jelqinq and penis extenders

Jelqing: Routine To Use With A Penis Extender

Do you know that jelqing can significantly improve the efficacy of penis extenders? Check out this article to learn a routine to do this.

Quick summary

  • Jelqing is an all-natural method to increase penis size, which can be combined with a penis extender for better results.
  • The jelqing routine involves manual stretching and gripping of the penis in the shower using a lubricant, followed by wearing the penis extender.
  • To see effective results, it is important to choose a penis extender that is comfortable to wear, has adjustable tension, and is made by a reputable brand.

With jelqing, you and your partner’s sex life & relationship can be significantly improved.

Jelqing is an all-natural method of increasing the size of your penis without the need for surgery or pills.

With an erectile vacuum pump, jelqing can be used to increase your penis length and girth.

You and your companion will have a better time in the bedroom if you have the appropriate equipment and practice.

Jelqing uses various techniques to gradually increase the length and girth of your penis. Thus, you will have a larger and longer genital area.

Well, this little exercise might surprise you, but without further ado, let us explore in detail how jelqing can be an excellent companion with a penis extender.

How to combine jelqing with your penis extender?

Jelqing is undoubtedly an effective technique to increase penis size. But, this technique alone might take quite a lot of time to give a significant result.

In this technique, the hands are sued to manually stretch the phallus to create microtears, which can accumulate and give a change in size.

However, compared to a penis extender, the micro-tears created are small and insignificant.

According to some user’s personal experiences, here is a routine that can help you gain at least an inch.

Make sure you follow the steps below if you’re serious about enhancing your penis.

Steps for Jelqing routine using a penis extender. The below should be done before you wear your penis extender of choice.

  • Get in the shower and give yourself a half-erection every morning. Even though it’s erect, it shouldn’t be stiff like you’re about to have sex.
  • Use your dominant hand to begin jelqing for about five minutes to get started. Kegel three to five times after you’ve been jelqing for five minutes. You’ll be able to get more blood into the penis with this method.
  • Then, for several 10 seconds, give oneself a full erection. While the thumb and finger fingers are wrapped all around the core of your manhood, make an “OK” gesture or grip. The closer you get to your pubic bone, the closer your hand will be. Slide the hand up to the top of your penis and keep squeezing the grip (but not too hard).
  • Release your “OK” grip after 10 seconds and continue jelqing for around 5 minutes. When jelqing straight out of the shower, you can lubricate yourself with soap or shampoo. A lubricant can help you complete a few strokes more easily for a short period.
  • Then repeat the “OK” grip or clamping step with a full erection. For a final 10 seconds, repeat the process.
  • Use the “Out from the body” approach to jelqing for the final five minutes of your routine.

The outcome of the jelqing method with a penis extender

Using this jelqing method, your penis will appear larger or more “plump” for at least a few hours.

After you get out of the shower, be sure to quickly dry off before putting on your penis extender. Since your capillaries have already grown, wearing the penis extender for a long period will be much easier.

In addition to making it easier to hold your penis, the tool’s head also prevents it from slipping.

You’ll start to see results if you stick to this routine & wear the penis enlargement tool consistently. Some people may see results quickly, while others may have to wait longer.

Begin each day with a jelqing schedule before donning your penis extender right away. Using water-based lubricants can leave a sticky residue, so we recommend doing the routine in the shower.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a penis extender.

Cost shall never be a bar when you are choosing a penis extender. There are hundreds of choices in the market, but make sure that you always go with a proven penis extender.

Since this device has to be worn for hours in a row, comfort is the foremost priority over gimmicking features.

A double strap design with an ergonomic frame is one of the best highlights to look for. Having silicon pads in the frame is a plus point since it helps in hosting the penis.

The tension mechanism should give you an option to adjust it according to your comfort, thus preventing injury to a phallus.

Some of the best choices that you can consider are Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte.


If you plan to wear the extender for a long period, you can remove it to re-establish blood flow in the penis.

You can improve the flaccid hang of your manhood by conducting this jelqing regimen each day for a week. You can use this routine to expand the cells while the penis extender keeps them that way.

The larger the penis, the better will be your sex life and sex potential. You can also see an increase in the flow of blood to your penis throughout the day!

Try following the jelqing routine with your penis extender and get effective results.

Written by Tom Knight
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