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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Cause Any Side Effects?

One-shot magic for a monster penis, try penis pills to add up to 3 inches in a few weeks. But do penis enlargement pills cause any side effects? More here.

Quick summary

  • Penis enlargement pills work by supplementing the necessary nutrients for metabolism, with a focus on improving nitric oxide levels, testosterone biosynthesis, increasing red blood cells, and enhancing cell division.
  • Natural penis enlargement pills are side-effect free due to their use of raw plant products or extracts, without refined or purified chemical substances, and their mechanism of working through digestion processes.
  • To find a side-effect-free penis enlargement pill, one should research the product’s ingredients, check comments and reviews, and look for a product with a money-back guarantee or refund policy. Some top-rated options include Member XXL, XtraSize, and Natural XL.

A small penis is always a disgrace in bed, and according to studies, 45% of men are unsatisfied with their penis size.

This is where penis pills come as a savior. But, do penis enlargement pills cause any side effects?

Side-effects are one unlikely byproduct of a medical remedy, but growing science helped the manufacturers limit the adverse effects.

As a result, the penis enlargement pills were born, which are mostly natural supplements made from organic ingredients, and they are side-effects-less.

Well, this article is exclusively about this topic, and we will run through the basics of a penis supplement pill for fixing size issues.

So, without further ado, let us get started.

How does a penis enlargement pill work?

The working is simple. These pills supplement all necessary nutrients needed by our metabolism to carry out various tasks.

Penis enlargement pills focus on improving the nitric oxide (NO) levels, testosterone biosynthesis, increasing red blood cells, and enhancing the cell division.

The penis shrinks because of reduced blood flow, which can be fixed by widening the vessels carrying blood to the organ.

Most of the pills will contain a precursor for NO, which helps in the vasodilation of blood vessels.

With increase flowrate, the erection becomes stronger, and the penis enlarges beyond its usual capacity, thus giving an increase in size.

Also, micro-tears occurring in the penis can be quickly healed with the help of cell division promoting herbal contents included in the supplement.

Do penis enlargement pills cause any side effects?

penis enlargement

Side effects are unwanted secondary reactions triggered by a drug or a product that you have consumed.

This is more prominent in the case of therapeutic drugs but less common with natural supplements.

There is a specific reason for the side-effects-less action of natural supplements, and they are discussed below.

No chemical components

Unlike therapeutic drugs, there are no refined or purified chemical substances used in natural supplements.

All ingredients are raw plant products or extracts used directly in the formulation.

When a chemical compound is isolated and concentrated, it can work fast but creates many problems by triggering secondary effects (side-effects).

Also, this absence of harmful chemical components makes these products versatile and can be used without a prescription or supervision.

Mechanism of working

A chemical drug gets absorbed into the bloodstream and goes directly into the action center of the body.

Once the effect is induced, it is further carried into various body parts and sometimes gets collected in some location.

While the natural supplements are technically a food and go through all digestion processes. Only the necessary nutrients get absorbed, which boosts specific metabolic reactions.

The natural supplements are just potent enough to complete the primary task; once that is done, it leaves the body through normal bodily processes.

Supplementation, not a substitution

Yes, natural penis enlargement pills supplement nutrients for the proper working of metabolism.

While the chemical drugs substitute or replace some of the metabolites to start or stop a reaction.

Chemical drugs act directly on cells, while the natural penis pills take the longest route and work slow.

But organic supplements work more like natural compounds and avoids unwanted complications, thanks to their raw nature.

A ton of studies

Just like any pharmaceutical products, most nutraceutical supplements also go through intense lab studies and clinical testing before reaching the market.

There is a dedicated team of researchers with each top-tier brand; they analyze, evaluates, and clinically study the pills.

Nowadays, the health authorities are strict, and in order to enable sales in countries like UK, US, Canada, EU, or UAE, the products must be certified.

All these factors combined make natural penis pills safer than ever before.

How to buy side-effects-free penis enlargement pills?

First of all, finding the right product from the internet market is a needle in the haystack process. Most internet buyers make two or three failed purchases before finding the real deal.

There are two ways to tackle this. Either you can go with a list provided by reviewers like ourselves, or spend your time and do reviewing yourself.

First of all, check the comments or reviews on the official website, e-commerce websites, reviewers, forums, etc.

If all the above is good, check the ingredients and make sure that everything listed is relevant, and at least one of the ingredients is a NO precursor.

Never go by price, because sometimes cheaper ones work better than an expensive product.

Products with a money-back guarantee or at least a refund policy might be a better choice.

What are some of the side-effects-free penis enlargement pills in the market?

Here are some of the best penis enlargement pills in the current market.

1. Member XXL

Member XXL

This product guarantees an easy 2 cms of change in just a few weeks, and can give up to a monstrous 9cms size change when you use it regularly for 3 ~ 4 months.

2. XtraSize


If a serious size change of up to 3 inches is what you need, then XtraSize is a perfect fit. This product is 100% herbal and comes from an FDA approved cGMP facility.

3. Natural XL

nautral xl

If you are looking for a quick 2 inches gain in just 2-3 months, this organic product might be a great choice. It has excellent NO activity, which helps in faster penis growth and gives a solid erection.


So, without a doubt, natural supplements area safe, secure, and side-effects-free, provided you buy a genuine top-rated product.

People often categories natural penis enlargement pills with chemical drugs, and that is why the concern regarding the side-effects arises.

Technically, natural products made from organic ingredients like plant extracts, animal products, dairy, etc. that fall under nutraceuticals, which are generally safe.

Without worry, you can get a genuine product and see a size difference of 1 ~ 3 inches in a few months.

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