PeniMaster Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

PeniMaster Pro is a German penis extension system designed to give you increased length while flaccid and erect.

Penis extenders1 have been there since the last few decades, but the market expanded exponentially after the explosive growth of internet technology.

The reason was the lack of information regarding such a device in the market, but once people started to know about it, followed was a market uptrend in the penis enlargement segment.

Penis extenders evolved ever since into a mainstream market as you would see today, and even managed to get clinical approvals as an effective non-invasive strategy for penis enlargement.

The application is not just restricted to penis extension because traction therapy is found to be effective in treating a lot of other penis disorders.

In this article, we are going to get acquainted with a relatively new brand in the segment – PeniMaster, who nevertheless managed to gather a lot of attention in the past few years.

In this PeniMaster review, we shall explore the inside out of this product to help you with decision making.

So without further ado, let’s start.

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What is PeniMaster, and what does it do?

PeniMaster box

PeniMaster is a penis extender brand with a collection of clinically approved penis extender devices for increasing the male genital size.

They are owned by the famous MSP Concept GmbH & Co.KG based in Germany.

This is an ISO 13485 approved company with world-class penis extenders to combat various penile disorders.

PeniMaster has two sets of products and an entire battery of accessories and consumables to aid the therapy using the devices.

One is ‘PeniMaster Pro’ with a higher price tag which combines the vacuum suction with traction therapy to enhance the results.

The ‘PeniMaster Classic’ is the budget version with a strong traction system which can help to increase the length and thickness of the penis.

The device has lots of features that make it comfortable, and the user can wear unobtrusively under the pants due to the sleek profile.

PeniMaster extenders can be used for recovering the foreskin of the penis and is an excellent choice for curvature correction due to Peyronie’s disease2.

What are the main features of PeniMaster penis extender?

PeniMaster is one brand that offers its customer a lot of premium features irrespective of price.

The highlight features of PeniMaster extenders include:

  • Has a wide range of traction choices for the user to choose from in the PeniMaster Pro package.
  • Can be used for treating a variety of penile disorders like Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation, retractive penis, etc.
  • Penimaster focuses on elongation, enlarging, straitening, thickening, and strengthening.
  • The base of the extender can self-adjusts with the penis profile and gives a comfortable session.
  • Made from medical grade glass-fiber reinforced plastic for maximum durability and biocompatibility.
  • There is ‘belt expander’ in the PeniMaster line-up can be worn and left care-free even when you sleep.
  • Has three mechanism to secure to the glans of the penis: adhesion, vacuum fitting, and positive-locking fit.
  • The design is well sculpted to accommodate any type of penile structure.
  • PeniMaster products can be used by both circumcised and non-circumcised men.
  • Can be secured to hip, shoulder or knee, in any position as comfortable by the user.

How does PeniMaster work?

penimaster extender


The working is very simple and employs the natural ability of the cell to divide and increase in mass as the key principle.

When you give exercise to a muscle, the stress created during physical exertion will result in small microtears in the tissue level.

If there is an injury, the cells would soon start the repair by a process called ‘cytokinesis’ or ‘cell division.’

Cells from the nearby vicinity will release chemical messengers to attract the immune system’s attention towards injury spot.

Soon the process of tissue repair happens, during which the cells undergo cytokinesis and fills the tears.

Since new cells are used to mend the previous space (tears), it would directly contribute to cell mass expansion.

This process, when occurring for an extended period of time would cause increase in penis size by up 3 inches in some cases.

This is called as traction-based therapy because the micro-tears in the penis are caused by intense stretching of the penile tissue using a penis extender apparatus.

The amount of force applied has to be optimized to create microtears but not the cause a significant injury to the penis, which is taken care of by the tension springs.

What results can you expect?

penimaster results

The results are depended upon various factors, and the most important of them is the amount of force applied, total wearing time and individual physiology.

While the third choice is entirely out of our scope, the first two can be manipulated by the user to score some good result.

The immediate results aren’t possible with an extender, but the user will notice an enlarged glans when used for at least 30 minutes.

If a person can use the PeniMaster extender for four weeks several hours a day (4+hrs), then penis girth is slightly increased in the flaccid state, and the user will notice temporary enlargement after an erection.

By the end of the fourth week, strong control over premature ejaculation can be achieved.

Upon using PeniMaster extender for 4+ hours a day for at least 6 months, then the user can see some of measurable results.

The thickness and elongation of the flaccid penis are significantly improved with enlarged glans.

By this stage, people suffering from Peyronie’s disease or other curvature related problems will notice their penis getting back into a straight posture while erecting.

Are these results permanent?

Penis extenders are working based on the principle of traction, and because of this reason, the result interpretation is slightly different from that of vacuum pumps3 or Viagra pills.

Technically penis extension means a change in the size of penis, i.e. the length and girth of the penis in its flaccid state.

If a penis size has increased in size while flaccid, then once it is erected, the size change would be multiplied approximately 70%.

The changes in size during the first few weeks, to be precise the 4 ~ 12 weeks’ time frame is not due to the actual cell division, instead only by tissue expansion.

