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Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe For Users?

Men with the bigger penis always rock in bed, and that is why you should think about using a penis pill. But are penis enlargement pills safe? More here.

Quick summary

  • Penis enlargement pills are natural products made of organic ingredients, with the primary purpose of increasing penis size and enhancing the sexual experience.
  • The safety of penis enlargement pills depends on the quality of the product, which should be made of medical-grade ingredients and evaluated in lab studies and clinical trials.
  • Genuine, top-rated, and clinically proven penis enlargement pills are generally safe and free of adverse health effects, and they can provide additional benefits such as increased libido and longer-lasting erections.

When it comes to immaculate masculinity, penis size is a great deal, and that is when penis pills become essential. But are penis enlargement pills really safe?

The unregulated sales of male enhancement supplements through the internet market has recently sparked a debate regarding its safety.

The strategy of many companies relies on massive advertisements to push their below-average product until it returns a good revenue.

But, not everyone is the same. There are hundreds of genuine brands that sell authentic products, and people indeed get good results as well.

In general, there is a safety concern about men supplements. In this article, we will help you wash away some skepticisms and feed you the right idea regarding genuine penis enlargement products.

So, without more words here, let us quickly jump into the core of this article.

What is a penis enlargement pill?

A penis enlargement pill is a natural product made by combining organic ingredients like plant extracts, animal products, vitamin supplements, milk supplements, etc.

The primary purpose of these pills is to increase penis size. Apart from that, if you use it regularly, you can also enjoy an enhanced sexual experience.

Most of the products currently will take 2 – 6 months to deliver a result. And since they are organic and natural, you can use it as long as you needed.

A minimum of 0.5 inches up to a maximum of 3 inches are often guaranteed by most of the top-tier brands.

Increased libido, long-lasting vigor, more durable erection, delayed ejaculation, and heightened climax are some of the additional benefits.

How does a penis enlargement pill work?

how penis enlargement pills works

The basic principles of working are through enhanced nitric oxide (NO) activity and increasing testosterone production.

Apart from that, these pills can also help in faster cell rejuvenation and improved cell division.

With increased NO activity, the blood vessel expands beyond its normal limit, which enables increased blood flow.

Thus you will be able to get a more robust and rock-hard erection. Over time, the increased blood flow and the erection will expand the penis tissue to give an increase in size.

Also, stroking the penis during sexual activities or hand exercises like jelqing creates micro-tears on the tissue, which quickly gets healed because of the pill’s enhanced cell rejuvenation capability.

Are penis enlargement pills safe?

Genuine, top-rated, clinical proven, and natural penis enlargement pills are safe, and you can use it without the fear of any adverse health effects.

Generally speaking, these products are mostly organic in nature and sometimes entirely made from plant products. The chances of side-effects are usually rare with these pills.

There are three reasons for the safety aspect of natural penis pills.

The ingredients

Most of these supplements contain herbs and other plant extracts as a major ingredient. To increase amino acid content, some animal products, and dairy products are also used.

There is no chemical component directly used anywhere in penis pills. All the ingredients are adopted from Chinese, European, Korean, and Indian traditional medicine regime.

Top brands only use certified medical grade plant products grown in a specialized facility exclusively for nutraceutical purposes.

Formulation quality is a crucial factor that determines the efficacy and potency of the pill in increasing penis length.

Lab studies and clinical tests

Before the product reaches the market, a good amount of time will be spent on these supplements in terms of lab studies.

Each brand will have a pharmaceutical lab and a group of scientists to carefully design and evaluate the formulation.

They conduct a series of tests, composition analysis, characterizations studies, biotoxicity studies, and some cell studies to make sure the formulation is safe for human use.

Prior to market release, clinical trials will be conducted on animal models and then shifted to human subjects to ensure complete safety.

Raw nature of the product

None of the components (ingredients) are used in its refined or purified form; instead, raw plant or herbal products are used directly as extracts or powders.

The most significant advantage is that it will behave like a food particle inside your body, but supplements all necessary actions to promote penile lengthening.

Once necessary nutrients get absorbed into the blood, the remaining get expelled from the system through the normal excretion.

Some of the best enlargement pills

Below are some of the reputed, clinically studied, and top-rated penis enlargement pills, that we have cherry-picked after going through various sources.

1. Member XXL

Member XXLWith this pill, you will get a guaranteed 2cm size change in the first couple of weeks. Within the next 3 months, you will be able to achieve a size change of up to 9 cms with Member XXL.

2. XtraSize


XtraSize is one of the potent penis pills that claim to give a behemoth 3 inches of a size difference. It comes from an FDA approved cGMP lab and uses an all-herbal recipe for preparation.

3. Natural XL

nautral xl

This here is a silent performer that can give you a decent 2 inches of size change in just 2-3 months. It has potent NO activity, which can reverse erectile problems and give you a stronger erection.


So, penis enlargement pills are 100% safe to use. You don’t have to worry about side-effects or improper results if the product is from a top tier brand like the ones mentioned on our list.

Always keep in mind that all products work little differently in each individual’s body due to many biological factors.

Some people might get a quick result, while in others, it might be delayed. Rarely, people might get side -effects, and in such cases, you should discontinue and seek medical attention.

However, natural penis pills are mostly regarded as safe, and for that reason, you can use them without much of a concern.

It is the raw herbal formulation made from high-quality medical-grade ingredients under stringent lab practices that make these natural penis supplements safe.

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