and side-effects-free choice in the market with an affordable price tag and guaranteed result.

What are the safety assurances that manufacturers give you?

Even though the safety features and assurances vary across brands, there are some common for all.

In an effort to make extenders side-effects -free, most of the top-tier brands would do a clinical study before releasing their products.

Also, it is worth mentioning that most of these top tier brands publish their scientific findings on reputed journals for users to access.

Not just that, all modern-day penis extenders are highly engineered products with the state-of-the-art build quality and ergonomic designs.

Plus, for manufacturers to enable international sales, they must acquire some international certifications or approvals from agencies like FDA, CE, ISO, EMA, etc.

The construction is all using medical grade materials like ABS, Polycarbonate, PTFE, silicone, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. to avoid skin allergies.

Comfort pads are provided by all brands to avoid skin irritations and bruising when using for long hours.

The best feature is the 60 -90 days money-back guarantee, which is the best way to uphold customer privilege.

What are some of the best penis extender brands?

Following are the best penis extenders we have found out for you.

1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

The Hercules of the pack, this monster machine can deliver an insane 4000g of force to give a 6% super-fast size change in 3 ~ 4 weeks.

The double strap system (DSS) in this extender will give an extra layer of comfort to the user, and the self-adjusting spring system will ensure a constant load as well.

2. SizeGenetics


One of the most studied devices with clinical significance and endorsed by popular doctors across the globe.

The 2800g spring system gives a perfect stretch, and this product can provide an initial set of results in just 8 weeks of use.

3. Jes Extender

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is a comprehensive penis extension device for a big and thick penis. It enlarges your penis size and helps fight Peyronie’s disease.

With 2800 gm of rod system and a super ergonomic design, this scientifically made penis extender can give you up to 30% of increment.

4. Pro Long System

pro long system

This 14-year-old penis extender brand is one of the most improvised and evolved products on our list with superior performance.

As per the manufacturer’s study, it was found that a guaranteed 2 inches increment was possible with this device when used correctly. Some of the users even got 5 inches of increase.

5. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

An amalgamation of extender and pump, this device gives a super-fast gain of 2 -3 inches in 6 months of use.

This penis extender has a CE, CCC, & ISO certifications and can deliver a strong 3000g of force as well.

6. Male Edge

Male Edge

A budget-friendly extender with a super ergonomic design that would stay under your pants without any bulkier projections.

This minimalist device is a 2nd generation product from DanaLife ApS with newer design features that can treat Peyronie’s disease, curvature problems, and a lot more.


penis extender

Side-effects shall be your least of worries when buying a penis extender because of the reasons mentioned above.

You are not taking any medicines, drugs, or having any invasive procedures while using a penis extender.

It is an external device that can be manually adjusted by the user to suit the comfort level.

Plus, most of the brands have done enough studies to make their products best in the segment.

So, without cooking too much in your mind, give it a try.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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