TOP 5: Best Penis Extenders 2020. They Will Make Your Penis Bigger!
Best Penis Extenders

TOP 5: Best Penis Extenders 2020. They Will Make Your Penis Bigger!

Penis size does matter for ultimate pleasure and to increase it there are few working choices. Here is a list of the best penis extenders of 2020.

Who wouldn’t prefer a bed game of affection exchange that marks the memory of inimitable joy?

But as per the social stigma, many people are worried about small penis size and in fact, half of the population struggle to hit the average size.

As per the NHS finding, an average male erect penis would range between 5 ~ 7 inches; while this data isn’t conclusive there are millions with a penis size up and below this numbers.

Poking the right nerve many companies have found the potential in selling a penis size enhancer1 and this finding resulted in hundreds of size enhancers with half of them being a joke.

In order to help our readers pick the right product, we have made a list of best penis enhancers of 2020.

Keeping the intro aside let us see the contenders for our list and learn more about them.

5 Best Penis Extenders That Will Make You Dick Bigger 2020

1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

What is it?

A quick solution for increasing the penis size by up to 3 inches and only one answer to the question is Quick Extender Pro.

Over the years the Quick Extender Pro had grabbed enough attention propelling this brand to compete with the market leaders.

Their Deluxe Edition is the most popular in the list with overloaded features making Quick Extender Pro an all-rounder in this segment.

Like all others on the list, this product is no bad in treating Peyronie’s disease, incurvate penis, and various other penis anatomical disorders.

Key features
  • Double Strap System (DSS) ensures the penis stay comfortable and snug fit into the device for a longer duration.
  • Quick Extender Pro is one among few devices that can adjust to erection while wearing.
  • The body is made from medical grade Aluminum thereby eliminating 50% of weight thus making it comfortable to wear.
  • Comfort pads are made from memory foam to cushion the penis under tension.
  • The design feature can accommodate a wide range if penis girth thus making this product versatile and eliminating the need for a separate accessory.
How does it work?

quick extender pro

Basically, three processes happen in Quick Extender Pro that helps in increasing the penis size.

  • The constant stretching of the penis tissue using the tension screw which is the physical stimuli required for the tissue to expand.
  • Micro tearing occurs under this tension and results in cellular gaps.
  • These micro tears are quickly repaired by the process of cytokinesis or cell division, thereby mending tear developed.

This three process work in perfect harmony such that the user gets a penis size change in 1 month of usage.

Pros and cons


  • A guaranteed 3 inches increase if used regularly.
  • The onset of action in 2 -3 weeks.
  • Deluxe Edition gives the best value for money with 75% off.
  • Double money back guarantee.
  • Clinically tested and proven as a safe choice for penis size enlargement.


  • Expensive without any offers.

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2. SizeGenetics Ultimate System


What is it?

SizeGenetics is a quick and effective solution for penis size enlargement using the method of traction.

This device applies a safe limit of tension on the penis tissue thus stretching the penis to a certain extent.

The design feature allows the penis to stay in a stretched position for a particular duration of time which helps in penis size expansion.

SizeGenetics is one of popular and pioneers in the field of traction penis size extenders who had perfected their design over these years.

Key features
  • SizeGenetics has 58 ways of usage adding to the comfort of the user.
  • The tension screws can deliver up to 2800gm of force into penis tissue.
  • The safety of this product is 100% guaranteed by conducting clinical studies and scientific observations.
  • Can be used with any penis lengths using their special ‘elongation bar’.
  • Multi-directional angling (MDA) is a brand new feature to support penis in different angles.
  • Has 3M cushion pads.
How does it work?


SizeGenetics works by creating a tension that results in stretching of penis tissue during its flaccid state.

With the help of tension screws the traction is maintained and adjusting the screw could change the traction pressure from 1000 to 2800 gm, which is a safe limit for penis tissue.

This tension creates micro-tears in the tissue, which is soon repaired by the body.

This repairing process adds cell mass and over time the increased cell mass would result in changed penis length as well as girth.

Pros and cons


  • SizeGenetics is endorsed by top plastic surgeons.
  • Can increase the penis length up to 2 inches and girth by 1.2 inches.
  • Double money back guarantee.
  • A 3M comfort pad would ensure hassle-free fitting of the device.
  • A permanent result is visible within 6 months of use.


  • Some users might get skin irritation during initial use.

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3. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

What is it?

Phallosan Forte is an innovative penis traction device that stretches the penis on a regular basis to increase the size.

Unlike the fellow contenders in this list, Phallosan Forte takes the aid of vacuum in order to create a stretch.

This stretch over time would help in increasing the penis size and the theory is similar to that of bodybuilding.

This product is a biomedical engineering gem from Texana Manufacturing Ltd based on Malta.

Apart from taking care of penis size, it can also combat ED2, Incurvate Penis, Peyronie’s disease3, retraction penis, and many more issues.