Therefore the permanent result only arrives when you consistently use the PeniMaster devices for at least 12 weeks.

But once the change in length is achieved it would stay forever and increased cell mass wouldn’t go away.

Is PeniMaster safe?


PeniMaster is one of the most well-constructed penis extenders in the current market and all thanks to the precise engineering.

Each and every design aspect they have included in the package has a relevant research article which shows the technical data and clinical study results.

The higher pulling force is limited to less than 1500g in order to reduce any risks of an injury.

The body is constructed using superior medical grade plastic with fiberglass reinforcement to add durability.

The ‘Bio-functional’ design will ensure that the penis is elongated by exerting pressure in the right spots to spread the force evenly.

The glans is secured by a triple securing system which makes sure the penis head is fitted correctly to avoid slippage.

The pro-master comfort care cream would add an extra layer of comfort while fitting the glans chamber.

Penimaster is medically recommended for treating various penile curvature disorders, and the products are EN ISO 18485 certified.

Penimaster reviews

penimaster reviews

PeniMaster is very popular in Germany and some parts of Europe bagging an overall customer satisfaction index of 95% with an e-commerce rating averaging to 4.3 out of 5.

Some of the reviews scraped from the Internet will give you an idea about the post-purchasing feelings of other customers.

Dr. Rusland wrote on aiclegal as follows:

I have never been able to wear penis extenders with loop fixation for more than an hour due to the resulting pain. Extenders that come with a loop sensation have never been able to stay on, or the belts jumped out of the supports when there were higher tensions. Due to such experiences, I had concluded that there is no ideal extender for me. When someone introduced me to PenisMaster Pro extender, all these changed and I got an extremely new experience. I was able to wear this device for more than three hours during the initial encounter with it despite the strong pulling force. Also, the device stayed in position without any slippage for more than three hours despite the pulling force.

Terence wrote his experience in ahcaf as:

I bought mine in late September and received it Oct 4th. Definitely worth the price and wait. I’ve been researching on PE and was unsure of which product to pay for it. The price ranges for these products are definitely not cheap, and I somehow found out about PM Pro. I figured PM Pro must be the best one for my enlargement goals. With the PM Pro, you get the rod similar to Size Genetics which is $240 and the belt like Phallosan Forte which is $340. No brainer. Within going through the trials on having to figure it out; I was able to wear my device for 6+ hours with 15 min breaks on day one. Hope to see some gains in my future.

PeniMaster: price & where to buy it

penimaster official website

You should buy a product at official website:

How much does it cost?

  • PeniMaster Pro (complete set): $338.53.
  • PeniMaster Pro (basic system + pulling weights): $323.09.
  • PeniMaster Pro (rod expander system): $297.73.
  • PeniMaster Pro (belt expander system): $276.78.
  • PeniMaster Pro (basic system): $205.10.
  • PeniMaster Pro (classic system): $174.23.

Package contains:

  • Payment accepted from all major credit/debit cards.
  • COD option available.
  • PayPal.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Ratenkauf payment choice.
  • SSL security for payment.


  • Delivery within 3 ~ 14 days depending on the location.
  • Worldwide delivery available.
  • Buyer’s protection.
  • Discreet packaging and shipping with client data confidentiality.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee for PeniMaster products; however, there is a fourteen days revocation policy according to which a user can return the product without any particular reason.

All necessary criterion and conditions for return are mentioned in their cancelation policy page.

The cost of return has to be borne by the customer, but the refund will include the shipping charges during product delivery as well.

PeniMaster pros & cons


  • Best in class stretching with a wide variety of force application.
  • Has a triple system for glans fitting.
  • Permanent results can be achieved within 6 months.
  • Clinically studied and results are published in the scientific journal (BJUI).
  • Can be used to treat a range of penile disorders.
  • EN ISO 13485 certified.


  • The plastic build of the product might b allergic to some people.

PeniMaster review: conclusions

PeniMaster is one dedicated brand with astute engineering capabilities, and their ‘Pro’ & ‘Classic’ line of products would speak the rest.

If you are a beginner and is the first time using a penis extender, then the ‘PeniMaster classic penis extender’ is a good start.

If you need a vigorous stretching then rod system is best, but going by comfort the belt system can be worn for an extended period.

Stepping into the premium line-up of products in the PeniMaster ecosystem, ‘Pro basic’ is where you could start.

Though the price tag is slightly on the higher side, the quality and output of the Penimaster products would justify it.

With an unending accessory list, upgrading and customizing the Penimaster extenders are very easy.

So if you need a decent penis extender with a variety force application, Penimaster is the only choice out there.


  1. Gontero, Paolo, et al. “A pilot phase‐II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’and tolerability of a penile‐extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’.” BJU international 103.6 (2009): 793-797.
  2. Gelbard, Martin K., Frederick Dorey, and Kathleen James. “The natural history of Peyronie’s disease.” The Journal of urology 144.6 (1990): 1376-1379.
  3. Lewis, Ronald W., and R. Witherington. “External vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction: use and results.” World journal of urology 15.1 (1997): 78-82.
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