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X4 Labs Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

X4 Labs Extender is a penile traction device that promises therapy to help men achieve their ideal penis girth and length.

Masculinity has lots of definitions, but the most meaningful one is in the bed for which a man is ready to pay any price.

As the lifestyle took a major change in the past few centuries, the human body does inculcate some epigenetic changes to combat this drastic deviation.

Penis disorders are at a great rise in the past few decades, and all of it is linked to the poor lifestyle led by us.

Well, let’s hope that mankind would change for good, but penile disorders can’t be waited out and instead need some quick solution to fix it.

Size issues, erectile dysfunction1, Peyronie’s disease2, and curvature problems are some of the most common penile disorders as of today.

Understating the inner feeling of a man, a vast market is flourishing in the background and but the fact is that only half of them could bring some solace to a suffering man.

X4 Labs is one among the genuine brands out there in the market which is committed to introducing state of the art devices for treating penile disorders.

In this article, we will have an elaborate X4 Labs review and try to dig a little deeper about this brand, its design philosophy, and products.

So let’s not waste any time and go straight into the crux.

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What are penis extenders and who is ‘X4 Labs’?

A penis extender3 is nothing but a simple device with a penis support base, trusses, and springs.

They support the penis and stretches it within a safe limit to help the penis increase in size and also to fix curvature issues.

Penis extenders come in different specifications, of which the most important one is the spring tension, which determines the effectiveness of penis size increment.

They often come with a bunch of accessories to smoothen the experience, and manufacturers would include a booklet / DVD to explain the correct working of these things.

X4 Labs manufacturers one of the best quality penis extenders in the segment and all thanks to their keen vision about the market to comprehend the customer needs.

X4 Labs is a Canadian company completing their 15 years in the lifestyle and wellness genre.

Their products are a result of keen engineering, and over their market years, they have updated the device features and corrected flaws in the penis pump design.

Unlike other brands, they have a dedicated product line-up specific to a penis disorder as well.

What are the main features of X4 Labs penis extenders?

x4 labs extender

If you have chosen X4 Labs products, then there is a never-ending list of benefits that would definitely help the customer.

Some of the best benefits of their products line-ups are:

  • The superior quality of construction using medical grade materials gives these products long-lasting durability and skin-safe usage.
  • Unlike other penis extenders, X4 Labs products have a dual comfort pad made from medical grade memory foam to secure the penis onto the device, thus making the experience pain free.
  • There are two silicone support tubes to anchor the penis inside the base, which gives superior comfort and strength in stretching the penis.
  • Dual velcro design makes sure that the penis rests comfortably on the extender and avoids slippage.
  • The device is packed in modular form, and the user can assemble according to their comfort; for instance, the comfort pads, silicone tubing, and velcro can be adjusted according to user needs.
  • The cushion pads used are made from anti-bacteria memory foam which is 3X better than average sponge pads.
  • X4 Labs employs an 8 slot ‘InfinteFit’ quad support system along with four slot hybrid support which ensures best in class stability and ultimate customization choice for the user.
  • All the design aspects and construction are in compliance with medical standards.
  • A vast line-up of over 10 products, in which a dedicated section is there for Peyronie’s patients.

How does X4 Labs work?

Penis extenders work using one of the well-known physiological phenomenon, which has been classically used for decades in bodybuilding.

Let’s take the most straightforward example and understand the working of a penis pump.

When you lift heavyweights in the gym, your muscles are exposed to stress which is slightly above the maxima it can handle.

This stress will create ‘micro-tears’ in the muscle tissue, which are invisible and painless.

The body’s natural repair system will kick-in and repair these micro-tears by a process called ‘cytokinesis’ or cell division which results in an increased cell mass.

So each time, when the tears get repaired, there will a slight increase in the size and which is why you look buffed up after several months.

Similarly, the penis is put to constant stress by the tension created in the penis extender, which over time would reflect as a 1~3 inches change in penis length.

The constant traction provided is the key for penis extension and for this purpose, the extender has to induce a strong stretching which is taken care of by the tension springs.

What results can you expect?

x4 labs results

Since this is a traction device, immediate results like that of a penis pump may not be available.

But the good news is that the achieved results would stay forever and doesn’t go away once you discontinue the penis extender.

It might take 2 ~ 4 weeks for the initial set of results to arrive, and in the very first week, a slight change in length (probably not measurable) would happen to the penis.

However, when a month and a half is over, you could see the visible change in penis length and could grow as long as 3 inches in some cases.

Slight pain might be confronted during initial usage, but depending on the comfort pads and tension spring, it will soon disappear once you start to get used to with it.

In some people, a slight change in girth is also observed while not comparable as that of the length since the tension is directly acting lengthwise while using a penis extender.

Are these results permanent?

Yes, penis extenders work by inducing a permanent anatomical change in the penis to cause a size change.

