Twins Have The Same Penis Size

Do Twins Have The Same Penis Size?

Identical twins are 90% similar, but do you know that their penis size can still differ? Learn more about this fact here, and learn ways to boost the size.

Quick summary

  • Identical twins are not entirely identical as they have subtle differences in their morphology, including penis size.
  • The size of the penis is influenced by genetics and the environment, including factors such as climate, diet, exercise, and even masturbation habits.
  • A penis extender is a mechanical device that can increase penis size and is made of medical-grade materials with FDA approval. It is important to choose a medically approved product for added safety and guaranteed results.

Despite the name, identical twins are not identical. Whether it’s a mole here & there, different sex, or something else, there is still a difference between identical siblings.

Because twin brothers are monozygotic, they share a nearly identical gene code because they were born from the same fertilized egg.Males and females tend to share a large number of physical traits (phenotypes).

After the zygote splits, there may be genetic differences due to DNA alteration. The obvious conclusion is that penis sizes among brothers will differ, though not always, as experts stated.

They’ll be about the same size, almost identical in appearance, but there will be slight differences in actual measurements.

Nature vs. nurture has something to do with it, and it’s not just due to genes that play a role in size.

It’s possible that if both kids were raised in similar conditions, their heights and weights would be nearly identical.

Sometimes one twin is smaller than the other, and there are several reasons related to that. Let’s understand how penis size translates in this context.

Do twins have identical penis sizes?

According to researchers, placental oxygen is directly linked to the birth of twins. One twin is relatively small than the other because of slower oxygen transport from a mother to the baby all across the placenta.

It can also predict a smaller brain, fetal growth, and liver, which can directly affect the penis size.

The size of the penis is usually governed by two factors. One is the baby’s genetics, and the second is the environment.

The environment can be the climatic condition, the type of food one eats, medications, exercise, and even the masturbation habits that can influence it.

The crucial time is the teenage of these twin brothers because this is the time when their penis develops. Lack of proper healthy foods, medication, or poor physical activity everything can influence the penis size of each other.

So, twin brothers don’t need to share the same penis size because of epigenetics, even though their genetics are identical.

Since penis size is also governed by enivironmental factors, do you know that it can be increased even after hitting maturity? Let us explore how this happens.

Penis extenders do the wonder

These are traction devices worn over the penis with a certain tension imparted across the phallus of the penis such that the penis is held in a stretched position for a longer period.

The accessories of a penis extender make this process safe, comfortable, and pain-free. Therefore, always the extras provided with these products are the highlights.

Some of the reputed products in today’s market include Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and Phallason Forte.

These are some of the FDA-approved penis enlargement tools that use traction to enhance the shaft region’s cells to divide and multiply.

Additionally, these devices are made with hypoallergenic medical-grade materials, so they can be used by people with various skin types.

You won’t experience any allergic reactions or skin irritations due to the product’s use, and they use all medical-grade products for its construction.

The decent product should guarantee you a size increment of 0.5 ~2.5 inches when used correctly for 6 months as per the manufacturer guidelines.

And yes, if one of the twin brothers uses a penis extender, he can get a larger penis than his brother.

Additional things that might help

Here are a few points to keep in mind if you plan to buy a penis extender.

  • Check if your product is FDA approved or medically prescribed. You can find reputed products here.
  • The traction force shouldn’t exceed 4000gm for any products.
  • Personal reviews are always your friend, so refer to atleast two -to three websites before finalizing a product.
  • Check if your product offers a strap system that can help you secure your phallus inside the base plate for comfortable stretching.
  • If there are any medical issues with your penis, discuss them with your doctor before using any kind of extender.


Twins are 90% similar to each other, but there are subtle differences in their morphology, and penis size is one such parameter.

Two twin brothers can have different penis sizes, which is mostly influenced by a plethora of factors.

The easiest way to tackle the penis size problem is by using a penis extender, a mechanical device that can fix the penis size problem once and for all.

Don’t forget to medically product for added safety and guaranteed result. Refer to the link cited above for more information.

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