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Which Penis Extender Should You Buy?

Are you confused with which penis extender should you buy? Here is a list of the best penis extenders in the current market to choose from. Happy reading.

Quick summary

  • The choice of material used in a penis extender, such as polycarbonate, ABS, PTFE for the frame, and aluminum or stainless steel for the support bars, affects the quality of the product.
  • Factors to consider while purchasing a penis extender include international certification from agencies like FDA, CE, EMA, a self-adjusting spring system or an adjustable screw mechanism for controlling traction force, a money-back policy, and a design that allows the traction force to be evenly distributed across the cross-section of the penis.
  • The top five penis extenders in the market are Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Pro Long System, and Phallosan Forte, each offering different features such as a double strap system, vacuum suction, international certification, adjustable traction force, and a budget-friendly option. The choice of which penis extender to buy depends on personal preference and the desired result.

If you check the internet market now, there are at least a hundred different brands of penis extenders that will appear in front of you.

Most of these brands have something as a unique selling point, but in the crux, the mechanism of working or the physics behind is the same.

So why should you buy a $150 penis extender when you can find a cheap one for $20?

The answer lies in the build quality and extreme engineering done on each of these products.

First of all, the quality of the product depends on the choice of material used, which in most top tier products are found to be polycarbonate, ABS, PTFE for the frame, and aluminum or stainless steel for the support bars.

Secondly, some of the features are more intriguing than others like a double strap system for super comfort, a vacuum suction for a faster result, minimalistic design hassle-free use, etc.

So, which penis extender should you buy?

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the best penis extender devices in the current market to give you a helping hand. So, let’s get started.

Factors to consider while purchasing a penis extender

penis extender set

When you purchase a penis extender, there are a few factors to consider, which ensures that you get a great product in exchange for your hard-earned money.

First of all, make sure that you buy those products with international certification from agencies like FDA, CE, EMA, etc. which is an excellent way to tell if a product has met quality standards.

Secondly, see if the device of your interest has a self-adjusting spring system or an adjustable screw mechanism for controlling traction force.

Next, look for a product that offers a money-back policy, which gives you a double assurance on your spending.

Having a minimum of 2000g is recommended for proper stretching, and the safe limit is set to be 4000g. A penis extender should give you a useful force within this range.

A comfort pad in-kit is a great symbol of a functional accessory kit; other sundries like a belt, sleeve condoms, cleaning tools, toolkit, etc. adds value to the product.

Make sure that the device you pick has a design feature that allows the traction force to be evenly distributed across the cross-section of the penis. This allows a proper enlargement both lengthwise and girth wise.

Which penis extender should you buy?

The best penis extenders in the current market are…

1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender ProThis device can comfortably give you 2 – 3 inches of size gain in a few months with a 6% result in under 2 -3 weeks of use.

Quick Extender Pro is designed and marketed by Innovatech Designs based on the US, and brands give you a whopping 6 months money-back guarantee as well.

There are 4000g and 3000g spring options available for this product to give a superior traction force.

The double strap system (DSS) on this product gives ultimate comfort during tension and protects the penis shaft from bruises.

2. SizeGenetics


One of the best non-invasive penis enlargement choices with a neatly designed frame to support your penis under a constant 2800g of force.

Unlike other products, SizeGenetics deliver an ample 2.8kg force for a longer period without causing any pain or trouble, all thanks to their comfortable 3M plaster and aluminum frame.

This product has FDA approval and can be sold across the US or any country across the globe without any restrictions.

As per the manufacturers, you will get a 13% size change in 8 weeks of use, and the complete result would arrive in 6 months ~ 1 year.

3. Jes Extender

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is a clinically tested and ergonomically designed device to increase the penis size and improve the erection quality.

Constructed using medical-grade materials, this device ensures up to 30% size increment within 4 months of regular.

It sports a variable tension rod system that can produce varying 1200, 2000 & 2800 gm traction loads.

The comforting strap and silicone pad with ergonomic design ensures a great fit and helps you wear it for long hours.

3. Pro Long System

pro long system

If you are looking for a highly evolved and ultimately engineered penis extender, then Pro Long System is the right pick for you.

This product has been in the market for the past 14 years and underwent lots of design changes throughout this phase.

The noteworthy factor is the amount of research and clinical studies the in-house scientists have done of this product, which is even published in reputed scientific journals for you to access quickly.

This product uses a screw system for precisely adjusting the amount of tractional force to be applied, thereby giving a minimum gain of 2 inches, and a maximum of 5 inches.

4. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

This is a two-in-one penis extender that combines the power of vacuum suction to improve the traction and blood flow into the penis.

This German engineered product has CE, CCC, and ISO certification that enables hassle-free international sales and delivers an excellent 3000g force to give a strong stretching.

Cytokinesis occurs at a faster rate due to this force and gives 2-3 inches of size gain in under 6 months of continuous use as per the reports by the manufacturer.

This product can be used to treat other disorders like Peyronie’s disease, incurvate penis, phimosis, etc. apart from size enlargement.

5. Male Edge

Male Edge

An excellent portrayal of European engineering from DanaLife ApS based on Denmark, this product is a minimalist in the pack.

The sleek body of this device is very streamlined and highly ergonomics such that it stays inside the pant without bulkier projections.

The spring system would deliver constant traction to create painless micro-tears, and over time, this product would give a guaranteed result.

Male Edge is the most budget-friendly option in this list and gives a good value for money over any other penis extender in this segment.


Now, you have enough knowledge to choose a product from the never-ending internet market.

However, save some time by checking out the product on the list we have presented after strenuous reviewing and researching.

All the products listed above are made for worldwide sales and complies with the highest safety standards.

If you are looking for a performance-oriented product, then Quick extender Pro or Phallosan Forte is the best pick.

Nonetheless, Male Edge gives you the best value for money with a slight compromise on the speed of action.

Pro Long System and SizeGenetics are two tight competitors with an equal number of benefits, and the choice boils down to personal preference.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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