How To Get Bigger Penis

How To Get A Bigger Penis? 6 Techniques That Work!

There are several techniques to get a bigger penis. Explore more about penis enlargement and treatment choices here. Happy reading!

Quick summary

  • The penile implant sector is expected to be a $300 million industry by 2023, growing at a rate of 21% since 2017, due to the redefinition of masculinity and improved medical facilities.
  • There are several options for penis enlargement including PRP injections, penis extenders, jelqing, penoplasty, penile implants, and cleaning pubic hair. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, and results may vary depending on personal preferences and physiological conditions.
  • The most budget-friendly and effective option is a penis extender, while faster results can be achieved with surgery. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional before making a decision and to understand the potential risks and benefits of each method. Ultimately, penis size has little relevance in sex and it is important to focus on overall sexual satisfaction and confidence.

Penis enlargement is now a multimillion-dollar industry in its budding phase.

Not until the late 2000s, penis enlargement wasn’t the focus of cosmetic and plastic surgery sectors.

The redefined masculinity brought a great change in the way people perceive manliness and size of the penis.

Though some surveys suggest that only fewer percent of women population are concerned about their partner’s penis size, about 58% ~ 65% of men were ready to try penis enlargement options to boost their masculinity.

Penile implant sector is expected to be a $300M industry by 2023, which is growing at a rate of 21% since 2017.

For increasing penis size1, there is a battery of choices, of which ‘penoplasty’ saw a 20% boom in the last couple of years.

With improved medical facilities, people are never ready than before to try out new treatment modalities for cosmetic enhancement.

In this article, we are discussing options for penis enlargement and try to comprehend the best possible technique in the market.

So without further delays, let’s straight away jump into the topic.

The average size of a penis

average penis size

Numbers are what we are all concerned about, and definitely for penis also there are numbers, which might imply something.

Ever since we started having sex, one relevant and obvious question that pops in every man’s mind was about the ‘ideal size’ of a penis.

Sadly, there is no ideal penis size as such, since different women have a different perspective regarding the penis size, and so does males do.

But some studies point to the fact that it was all psychology that determines the partner’s perception towards your penis size.

Majority of men would like to have an erect penis size of 5 inch+ with a 3.5 inch or more when flaccid.

In fact, the average penis size was found to be 5.2 inches with a flaccid length of about 3.6 inches, and the girth being 4.6 inches while erected and 3.7 inches when flaccid.

So technically anywhere in the range of 4.5 ~ 6 inches lengthwise for an erect penis is what is desirable, but not strict though.

These numbers are what giving men the fuel to try out penis enlargement options to improve their penis size.

Ninety percentiles of men only have the average size while only a few (<5%) has a 6.5 inch+ penis.

Techniques to get a bigger penis

get bigger penis

There are many different ways to increase penis length, and each of these techniques comes with advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of approach always boils down to personal preferences depending on factors like budget, time-span, penile health, the physiological condition of the user, psychological state, and sex life.

Below discussed are some of the most popular and effective methods for increasing penis size.

1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection

Marketed as ‘Priapus Shot,’ PRP is an innovative approach in enhancing penile tissue growth.

Basically, the patient’s blood is collected, beforehand, and platelets are concentrated from it.

These concentrated platelets are then injected into the penile tissue, which is found to stimulate the cellular re-growth.

Sometimes multiple injections are administered, and as a result, the penis size might increase as much as 20%.

This technique is still in its budding phase, and more research studies are yet to be performed on PRP before calling it a complete success.

2. Penis extenders

penis extender

These are mechanical devices comprising of a plastic made cage supported with springs and rods.

This is worn over the penis, and the springs are adjusted to create a ‘stretch’ to the penis tissue, which is often retained for several hours.

When the penis tissue is stretched, small micro sized tears occur in the tissue, and the body tries to repair these tears by the process of cytokinesis.

As a result, the cell number increases and overtime this increased cell mass would reflect as a size increment.

Penis extenders are one of the clinically approved approaches for treating Peyronie’s disease as well for increasing penis size2.

3. Jelqing

penis jelqing

This is more of a natural technique whose origin dates back to the Arab civilization, but very few studies would support the effectiveness of Jelqing.

In this process, the person has to manually stretch his penis to a safe extent (lengthwise) using index finger and thumb by holding the base.

This method has no standardized version of the practice, and for that reason, the technique would vary across the globe.

4. Penoplasty

It is a simple cosmetic surgery3 in which a ligament connecting penis to the body is severed to make it hang out of out the body.

A few inches, approx. 0.5 ~ 1-inch change can be achieved some times, but not guaranteed as the length increment highly depends on the surgeon’s expertise.

But the success rate of a penis surgery is very high since it has the intervention of a medical professional, but the margin of increment is subjective.

Not all patients can take up a penis surgery due to a variety of reason like physiological conditions, fear of surgery, the monetary burden of a penoplasty, etc.

Some of the common side effects of penoplasty include painful erection, scars, and loss of sensation.

5. Penile implant

This is a unique procedure that is yet to gain popularity and restricted to patients of a Los Angeles based surgeon Dr. James Elist.

According to his claim, he is the only surgeon in the world to perform this version penoplastic surgery to increase the length as well as girth.

He uses a silicone implant on the penile tissue to augment the penis profile, and after surgery, a patient could achieve up to 1.5 inches increase in length and up to 2.5 inches in girth.

While the results are real, only a few could actually afford this $13 grand surgery while amid fear of an implant breakage which could lead to further complications.

6. Cleaning the pubic hairs

trimming the pubic hairs

This is a non-therapeutic technique which can have play a psychological game to make your penis look bigger, at least by a small margin.

After cleaning pubic hair, more of your pubic skin is exposed, thus masking the short stature of the penis.

Once erected, the penis will look decently more prominent, and this gives a man confidence to perform in bed.

There are a lot of pubic shaving kits and hair removers to make the job easy for a man.

Which penis enlargement method is better?

penis enlargement methods

Well, that is a tough question to answer because each of these techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One obvious outcome that all of you need is ‘a good result’ which is irrespective of all other factors.

Let’s talk from the monetary point of view, and the most effective as well as the budget-friendly option is a penis extender since it is a clinically proven method to achieve results as good as 1 ~ 2 inches.

However, you might have to wait for at least 6 ~ 8 months or longer for a satisfactory result, and another downside is the bulk that you would feel under the zip.

If you have a little gut to experiment and has some money in your bank, then a PRP is a great choice, or injections of a similar kind can be tried.

Faster results always come with surgery to increase penis size, but the margin of increment is very less compared to other techniques despite the huge cost incurred.

A penile implant can be tried but be advised to get a second opinion about all pros and cons since only a few hundred people had tried this so far.

Jelqing and shaving pubic hairs are two cost-effective and safer techniques but have a low output compared to others.


Improving your penis size is not a great deal in the 21st century and all credits to the faster-evolving research world.

The same research world also points out the fact that when it comes to sex, penis size has very little relevance, but the penis size for initial impressions still matters; nonetheless.

All the techniques have both pros & cons, and always get help from a medical professional to make thing easier for you.

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