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How To Make Your Penis Look Longer?

Are you worried about your penis length and would go to extreme lengths just to get a few extra inches? Read on to know how to make your penis look longer.

Quick summary

  • The belief that a larger penis equates to machismo is a misconception, as women do not necessarily prefer longer penises. Most women prefer average-sized (5.1 inches), clean, and well-groomed penises.
  • To make your penis appear longer, there are several methods to consider, including strengthening pelvic muscles for fuller erections, grooming the penis, using a penis pump, improving overall sexual health through exercise and diet, and avoiding chemical drugs.
  • Natural penis extenders and supplements are a safer alternative to chemical drugs and fake claims, as they are made from 100% natural nutrients and are scientifically tested. These products can improve sexual performance and enhance the male sex drive.

Most men believe that a large penis is directly proportional to machoism. It is easy to hurt a man’s pride by making fun of his tool. Simply put, no other organ of a man’s body defines his identity and his penis.

Growing up, most men have been told how important it is to have a long penis to have good sex.

Regardless of how untrue or ridiculous this myth is, an entire billion-dollar market is thriving on this, trying to lure young men with short penises to buy fake medicines that claim to increase their penis size.

In this article, we will share surprising facts about penis sizes from women’s perspectives. We will also reveal some clever tricks to make your penis look longer.

Men are more concerned about their penis size than women

Yes, this is the fact. While most men with short johnsons would take several harmful penis-extending chemical drugs just to gain a few extra inches thinking it would please their lady love, they hardly know what their women actually want!

Porn movies are quite misleading, showing male porn stars with huge, giant penises pounding their females for what seems like an eternity.

Women, in reality, do not want long sex sessions. When asked, most women prefer penetrative sex for a maximum of ten minutes.

Furthermore, most women prefer men with average penises. They would rather run from the sight of a giant tool than get seduced by it! Many actually find it gory.

What women really want is an average-sized 5.1 inches long, clean, shaved, and healthy penis. They hardly care about the length and girth, but pubic hair can be disgusting!

How to make your penis look longer?

Here are some ways that can help you make your penis look longer:

Strengthen your pelvic muscles to get a fuller erection

A fully erect penis looks bigger. The more the blood pumps into your penis, the bigger it appears. Weak pelvic muscles cannot pump much blood into your penis, resulting in weaker or not fully erect penises.

Strong pelvic muscles result in long-lasting and fuller erections. Some basic pelvic exercises can help you strengthen your muscles.

The penis needs a manicure too

A well-groomed penis looks attractive. You need to shave off your pubic hair in such a way that it looks appealing and not pre-pubescent. Ensure you clean all the Smegma build-up and smell good.

Use a penis pump

If you want to awaken the lion in you in the bedroom, try using a penis pump to help you achieve your full potential. A good medical-grade vacuum erection device can expand the capillaries in the penis, making it harder and more erect.

You can also use a penis pump in conjunction with an FDA-approved constriction ring to get significant results.

Work on your sexual health

Your overall sexual health can improve when you exercise regularly. Focus more on endurance-based activities to get longer-lasting erections and to enable better blood flow to the penis. Eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy body weight.

Ensure that you get an adequate amount of sleep. Take blood flow-enhancing performance booster supplements for better sexual activity. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, as both can affect your libido.

Don’t get duped by chemical drugs that claim to boost erections

Finally, don’t get lured by chemical drugs that are easily available over the counter that claim to give you harder and longer erections. While these may prove to be effective for a short time, they have severe side effects when used in the long run.

Take only tried and tested nutraceuticals for sexual health, such as Max Performer, Member XXL, and Eron Plus, if you want the best results without any side effects.

Why are natural supplements the best?

These are tried and tested penis extenders and supplements that thicken and lengthen the penis by up to 30% while enhancing sexual performance and maximizing the male sex drive.

We also have natural dietary supplements that will ensure you get strong erections naturally and without any side effects.

These are potent natural supplements containing nutrients that supplement the correct working of the body. These 100% organic and natural products are manufactured in a cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

All our products are scientifically tested; some are even clinically tested on human volunteers. Some of our supplements are FDA-cleared as well.

All the products are made by trained professionals using 100% natural nutrients and do not contain any steroids.


To wrap up, do not worry about the myths associated with shorter penis sizes. Just work on your overall sexual health to ensure satisfactory sexual activity.

If you want your penis to look bigger, you can try our natural penis extenders and supplements that give significant results.

Do not fall into the trap of chemical drugs or fake claims, as they might create severe medical complications.

Always try natural methods like exercises, foods, or supplements, which can ensure guaranteed results at a slower pace but are safer!

Written by Lukas Weier
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