5 inch penis size

Is 5 Inch A Small Penis?

Did you know that a 5-inch penis size is actually a decent size? If you still want to learn more about it and a tip to increase the size, read more here.

Quick summary

  • A 5-inch penis is considered to be average according to a 2015 BJUI study, which found that the average erect penis length is 5.16 inches.
  • There are safe and effective methods for increasing penis size, such as using a penis extender, which works by applying constant tension to the penis tissue to create microtears and increase length.
  • When choosing a penis extender, comfort is key, and products such as Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte are recommended for their ergonomic design and skin-friendly material. It is important to note that size is not the only determining factor for sexual satisfaction, and men’s sexuality is not solely about size.

It’s common for people to worry that the size of their penis is huge enough for a sexual partner to enjoy.

One’s self-esteem and self-image hinge on the size of masculinity, and at some point, even you might have attempted to measure it.

The size of your penis might be probably something that is most highlighted in the bed instead of potency, which matters the most.

Having a big penis isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you are aware of how to make good use of it.

It’s a fact that you’re probably still curious about your masculinity dimension. The 5-inch penis is the subject of today’s discussion, and how small is your 5-inch penis? Let’s find out!

Is your 5-inch penis too small?

This is because most people think that a 5-inch penis is too small to brag about.

However, to everyone’s amazement, a 5-inch penis is perfectly normal.

A 2015 BJUI study looked at over 15,500 men’s flaccid and erect penises, and their average erect penis is 5.16 inches long. 68% of men in the study measured between 4.5 & 5.8 inches while erect, according to the findings.

If you’re curious, the average size of one flaccid penis is around 3.61 inches. Flaccid penises measure 3.66 inches in circumference, while erect penises are slightly larger at 4.59 inches in most cases.

How can you increase your penis size?

The fact that you’re here indicates that your penis is smaller than it should be. Most of men aren’t satisfied with the size or length of their penis. If there are efforts to increase penis size, why should anyone settle for anything less than the best?

All of this raises the question of whether there are legitimate, proven methods for increasing the size of a penis? And are they both safe and effective?

The incredible thing is there are safe techniques to increase the size of your penis and straighten it, which is beneficial for men with Peyronie’s disease who deal with curvature and make intercourse more challenging or painful.

What is a penis extender?

These are nothing but a contraption built to increase the size of the penis. The working of this device is straightforward and will earn you desired length within a few months of regular use.

The penis, like any other body part, is made up of cells. When regular tension is given to the penile tissue, it tends to expand beyond its original length.

This principle is employed by using a device made of plastic and aluminum with a spring attached to it, which will give a constant tension to the penis, thereby creating microtears for the penis to increase in size.

The only caveat is that you have to wear this device for over long hours a day, but it can be discontinued after a few months of regular use.

Choose the best penis extender

There are a few great brands to look from which has a greater tension capacity than practically every other high-quality gadget we examined.

The high tensile strength is sometimes employed with the conventional vacuum method for achieving the best stretch. This would be a great recommendation for people with mild to severe Peyronie’s curvature.

Quick Extender Pro is an amazing product that you shall consider for superior comfort. Thanks to their ergonomic design and skin-friendly material, this product won’t hamper your comfort even when used for longer hours.

If a minimalistic-looking extender is something you want, then Phallosan Forte won’t disappoint in efficacy and comfort. Its double-strap design, paired with comfort padding, permits longer usage periods without discomfort, resulting in rapid expansion.

These are the two finest penis extenders on the market; they are lightweight and compact enough to be worn rather discreetly beneath baggy clothing in low-activity social places, which is not the case with others.

Combining rigid belt techniques with a superior ergonomic design to keep the glans comfortable during use is best suited for men with a high budget who want to have a comfortable enlargement procedure and don’t mind waiting a couple of months if their schedule does not allow for extended daily usage.

Penis extenders are a great choice for increasing penis length if you work in a non-active capacity, as it is inconspicuous and low-profile when worn beneath clothing.


If you are the one who is stressing over the size of your penis, then you must know that the size of a man’s penis is not the final determinant of his efforts to fulfill a woman’s desire or enjoy sex.

For some women, it matters, but not entirely. Men’s sexuality is not all about size, but bigger is sometimes better!

However, if you or your partner feels that you should have a larger penis size, then you can try the penis extenders to satisfy your sexual needs and achieve the desired length that you are craving.

Written by Tom Knight
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