What Race Of Men Have The Largest Penis Size?

What Race Of Men Have The Largest Penis Size?

Is it true that the race you belong to determines your penis size? Well, there is a loophole in the science that investigated it. Learn more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Research on race and penis size is plagued by issues of validity and reliability, with many studies relying on self-reported measurements.
  • According to some studies, men of African descent are reported to have the longest penis, while those of East Asian descent have the shortest, with those of European ancestry falling in between.
  • Despite race, using a penis extender has been shown to be a scientifically-studied and effective way to increase penis size.

When you hear the term race and penis size, the stigma that will pop in your mind is of a big black penis, probably of a man of African origin.

This stigma is a bias that may or may not have any science. But ever since the advent of surveys and statistics, this particular topic has been the interest of many researchers, and many studies have been conducted.

In this article, let us try to figure out which race of the men has the biggest penis, and towards the end, there is a small trick to increase your penis size despite the race you are in.

Let’s get started.

Race, penis size, and its drawback!

It’s notoriously difficult to come to any kind of scientific conclusion about whether or not there are significant variations in penis length.

The issue is that studies examining penis size are frequently plagued by problems of validity and reliability. In addition, there is the question of who is doing the accurate measurements participant or a trained researcher?

Of course, the fear is that men will overestimate themselves and/or misinterpret the results of the measurements they take themselves.

Is it true that overweight men are more likely to sign up for these kinds of studies? To put it succinctly, there’s a good deal of caution to be exercised when concluding this research.

According to recent studies, race-based differences in the size of the penis may exist. Penis size reports from 113 countries were analyzed in a research conducted by Richard Lynn.

According to his findings, men of African descent reported the longest penis, whereas those of East Asian descent reported the shortest male genitalia.

Generally speaking, men of European ancestry tended to fall somewhere in between the two extremes. This study relied heavily on self-reported measurements of penis size, which is a problem.

There was some support for these findings from another study, where experienced researchers carried out the measurements.

In this study, only those who identified as black or white were included. While white respondents had an ordinary penis length of 15.6 cm, black participants averaged a penis size of 16.5 cm.

We must be aware of the limitations of this study, which was conducted in one country and only compared black & white men. But the results seem to endorse the notion that racial differences exist in penis size.

Although statistically meaningful, the differences were not large; the differences are smaller than just those found in the previous self-reported data.

How to have a big penis despite your race?

Over the years, penis extender has already been serving the needs of males who want larger penises. As a result, it has helped over 500,000 men around the world.

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In addition, it can improve blood flow, which has numerous benefits, including increasing the strength as well as the length of the erection.

Impotence and sexual dysfunction can also be alleviated by using them. With the penis extender, it doesn’t matter how little you have in the way of genital assets.

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In addition, they are lightweight and more flexible, which means that men who want these features have to pay a higher price for the products.

If you’re afraid of penis extenders because of their eerie appearance, these penis extenders have approachable and contemporary designs that will put the mind at ease.

The silicon and hypoallergenic plastic used in the penis extender make it softer than other products on this list. It’s one of the more affordable options, but you need to look at the total cost of ownership rather than just the price.

Apart from that, there are no detachable rods in a one-piece design. As a result of its unique construction, it is both lighter and more slender than other extenders, making it easier to wear all day.

It may take up to two months of consistent use of penis extenders to see any distinction in terms of effectiveness. Wearing the device overnight is possible, but it’s generally not recommended due to the risk of cutting off your blood supply or obtaining an erection.

The important thing is to choose the best product from a pile of choices. Different varieties of products are introduced into the market every day, so give yourself a good read on review contents before buying any of these products.


The data collection of all these researches raises a question about the ideal penis size across various races of men.

Still, based on the existing research, it is believed that men of African origin are expected to have a bigger penis ~16 cms.

On the other hand, East Asian men will have smaller penis sizes, and westerners fall in between these two.

The best news is that there is something you can do to increase your penis size despite whichever race you belong to.

A penis extender is a scientifically studied and proven device that can be worn over your penis to increase its size. Now, size and race can rest in research papers, while you can focus on getting hold of an extender!

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