XtraSize Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

XtraSize is an all-natural dietary supplement that thickens and lengthens the penis up to 30% while enhancing sexual performance and maximizing the male sex drive.

Self-esteem is often got hurt when you fail to act on the bed.

Small penis size, low libido 1, lack of strong vigor, or other sexual health problems could be the underlying reasons.

If your partner doesn’t find pleasure, it means every time you are hurting the relation bit by bit.

Small penis size has been identified to be one of the major reasons why men fail in bed, despite the constant mental motivation to go further.

In the long term goal, penis size has an important role to play because women love the core of sex.

Xtrasize is a brand new product in the market, helping millions around the globe to combat the undersized penis, granting a happy sex life.

This Xtrasize review runs down some of the common questions you might have in mind.

Without further ado, let jump into the topic.

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What is Xtrasize?


Unlike a marketing gimmick, Xtrasize is a result of years worth hard work and research.

A compilation of natural and organic ingredients is a challenging task; because the individual components should act in perfect harmony inside the human system to yield the desired result, else Xtrasize would be deemed nothing more than a fool’s paradise.

It is a well-commingled penis size enhancer made from first quality ingredients offering the best in class results and value for money.

How does Xtrasize work?

How does Xtrasize work

Corpora cavernosa and Corpus spongiosum are tissue complexes that contribute to the mass bulk of your penis.

When you get an erection 2, the blood rush and fills into these sacs thus bulking up your penis.

So technically the extent and complexity of this sac structure would determine the size of a penis.

In people with small penises, it’s the inability to expand to the fullest of this sac limit result in short stature.

Xtrasize is an American derived formulation made after careful study which would act on this tissue and improves the absorbency of tissue sac, thus ensuring maximum blood flow into the penis, giving a harder erection.

This overtime would expand the penis skin to accommodate the larger volume of the sac, increasing the penis size.

Apart from that, Xtrasize helps in boosting the testosterone levels as well as vasodilation to subsidize the penis enlargement and more intense action in bed.

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How to use Xtrasize?

how to use

Xtrasize comes in capsule form and it is recommended to use it for a minimum of 90 days to see the best possible result.

One pill every day for 3 months will ensure a 1 ~3 inches of penis growth.

The capsule should be taken in the morning before breakfast with water.

If you wish to take the game to the next level, have one more pill 30 minutes before the intercourse.

Loading fruits and veggies into your diet alongside Xtrasize would ensure improved nutrient circulation into the penis, which is important for tissue health.

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Is Xtrasize safe?


Xtrasize boasts a secret and working formulation made after years of painstaking research.

Since all active ingredients are 100% organic components, safety is a guaranteed deal.

Apart from that contributing to that safety is the high standards followed by Xtrasize manufactures in the designing, production, packaging, and shipping of the product.

All the ingredients used are cultivated under the supervision of specialists and comes from medical grade farms.

Plus, the production line follows a stringent lab practice supervised and quality checked at each stage of production to ensure only the best go out of the plant.

Since the formulation is secret and proprietary, knock-offs don’t stand a chance to compete with the real Xtrasize.

Xtrasize ingredients


All ingredients used in the production of Xtrasize ain’t a great secret rather well known traditional herbs and plant extracts used since ages.

However, the combination of each matter, that’s were Xtrasize takes the game. They are made of:

Tribulus Terrestris
A well-studied vasodilator channeling blood flow into the penis .
Maca Root
Supplies all necessary proteins and nutrients for boosted libido .
Saw Palmetto
Improves the testosterone levels, as well as help in improving semen quality.
L-Arginine HCl
Vital in nitric oxide synthesis which helps in vasodilation.
Pumpkin Seeds
A great protein source as well as appetite regulator which helps in improving mood .
Panax Ginseng
Contains compounds that help in improving the stamina.
Stinging Nettle and Sarsaparilla
Vitamin, and mineral source – helps to fight fatigue .
Licorice Root
Tones the endocrine gland for timely and efficient release of all necessary hormones.

Xtrasize side effects

Xtrasize side effects

Xtrasize is a prescription-free supplement you can buy online.

Since all the substances used in production are 100% organic, Xtrasize is safe to use by any age category.

Unlike competitors, this brand focuses on delivering the best quality by inculcating stringent practice during production, which will reflect on efficiency and onset of action.

If all this couldn’t alleviate your concern, check out their website, and you would find hundreds of genuine testimonials and certifications from renowned Doctors.

Also, the discreetness in delivery is maintained throughout the shipping to ensure 100% confidentiality regarding the purchase.

The product is packed in a discreet gray box, without any product info and shipped through reliable courier directly into your address.

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Xtrasize reviews

Xtrasize reviews

Majority of the buyers are delighted with Xtrasize and promised results are delivered without any flaws to all its clients.

To uphold customer privilege, a 90 days return policy is also enabled with a money-back guarantee.

There is a dedicated page in their company website catering all testimonials from previous and current users vouching for this product.

Of which a few are:

Xi Chau (39), China:

Xtrasize is the best because in the past I had at least tried 3 similar products and all were a flop. Results were quick and I continued using Xtrasize for over 6 months. Now I’m having a happy sex life with my wife.

Mark (53), Texas:

Nothing is worse than the feeling of inferiority you feel in bed. In the past, I had 2 failed relations all of which happened because of my poor performance. My size was 3.8 inches and tried many products I saw on the internet. At last, I planned for penis enlargement surgery and which is when I was introduced to this product by my peer.

Even though I wasn’t sure, I gave it a try as a last resort and in fact it turned out to be a savior. Results were visible within the first week of usage. Now it’s my 4th week and my penis size had grown to 5.9 inches. Thanks to Xtrasize.

Xtrasize: price & where to buy it

xtrasize official website

XtraSize should be bought at the official website: xtrasize.com.

It can be purchased in 3 options:

Recommended Package (6 months treatment) – 3 packs: $159.00
Economical Package (4 months treatment) – 2 packs: $129.00

Start Package (2 months treatment) – 1 pack: $79.00

More info   

  • $25.00 delivery charges extra.
  • Worldwide shipping available.

Xtrasize XL pros & cons


  • Made from top quality ingredients cultivated in medical grade farms.
  • Price is really reasonable for the performance of Xtrasize.
  • Fast onset of action and visible results within 7 ~14 days.
  • Shipment is 100% confidential in discreet boxes.
  • 90 day return policy for unsatisfied customers.
  • Hundreds of certified buyer’s testimonials.
  • Guaranteed by the medical community.


  • Xtrasize as a libido enhancer is slightly on the downside, but as a penis enhancer, it is the best.

Xtrasize review: conclusions

There are three advantages picking this product; one is impeccable quality, two is great value for money and three fast-acting results.

Xtrasize, in a sense, is best for those looking for a faster result in penis size growth.

Manufacturers advertise the length of increment along with their treatment modules reflecting the level of optimization and efficacy this capsule offers.

This is one of the popular products in the market, and a good number of customers have already tried it.

Slight setback might be its average performance in boosting libido, which is not on par with other competitors, but when it comes the advertised ‘penis enlargement’ nothing would beat Xtrasize.

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