The process of cytokinesis imparts a permanent change in the penile tissue to increase the cell mass and thereby the penis size.

The size increment once achieved will stay, but if the penile tissue doesn’t get any exercise for a long time, then they might shrink.

But the user can safely discontinue the extender once the desired length is achieved and move to more natural methods to keep the penile tissues stimulated.

The traction therapy used in X4 Labs products is a proven theory and adopted by many other manufacturers to create similar products.

Those using X4 Labs extenders for treating Peyronie’s disease will get a permanent straight posture which would stay as such even when the traction therapy is discontinued.

Is X4 Labs safe?

Safety is the top feature that everyone would look for, especially when purchasing a penis extender.

If used as recommended by the manufacturer, penis extenders are very safe and don’t hold any chances of an injury.

It’s all up to the user handling that would determine how safe this device can be.

By design aspects, X4 Labs penis extenders hold ultimate comfort and safety standards to eliminate any risks involved while using it.

For those people with penis curvature due to Peyronie’s disease, they have to take special precaution to proceed at snails’ pace in order to prevent any damage to the penile tissue.

Small pain might occur, which is common while correcting the penis bend, but if intolerable pain persists, one must discontinue the device and consult a doctor.

X4 Labs is one of the most reputed penis extender manufactures in the western countryside, and all the trade is regulated under international standards.

According to user testimonials and reviews, all of their product line-ups are equally good at fulfilling the customer requirements.

X4 Labs reviews

x4 labs reviews

X4 Labs penis extenders are superior in-built quality and have a lot of customization options, making it the favorite for long-term users to fine-tune their experience.

On average, X4 Labs extenders score 90% on customer satisfaction index with a 4.2/5 in online market places and review forums.

Some of the real-life testimonials and reviews from the internet are attached below.

Mike wrote his experience with X4 Labs penis extender in AICLEGAL as:

I have used the X4 Labs extender for quite some time now. It can be very uncomfortable if you don’t wear it in the right way. I make sure that I have strapped the device correctly to ensure my comfort. The strap shouldn’t be too tight to prevent instances of the head swell. I wear the device for a couple of hours and take breaks in between. So far, I love the results, and I can recommend it to anyone looking to increase the size that’s the length and girth of their manhood as well as solve other erectile dysfunctions.

Samsi4life wrote on a men’s healthcare forum as follows:

I have an X4 extender, and you can get a decent stretch for longer periods and a stronger stretch for short periods. You can gain from the tension over time, and I have been using this device for over 3 months now. I put some serious time into it and use it for at least 8 ~ 12 hours a day with 2 days off consecutively.

X4 Labs: price & where to buy it

x4 labs official website

You should buy a product at official website: www.x4labs.com.

How much does it cost?

  1. Deluxe Value: $99.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $666.59)
  2. Premium Standard: $128.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $6859.95)
  3. Extreme Premium: $179.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $1199.95)
  4. Anniversary Comfort: $189.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $1266.59)
  5. Excellent Value (Peyronie’s edition): $129.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $866.59)
  6. Peyronie’s Special: $189.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $1266.59)
  7. Peyronie’s Gold: $269.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $1799.95)
  8. Peyronie’s Ultimate: $294.99 (you save 85% from original MRP of $1966.59)

Package contains:

  • All payments are secure and channeled through a 256 SSL secure serve with MacAfee security.
  • Payment accepted through Visa, American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero.
  • Comes with half a dozen goodies and free gifts.


  • Super-fast express shipping.
  • Charges extra.
  • Discreet packaging.
  • Client details are kept confidential.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee for one year, but the user has to complete 180 days of usage before submitting for a refund.

The return with will be after deducting 20% disposal fee and shipping cost.

Any logistics damages and manufacturer error can be immediately returned for a replacement or refund.

X4 Labs pros & cons


  • Superior stretching with 3600, 3900 and 4200 grams of force.
  • Made from medical grade materials to make it safe for skin and allergy-free.
  • Dedicated product line-up for treating Peyronie’s disease.
  • One-year money-back guarantee.
  • Guaranteed result in 6 months of continues use.
  • The onset of action can be seen in 1 month.
  • Memory foam cushion will give ultimate comfort when strapped.


  • The higher price tag which is not at all budget-friendly without an offer.

X4 Labs review: conclusions

X4 Labs is undoubtedly one of the best penis extenders manufacturer in the segment with over 10 products in the arsenal.

Superior construction, impeccable design features and strong tension (up to 4200gm) make it one of a kind penis extenders in the market.

The ‘infinite quad support’ ensures the penis is getting ample support while getting stretched.

If quality is your priority over money, then without a second thought, you can purchase an ‘X4 Labs’ product.


  1. Lue, Tom F. “Erectile dysfunction.” New England journal of medicine 342.24 (2000): 1802-1813. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM200006153422407
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