Weight Affect Penis Size

Does Weight Affect Penis Size?

Being overweight is a classic problem that affects the lives of millions, but do you know that being overweight affects your penis size too? More here.

Quick summary

  • The average erect penis size is 5.16 inches according to the National Health Service. However, obesity can negatively impact penis size and health.
  • Obesity can cause the penis to be buried under skin and fat and lead to decreased testosterone levels and poor blood flow to the penis.
  • A penis extender can help increase penis size and improve penis health for those who are overweight. Using a penis extender requires time and patience, but can lead to an increase in length and girth of up to 30% with consistent use.

Your body size and penis size may first look counterintuitive, but recent studies show that there might be an impact.

When it comes to staying healthy, we’re all in the same boat. Still, obesity is a major public health issue affecting the lives of millions of people across the globe.

When it comes to health, everyone knows that obesity can lead to a wide range of health problems, but very few people realize that it could also affect penis sizes.

When it comes to obesity and penis size, is there a correlation? Let us try to explore that topic in this article and a lot more!

Without further ado, let us jump into the article.

What is the average size of a healthy penis?

To begin, we must first determine the average size of a man’s penis.

In many cases, men would only question whether it’s sufficient to satisfy their partner or not. Most men think they have a tiny penis, but studies show this isn’t the case. A man’s self-confidence can be harmed by this deception.

The typical erect penis measurement is 5.16 inches, as reported by the NHS (National Health Service). Normal as well as average size penis is found in the majority of males.

According to a survey, only a mere five percent of men have a tiny penis (less than 10 cm in diameter), that too when compared to the world average.

But things might change terribly when you start to consider other comorbidities, especially being overweight.

What Happens To Your Penis When You’re Overweight?

Having sex or masturbating is a major role of your penis, and it allows for achieving both mental and physical well-being simultaneously.

The majority of men worry about their penis size when it comes to having sex. Every man desires a larger penis and the ability to stay in bed longer.

Being overweight, on the other hand, is a problem. Gaining too much weight is the worst factor you can do for your penis’ health.

Some men simply have a too big belly that stops them from seeing their own penis. Additionally, being overweight is linked to a decrease in testosterone, which could drastically affect a person’s penis growth, especially in their early teenage.

When fat accumulates around the penis, the penis is buried underneath the skin. Infections can also result from excessive growth of the skin and flesh. There is a lot of concern about these issues, and we need to pay close attention to them.

When a person is obese, it can be difficult to pull the foreskin back. This is a critical situation that must be addressed immediately.

If you don’t pay attention to your growing body, you will be chased by a train of diseases amid your declining sex life.

How can a penis extender be a reliever for obese people?

A penis extender is a traction device for correcting curvature problems and for increasing the phallus length.

This device is usually worn over a period of time to allow the microtears in your penis shaft to cause your tissue to stretch and expand, increasing the size of your penis.

A penis extender can help men with penis sizes varying from 0.5 inches to 3 inches. After a six-month stretching regimen, many men see an increase in length and girth of 20% to 30%.

Overweight people usually have reduced blood flow towards the penis region on top of reduced testosterone levels. This gadget can ensure excellent oxygenation of the penile tissue and thereby managing your natural length.

Thus overweight or obese people can lead a healthy sex life while working or figuring a way to maintain their body weight.

As a perk of continuous use, you may gain a size difference of up to 3 inches, which is clinically shown in many studies.

Things to remember while using a penis extender

Using a penis extender is not a quick fix. About 6 months of everyday use for some hours a day is required to see any noticeable results from these products.

A device should only be purchased if the time and effort it will require are worth it to you. Penis enlargement devices typically increase the size of a man’s penis by 28 percent.

When your shaft has grown to its maximum size using a penis extender, it’s time to take it off until you feel its need again in the future.

Even though the finest penis extenders are painless, the first few weeks of use may be a little uncomfortable. Most men have never experienced the sensation of having a penis-stretching device on them.

It is common to practice for penis-stretching devices to begin slowly so that the user can become accustomed to the device’s pressure & effects. Make sure you are using the best-in-class products to ensure the top results.

This means that the results will be seen a few months after you start using it without any discomfort. Check out some of the best penis extenders like Phallosan Forte, Quick Extender Pro, and SizeGenetics.


Having a tiny or deformed penis can harm a man’s self-esteem. Being overweight can sometimes add injury to the insult and make sex life worse for such people.

Obviously, shedding extra weight is the best way to combat this, but as a small workaround, you may try using a penis extender.

Extenders for the penis use painless, natural cycles to gradually lengthen the penis over time and improve the oxygenation of tissue down there.

This may help you move forward in your sex life, thereby taking away atleast some stress off you.

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