Key features
  • Phallosan Forte is endorsed by the medical community and is a clinically proven solution for treating various penile disorders
  • All the construction is made of medical grade biocompatible material and anti-allergic silicone
  • There is a soft rubber cap to be worn over the penis head to add comfort while using this device
  • The form factor of this device is very sleek compared to others thus reducing the bulk inside pants
How does it work?

phallosan forte

While the mode of action is via micro-tearing of tissue and associated repairing for increasing penis size, the stretching is achieved with the help of the vacuum.

After securing the device into the penis, the bellow gaiter is pumped to push the air out creating a mild vacuum inside the chamber.

This would stretch the body and penis along with it which is then strapped on to pubic side.

This way the user always have control over tension applied and you can immediately release the tension by allowing the air in.

Pros and cons


  • Used for treating a variety of penile disorders
  • Guaranteed results in 6 months of usage
  • The onset can be seen in 10 ~ 12 weeks of usage
  • This device is clinically studied and the safety is assured
  • Endorsed by the medical community


  • You have to secure your penis in a chamber and this may not be comfortable for everyone that too on a daily basis.

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4. Male Edge

Male Edge

What is it?

Male Edge is a penis extender that helps in increasing the penis size and ‘Male Edge Extra’ is one of their purchase choice besides basic and pro version.

Designed, manufactured and marketed by DanaMedic, Male Edge is the improved and upgraded version of their legendary JES extender that has been ruling market since 1994.

In 2012 the DanaMedic won the design patent for Male Edge, as a result making it available on the global market.

As an improved version of a market leader, Male Edge Extra had grabbed a lot of attention in the past few years and now is the favorite choice for penis extension by traction method.

Key features
  • Male Edge Extra can deliver 2000gm of superior traction.
  • 10% increase in the penis size by using 5 ~6 hours a day.
  • Can effectively treat Peyronie’s disease and fix the curvature angle by up to 10o in 6 months of usage and further by up to 200 with extended usage.
  • Made of skin-safe silicone and stainless steel.
  • Clinical studies published BJUI, CE certification, study for Peyronie’s and Chordee disease, etc. adds to the product effectiveness and authenticity.
How does it work?

male edge

Male Edge works exploiting the penis traction method to create a stretch to the flaccid penis and retaining it for a duration.

This would result in micro tears on the tissue and the resulting healing process will add new cells.

Since the healing process occurs under the corrected posture maintained by Male Edge device, it will rectify any posture issue persisting with the penis like Peyronie’s disease or Chordee.

Pros and cons


  • Clinically studied and results are published in BJUI.
  • Apart from increasing penis length, Male Edge treats Peyronie’s and Chordee disease.
  • This product is CE certified and awaiting FDA registration.
  • There is double money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
  • Confidential purchase and shipping.


  • Wearing traction devices for long hours might be a discomfort for some users.

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5. JES Extender Gold

Jes Extender Gold

What is it?

Jes Extender is a premium penis size enhancer that works using the traction principle.

‘Jes Extender Gold’ is one of their purchase choices that in our review found to be the best in the pack.

From the house of DanaMedic, Jes Extender was their first milestone marking the beginning of a new revolution.

They are pioneers of extender devices and over the years they have perfected the design to become one of the most trusted penis extender brands in the market.

Key features
  • The construction is using medical grade top quality material.
  • From design to manufacturing is done within Denmark, preserving the Scandinavian quality.
  • Approved by CE and awaiting FDA registration.
  • Used for treatment physiotherapeutic application apart from penis extension.
  • Smooth ergonomic features ensure burden free working.
  • Jes Extender is clinically studied and documented to ensure effectiveness and safety.
How does it work?

jes extender gold

Like all others in the list ‘traction for extension’ is the key principle being exploited here.

But the factor that makes Jes Extender stand out in the crowd is their superior design feature carefully carved after inculcating years worth knowledge and feedback.

When the traction is applied and locked, the penis undergoes physical stress creating painless micro tears in the cross section of tissue.

The repairing process fixes the micro tears and adds cell mass, which over years will reflect as a physical change in size.

Apart from being a penis extender, Jes also helps in treating Peyronie’s disease by reducing the plaque size by 40% over 6 months of usage.

Pros and cons


  • You get a 1year warranty.
  • Amazing customer support in over 19 international languages.
  • This product is CE certified and endorsed by doctors for its therapeutic application in treating Peyronie’s disease and incurvate penis.
  • Faster onset of results within 1 month of usage.


  • The product is very expensive but worth every penny you would spend.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do these penis extenders really work?

Yes, penis extenders work based on a well-established theory of micro-tearing and repairing.

So results are guaranteed.

How fast I will see results?

You would see size change as early as 2 ~ 3 weeks on traction based devices and with vacuum extenders, it will take 6 ~ 8 weeks.

Do you have to keep using these penis extenders to maintain the results?

The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ because long term usage has shown a significant change in penis size, but you are free to discontinue after the recommended time frame.

Does these penis extenders have any side effects?

No, there are no side effects been observed in any of clinically studies other than mild redness which subsides over time.

Can you buy penis extenders in stores such as GNC, Walmart, etc.?

Yes, these products are categorized under ‘Men’s Toys’ section and the majority of products in our list are available through online fronts.

To avail, exclusive discounts go with the official website.

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