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How To Naturally Make Your Penis Thicker and Longer?

Do you like to take it deep in the bed game, but has a smaller penis? Don’t worry, learn how to naturally make your penis thicker and longer here.

Quick summary

  • Penis size can vary and is considered average at 4.7-6.3 inches in length and 4.5-4.7 inches in circumference when erect.
  • There are several methods for increasing penis size including exercising, consuming nitric oxide boosting foods, taking penis enlargement pills, and using penis extenders.
  • Penis extenders are considered the quickest method for increasing size, with the potential for up to 3 inches of growth. Other methods like exercising and taking penis enlargement pills also show promise for increasing size, but results may take longer to achieve.

Men with a longer penis are successful in vaginal stimulation, according to some reports. Is your penis longer?

Don’t worry; we have some info for you to get a thicker and longer penis naturally without introducing painful surgeries or chemical drugs.

Surprisingly, some of the cheap, painless, and unexpected methods are the most efficient way for penis enlargement.

Modern ways include using penis enlargement pills or penis extenders to get a quick result. In contrast, old school hand exercising techniques are still used, which are usually very slow.

Without more words, let us move into the crux of this article and try to understand it in detail.

What is the average size of a penis?

average penis size

Well, there is no such figure that can be assigned to this parameter, and in fact, penis size varies from person to person, and it is highly discrete.

Still, some studies suggest that an average flaccid penis has 2.0 ~ 3.9 inches of length with a circumference of 3.5 ~ 3.9 inches.

When the above erect, it can grow to become 4.7 ~ 6.3 inches longer with a circumference varying from 4.5 ~ 4.7 inches.

Men prefer a 6-inch penis, and the fact is that only a mere 20% of the male population has one.

Penis size and women’s pleasure is a debating topic, and studies are still underway.

But nearly half of the male population are not satisfied with their current penis size, which is one reason why male enhancement products are on rising demand.

Can you really increase the size of your penis?

Yes, you can definitely increase your penis size if you use the correct remedy or technology.

The first thing is to understand the underlying reason for your small penis problem. If it is genetics, then you might want to go for conventional strategies like surgery or penis extenders.

Else, if the small penis is due to reduced blood flow, a penis enlargement pill, hand exercise, NO supplement, etc. can be used to increase the length.

Technically, the penis is similar to your muscles (say, biceps). If you give enough workout and nutrition, it tends to grow faster and bigger, if not, you will end up with a weak physique.

Similarly, your penis also needs regular workout and nutrition, which is why most of the penis pills are loaded with a ton of herbal ingredients.

How to naturally make your penis thicker and longer?

longer penis


Exercising is the most natural, safest, and cheapest way to increase your penis size without the need for surgery, pills, or devices.

Kegel and Jelqing are two standard techniques for that. In the former, you include your pelvic floor muscles in your routine workout.

Jelqing is a hand exercise technique in which you stretch and massage your penis and release once erected. The same is repeated for 5 -10 minutes every day.

One drawback of both is the snail-paced result, which might actually take months or years to reflect.

Nitric Oxide boosting foods

Many foods can increase nitric oxide levels in the body, which has both sexual and performance-boosting capabilities.

  • Beet is a rich source of natural nitrates, which can increase 21% of NO in just 45 minutes after consumption.
  • Garlic is another food that has compounds that can activate nitric oxide synthase, which speeds up arginine to NO conversion.
  • Meat is also a great source of CoQ10, a compound that has nitric oxide activity and helps athletes improve performance.
  • Dark chocolate, green veggies (spinach, kale, cabbage, etc.), citrus fruits, pomegranate, etc., are some other foods with excellent NO boosting capabilities.

Penis enlargement pills

These are supplements made by combining the organic ingredients like herbal extracts, animal products, dairy, etc. which helps in increasing the penis size alongside other sexual benefits.

They come in various specifications, but the most common are NO boosting pills with added nutrients to increase testosterone and HGH levels.

Some of the top brands of penis pills include Member XXL, XtraSize, and Natural XXL.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are devices with a metal/plastic frame and spring, which can hold the penis and keep it stretched for an extended period.

This creates micro-tears in the tissue, which, when healed, will result in an increase in cell number.

An extender is a cheap, side-effects-free, and non-invasive technique that can give you up to 3 inches of size change.

Here are some of the top penis extender brands:

1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

With its DSS (double strap system), and super ergonomic aluminum body, this device can give you at up to 3 inches of size difference when used regularly.

2. SizeGenetics


Another decent product that guarantees 2 inches of size change with its 2800 gm spring system and MDA technology. You need to use it for at least 3- 6 months to get the full result.

3. Jes Extender Gold

Jes Extender

This brand is registered with the FDA, and has already been certified by CE. It has superior design features and a super comfy support system to give you a gain of 1 ~ 3 inches.

4. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

This extender is a perfect solution for Peyronie’s disease, incurvate penis, erectile dysfunction, and all size-related issues. Manufacturers recommend using it for at least 6 months.

5. Male Edge

Male Edge

The Male Edge has introduced a lot of innovations in the penis extender genre, and they are one of the pioneers in the segment. With its 2000gm spring traction, you can quickly get a 10% increase in length.


You can easily increase the size and girth of the penis if you can follow the above without any flaws.

Nothing is more natural and classic exercising techniques for penis enlargement; unfortunately, change happens only over a long time.

Dieting, on the other hand, can give you an edge by increasing the NO activity. This will reflect as a few millimeters of change in the penis size.

Penis pills are the next best thing you can use, which is more focused and combines t-boosting and HGH supplementation.

If you need a cheap, easy, and quick increase of up to 3 inches, then penis extenders are the best possible method available today.

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