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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Non-invasive, affordable, clean results, and easy to use, this is how good a penis pill is. But, do penis enlargement pills really work? Learn more here.

Quick summary

  • Penis enlargement pills work by boosting testosterone, enhancing nitric oxide activity, improving cell rejuvenation and promoting cell division.
  • The results from using penis enlargement pills vary from person to person, but on average, a person can expect to gain 1-2 inches in size with regular use for at least 6 months.
  • When buying a penis enlargement pill, it is important to purchase from a reputable brand, read customer reviews, and look for a money-back guarantee. Some of the best penis enlargement pills in the market include Member XXL, XtraSize, and Natural XL.

Penis enlargement products are the new smart, and the male enhancement market is flooding with a lot of products. But, do penis enlargement pills work?

This question has been perplexing a lot of us, especially when you decide to purchase one such product.

The answer is very complicated to this question, but in a straight sense, yes, penis pills definitely work. But the catch is that you need to find the right product that suits you.

There are at least a thousand penis enlargement pills in the market. So, how would you find the right fit, and what are the best products in the market?

Well, don’t worry. In this article, you will find an answer to all the above questions. So, without adding more words, let us get started.

What is a penis enlargement pill?

A penis enlargement pill is an organic preparation made by combining plant, dairy, animal, and other nutraceutical ingredients.

This category of supplements is generally considered to be safe and side-effects-less due to its organic nature.

Some of the top-rated brands are purely herbal and don’t even possess any side-effects at all.

According to current nutraceutical standards, these pills need to be scientifically evaluated, clinically studied, and manufacturing has to happen in a cGMP facility under the approval of health authority.

Therefore, all safety aspects of penis enlargement pills are secure. Also, top tier brands keep a watch on customer feedback to improve their product in the next iteration.

Do penis enlargement pills work?

penis enlargement

Well, as mentioned above, a penis enlargement pill definitely works. But there are a hundred factors that you need to account for, and an efficient choice you made reflects as a productive result.

First, let us see how these pills work

There is no hidden magic behind it.  The basic working involves testosterone boosting, enhancing nitric oxide (NO) activity, improving cell rejuvenation, and promoting cell division.

These pills contain ingredients that will help in increasing testosterone biosynthesis and also promote the bioavailability by freeing up protein-bound t-hormones.

Precursors like L-arginine and L-citrulline helps to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which leads to vasodilation (widening of blood vessels), thus boosting the blood flow into the penis.

This leads to rock hard erection, and which when combined with heightened cell division & rejuvenation capability, will help in penile lengthening.

How much of a change can you expect in reality?

The answer is highly discrete and varies from person to person. If you are lucky enough, you could get even 3.0 ~ 3.5 inches of change just by using the pill.

Some people have poor blood flow into the penis. But because of nitric oxide activity of the pills, the blood vessels open up and increases the flow rate, which can inflate the penis more than regular capacity.

However, it is better to expect a real-life figure of 1 ~ 2 inches of change when you use these pills for at least 6 months.

There is no one-time pill that can work magic on you. Penis growth with pills is time-consuming but becomes effective if you use it regularly.

How are these pills different from Viagra?

Viagra contains a chemical compound called as Sildenafil which relies on the nitric oxide activity to give you sexual benefits.

It is meant to increase your sexual capabilities by channeling erection, increasing libido, and making you feel prime.

Sometimes, in the long-term, you might see a small change in penis size.

But a penis enlargement pill combines the medicinal values of various traditional ingredients and combines it into a pill.

Therefore, you will be able to get an increment in penis size 99% of the time with this product.

Things to keep in mind when you buy a penis enlargement pill.

  • Always go with a tier-one brand, like the ones mentioned in this article.
  • A higher price tag not necessarily means the product is excellent; some cheap products work great as well.
  • Always look for customer reviews before buying any male enhancement products.
  • Only buy those pills from brands offering a money-back guarantee or decent refund policy.
  • Official sites are the best way to buy online. If not, go with reputed vendors like Amazon, Walgreen, etc.
  • Not all brands need to have an offline market hold. Some of the best products are found online only.

What are some of the best penis enlargement pills?

Here are some of the best penis enlargement pills in the current market to help you increase the penis size without surgery or harmful chemical drugs.

1. Member XXL

Member XXLWith its robust NO activity, this herbal product can give you a visible 2 cm difference in a few days and a complete result of up to 9 cms with 3 months of use.

2. XtraSize


According to the manufacturer’s claim, you can gain up to 3 inches if you use their product correctly. It has 100% herbal recipes and comes from an FDA approved facility.

3. Natural XL

nautral xl

As the name implies, this is a completely natural product that can give you up to 2 inches of the size difference in just 2-3 months. It is clinically studied and has potent nitric oxide activity to help you.


Yes, these pills work 100%, provided you use them correctly as recommended by the manufacturer or your doctor.

Don’t rush for results as pills only work gradually, but in the end, you get a significant improvement in the penis size, erection quality, sexual vigor, libido, and delay time.

Most of the penis pills also help in boosting other sexual aspects to compliment the penile lengthening.

Always make sure you get a genuine and top-rated product since there are a lot of fakes and knockoffs in the market.

Combining exercises like Jelqing or trying Kegel can help you speed up the process, which is a great way to improve product efficacy.

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