Is Height Related To Penis Size Of A Man?

Is Height Related To Penis Size Of A Man?

Is it true that taller men will have a larger penis? Well, there is more to this height-to penis size story. Read more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Height and penis size have a weak statistical connection, with taller men often having larger penises.
  • Penis extenders are a safe and effective way to increase penis size, using phalogenic traction to gradually stretch the tissue.
  • Results from using a penis extender may take several months, but the benefits include a stronger erection and guaranteed size increase.

The researchers found that women prefer men with good height thinking taller men have longer penis sizes. Studies have shown that there is some correlation between the height of a man and his penis size.

Well, tall men’s larger penises increased their attractiveness more than shorter men’s smaller penises. According to the findings, human males’ disproportionately large penises may be an attractive factor for females.

Some women who get vaginal orgasms frequently prefer a larger penis, possibly because the size of the penis plays a role in that type of stimulation, while others claim that women who orgasm less often prefer a smaller penis.

The size of a penis and its correlation with the height of men is actually much more complicated than what you would think.

In this article, let us explore more about this concept and learn some real ways to increase your penis size.

Is your height related to your penis size?

‘Evolutionary insight’ is the right term to describe this correlation, which is very well visible in nature. Females always want to mate with healthy and strong males to make offspring with superior genetics.

Physical attributes are one of the easiest guidelines for assessing the superiority of a male counterpart, and in this context, height is a direct parameter that can highlight a male.

In the case of human beings, healthy and tall males might hint at a superior reproduction capability, meaning they might have larger reproductive organs.

Studies show that height and penis size are directly correlated, but the statistical connection is weak because there is a lot of genetics involved in determining this.

This correlation doesn’t mean short men will have short penis, though. Just because the human body maintains a proportion, height naturally tall men may have a larger penis.

A 2012 study did try to find this statistical correlation and concluded that there is indeed a relation. The majority of the tall men who participated had a penis larger than the normal one.

However, lifestyle, comorbidities, bad genetics, environment, and many other factors can topple, leading to shorter penis size.

But the good thing is there is a workaround for fixing this problem. Let us learn more about it below.

A penis extender will do the magic!

Yes, a penis extender, as the name would suggest, is a device worn on the penis to gradually stretch the tissue in that area to increase the length.

You steadily increase the load and grip on the device and the amount of hours per day you wear the device as you become more comfortable using it and the tissue begins to stretch.

To increase the size of your penis, the penis extender utilizes phalogenic traction. Penis traction seems to be the only medically proven method to increase the length and thickness of your penis apart from surgery.

These devices that use genital traction to make the penis bigger do not carry any serious risks, unlike other medical procedures for penis enlargement.

This technique is safe when used correctly, and it’s a healthy way to increase your penis size.

Originally it was designed to fix the curvature problem of the penis. They can correct even the most severe curvatures, such as those caused by Peyronie’s disease or chordee.

There are a variety of other techniques and options for growing your penis that you can learn by using them. Traction is the most effective method for increasing the size of one’s penis.

However, this isn’t the fastest method for penis augmentation. Since it’s a normal process, penis extenders work by gradually increasing the penis’ length as well as thickness over time.

Your penis will grow in size over time if you use them as directed for the suggested number of hours each day.

While some men may see results within a few months, others may have to wait up to six months, so it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is unique.

Forget your height because a penis extender will take care of it.

These traction monsters will take care of all your size needs, and they can even help you have better sex. Let us look at a few of its benefits.

  • Even though it may take months, the results are guaranteed
  • Since the penis is hosted in a frame, the blood circulation increases, giving you a stronger erection.
  • These products are FDA approved.
  • You don’t need a doctor to use or get it recommended.

The list of benefits can keep going but makes sure you get some of the top recommendations in the market for the best results.


The correlation between penile length and body height was found to be statistically connected, but with weak correlation.

Penis length cannot be accurately predicted based on one’s height  according to study, but in most cases taller men had larger penis.

But as luck would have it, even if you penis size isn’t big, there is a world around.

Some of the best penis extenders like Quick Extender Pro, Size Genetics and Phallosan Forte can guarantee size increment provided you use the device correctly every day.

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