does penis extenders work

Penis Extenders: Do They Really Work?

Penis extenders are traction devices that create tension on penis tissue to increase the size, but do penis extenders really work? Explore more here.

Quick summary

  • Penis extenders are devices used for extending the length and girth of the penis by creating a stretch. They are made of plastic and secured by Velcro or silicone tubing, with a tension spring used to create the stretch.
  • The working principle behind penis extenders is traction therapy, in which a constant force is applied to the tissue to create micro-tears, resulting in an increased cell mass and eventual increase in penis size.
  • Studies have shown the efficacy of penis extenders in enlarging the penis, with the potential to replace surgical treatment for penis enlargement. They are non-invasive, low cost, and have no significant side effects, but it is important to choose a high-quality product with superior comfort features. Additionally, penis extenders can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease.

The human body is a beautiful creation and unzipping the secrets of it is still under process.

When it comes to sexuality and reproduction, the human penis has a unique role to play.

Penis size, both length, and circumference are two parameters that have a significant role in the processes mentioned above.

There are studies which agree and disagree with the size specifications of the penis and its relation to sexuality.

While the debate is happening at one side, the other side strongly agrees that bigger penis size has some links with pleasure index of the partner.

Maybe this understanding is the factor fueling most men to try artificial means to enhance the penis size.

Though there are hundreds of penis enlargement treatments, only a few would really work and out of which not all of them would suit you as well.

Getting help from a medical professional is the right way to do it, but many wouldn’t feel like discussing their penis problem with a second person.

But before all of this, we must confront one obvious question that most of you might have in your mind right now.

Do these penis extenders1 really work?

In this article, we are trying to answer this by bringing some science and research to address this question.

So without stretching words, let’s begin.

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What are penis extenders, and what are they used for?

do penis extenders work

Penis extenders are devices used for extending the penis length and girth by creating a stretch.

They are basically made from a plastic body which supports the penis, and secured tightly by Velcro or silicone tubing.

A tension spring is used to create the stretch while anchor rods made from metal will support the penis.

Usually, a penis extender is fixed on to penis, and the stretch is maintained for several hours a day.

There are hip, thigh or shoulder belts to hold the penis with the extender in place without creating any protuberance.

There are hundreds of companies manufacturing penis extenders, and the design features are the main selling point.

It should be noted that penis extenders are very different from a penis pump2, and the latter is exclusively used for treating erectile dysfunction3.

The stretch created by the extender is the crucial part in penis enlargement, and an average spring can deliver a force ranging from 900gm up to 4000gm.

Penis extenders are somewhat similar to dental braces, where the braces only do the supporting part, but the extender, along with supporting the penis posture, is also creating constant traction.

Penis extenders are sometimes recommended alone or used in combination with other treatment modalities for penis enlargement.

What is the working principle behind a penis extender?

Penis extenders employ a little bit of physics into human biology to increase the penis length.

The medical world calls it ‘traction therapy’ and, in this technique, a constant force (stretch) is applied on a tissue to create micro-sized tears.

A micro-tear is nothing but a microscopic tear which is not classified as an injury since they are painless and doesn’t hinder any of the bodily processes.

Penis extenders are equipped with tension springs which stretch the penile shaft and hold it under tension for several hours which has to be done every day.

There are belts or Velcro that secure these devices onto the pubic region and prevents it from wiggling.

Back to working, when a micro tear occurs the nearby cells would release chemical messengers that alerts the brain.

Once the brain releases neurotransmitters and other chemical messengers, the body would recruit amino acids and other components to help in the tissue repairing process.

Here the body is mending a gap created by the tear, and this results in an increased cell mass.

This process will accumulate a lot of cell mass through constant tearing and repairing process finally leading to an increment in penis size.

Do penis extenders really work?

does it how to increase size of pennis using hand

Yes, they do work just fine as they are advertised and all thanks to the design features and precise engineering.

There are several hundred studies which show the efficiency and effectiveness of extenders in enlarging the penis.

A 2009 study published in Wiley-Blackwell observed that men who used an extender for over six months had a 32% size increase on their flaccid penis.

In a study conducted by the University of California, it was found that a good percentage of women would want their partners to have a larger penis but didn’t show any concern about the current penis size of their partner.

Men who used a good quality penis extender for at least four hours day had an average increment of 0.67 inches lengthwise, according to a study published ‘British Association of Urological Surgeons.’

It was reported in Wiley-Blackwell by Marco et al.; that penis extenders are equally good as a surgical technique for penis enlargement.

According to the above study with 230 men, it was observed that people who underwent surgical penis enhancement gained between 1.3 cms ~ 2.5 cms while those used penis extenders also gained 0.5 cms to 2.3cms.

Comparing cost, risks, and fear of surgery4, penis extenders are a decent choice which can achieve similar results as that of surgical treatment without any of the disadvantages of an operation.

People say they are painful, is it true?

do penis extenders work

Penis extenders might be painful if worn incorrectly or if you are using a low-quality extender without comfort pads.

By principle, the micro-tears created in the penile tissue is painless shouldn’t cause any pain at all.

It is the improper usage, design flaws, or incorrect fitting that might cause pain.

A penis extender is supposed to be worn for several hours a day, and because of this reason, most modern-day extenders are made from high-quality lightweight plastic with minimal structures to limit the load.

A strap or belt is usually provided, which can be used to tug the device to the hip or shoulder such that the penis doesn’t have to take the weight of extender.

The only physical tension on the penile tissue is contributed by the stretch created by inbuilt springs.

While securing the penis onto the body of the device, a gauze pad is used to reduce the discomfort.

In premium products, there are comfort pads made from high-quality silicone to cushion the penis instead of gauze pads.

If all the above comfort features are available in your penis extender, then it should not create any pain.

Also make sure that you don’t set a tension higher than 4000gm, above which you might get an injury.

It is always good to follow the instructions manual or consult a doctor for the best results.

They are more than just an extender

how to enlarge penis by food

Yes, according to the name they are just extenders to increase the penis length.

But after people started using them, one profound potential of the device was discovered in treating the Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease is an anatomical disorder caused by scarred tissue inside the penile shaft leading to a curved penis structure.

Penis extender creates tension and anchors the bent penis in shape for a long period, and this gradually corrects the curvature.

New cells are formed according to the corrected posture, and this would eventually straighten the penis along with size increment.

There are studies which show the effectiveness of a penis extender in treating curvature problems associated with penis.

Do foods increase the size of the penis?

It’s rumored that foods increase the size of the penis. And, they can increase testosterone levels. However, this debate is still ongoing in research.

So here’ the thing.

Looking for foods to increase penis size may be a shot in the dark. However, using a penis extender that works is a sure way to extend the size of your penis.


The layman concern about penis extender is thus answered here and thanks to research studies which helped us understand the efficacy of these products.

Penis extenders just work fine as they would claim and the underlying science is long proved using bodybuilding, and same applies here as well.

Apart from that, there are many studies to furnish, which shows the effectiveness of using a penis extender which could even replace surgical treatment for penis enlargement.

They are non-invasive, low cost (comparatively), easy-to-use, and after all, they have no significant side effects.

The only thing to keep in mind is to pick a product that has a good reputation, superior comfort pads, lightweight body, and made from premium medical grade materials.


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