Penis Stretching Exercises

Penis Stretching Exercises For Length And Girth. Is It Safe For Health?

Penis stretching is a proven theory to increase flaccid penis length, and there are various techniques for that. Learn more about penis stretching here.

Quick summary

  • Penis stretching exercises are a physical method for increasing penis size by applying tension to penile tissue.
  • Studies have shown positive effects on penis size with the use of traction therapy devices, while hand exercises for penis enlargement are less standardized and have fewer conclusive proofs.
  • The hand exercises are a safer, cost-effective option with a high level of control, while devices such as penis extenders are faster but may carry more risks. The choice of technique for penis stretching ultimately comes down to user preference.

Penis size is one of the most debated topics in the men’s wellness genre, and still, there is no clear-cut conclusion about the ideal size for a human penis.

In a survey among women, it was found that they would prefer a longer penis over shorter one, which in fact was linked to the pleasure index in some studies.

However, no conclusive study proves the relation between sexual pleasure and the size of a penis (Additional Read: Does Size Really Matter).

From an evolutionary perspective of view, longer and thicker penis symbolizes masculinity, and in fact, it is a desirable trait for a healthy male.

This is the main reason why the male penis and its size has been put to discussions and studies to establish a relationship between its size and function.

There are various techniques been practiced since the beginning of human civilization to boost the penis stature to attract the opposite sex.

Most modern interventions include therapeutic drugs, nitric oxide supplements, testosterone boosters, cosmetic surgeries1, penis pumps2, and penis extenders.

While all of the above works, the easiest and safest choice is to give proper exercise to the penis in order to improve its size the natural way.

In this article, we will discuss the science of penis stretching exercises, some of the most effective techniques for penis stretching, its risk and scientific relevance.

So without further ado, lets straight away jump into the topic.

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Why do you need penis stretching exercise?

small penis size

Penis stretching is the technique of increasing the penis size by applying tension on penile tissue.

In the majority of the cases, the stretching is done by applying vertical tension on the flaccid penis to a safe limit.

The stretching is a physical method for penis size enlargement, which can be done manually, automatically, or using some mechanical devices.

Compared to other techniques, penis stretching is a transparent method which would deliver some guaranteed results.

The quality of results; however, depends on the stretching technique and individual body nature.

It is a simple physical approach and does not require any medications, oils, supplements, surgery, or invasive procedures.

What makes penis stretching more preferable is its versatility, and you do not necessarily require a sophisticated device to do it.

There are a lot of penis stretching exercises that could achieve the same results as that of a penis extender, but at the expense of time.

Also, the level of control is very high since there are no props or instruments involved, instead just your hand and the penis.

Not just penis stretching, these exercises can benefit the overall blood flow into the penis and prevent premature ejaculation & curvature issues.

How does a stretching exercise for penis work?

The underlying science of penis stretching exercise is very simple, and in fact, most of us are familiar with another version of this same exercise.

Yes, you guessed it right, the ‘bodybuilding’ is what we are up to, and you are using the same principle there to increase your muscle mass.

The human body is constantly undergoing the process of wear, tear, and repair.

This cycle works throughout your life, and in a penis stretching exercise, we are exploiting this very own property of our body to improve the penis size.

When you physical exert pressure on the penis by stretching it across the length several times, the tissue elongates and develops painless micro-tears.

Soon the cells around the microtears will release chemical messengers that would trigger the body to begin what called as ‘cytokinesis’ or ‘cell division.’

Thus cells divide and fill these ‘gaps’ or tears, during which the actual cell number or volume increases.

This process, when repeatedly happens for an extended period, would result in cell mass expansion and which is the reason why your penis achieves physical size change.

There are devices like penis extenders and penis pumps which uses two different techniques to increase the penis size.

Penis stretching techniques

There is no rocket science involved in the penis stretching exercise; however, being aware of some of the basics of the task will give you an idea on how to perform the exercise.

In the first exercise technique, the flaccid penis is gripped at the glans region and slowly pushed away from the body vertically and held for 10 seconds.

The same action is repeated, but the second time the penis is pulled towards left and then towards the right side of the body.

One must repeat these steps twice for at least 5 minutes a day for an extended period to see penis size change.

In the second variation, the steps remain the same as above, but an extra step is added to improve the blood circulation.

The base of the penis is softly massaged while stretching the penis to forward, left and right positions.

The second variation needs to be done only once a day for 2 minutes.

Jelqing is the third technique, which is one of the most popular and commonly used methods for penis stretching.

For this technique, make an ‘O’ shape with index finger and thumb. Put it around the base of the shaft and pull it vertically out.

This step must be done for at least 20 minutes a day for getting the best results.

Penis extenders and penis pumps are mechanical devices for replacing the manual exercise.

Scientific relevance of penis stretching exercises

penis enlargement exercises

There are plenty of studies regarding penis extenders, and many of them show a significant increase in penis length using traction therapy.

It is true that some of the studies counterargue the positive results and says traction therapy is ineffective in increasing penis length.

But the results are always a subject of factors like sample size, test device, number of hours used, and demographics.

A 2011 study by Nikoobakht et al. found that using a traction device for at least 9 hours a day for 3 months had a positive effect on penis size and increased the length by up to 1 inch.

A 2013 study published in ‘Therapeutic Advances in Urology’ observed that penis traction devices were able to correct the curvature problems caused due to Peyronie’s disease.

While there are plenty of studies on penis traction devices, there were very few mentions about the hand exercises for penis enlargement or any conclusive proofs showing an effect of penis stretching for increasing length.

Are there any risks involved?

penis enlargement risks

Hand exercises for penis enlargement are relatively safe and won’t cause any injury.

However, going hard on the penis might cause bruises or ligament tearing which will hinder the ability to maintain an erection.

Since hand exercise techniques for penis enlargement are time-consuming and non-standardized, it is much better to rely on devices for the purpose.

Applying too much of pressure on flaccid penis might cause pain afterward, especially when erect.

If you notice such pain, suspend the exercise for a few days and if the pain won’t subside consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Penis extenders3, on the other hand, are standardized and the working is well rectified to eliminate any possible threats while using it.

If symptoms like bruises, itches, red blisters on the shaft of the penis, vein rupture or penis numbness were noticed, discontinue whatever technique you are using for penis stretching.

These are early warning signs of ‘exercise went wrong’ and get help if the symptoms worsen.


So those are some of the rudiments that you must be aware of when it comes to penis stretching.

The natural hand exercises are effective but as slow as a sloth in giving you a satisfactory result.

Penis extenders and some penis pumps can be employed for increasing penis length, and ‘penis devices’ are the faster alternatives for hand exercises.

The chances of injuries are relatively low while doing hand exercises or jelqing as the user has keen control over the extent of stretching, while the same is not true when using a device.

But devices are much more standardized and put to rigorous studies before getting publicized in the market.

So it’s always the user preference to choose a technique for penis stretching.

In a nutshell, safer, and cost-effective would be the hand exercise technique while faster will be the penis extender devices.

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