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How To Increase A Penis Size? 7 Effective Methods

Do you know that there are many methods to increase your penis size by up to 2 inches? If not, discover more about penis enlargement here.

Quick summary

  • The penis enlargement industry is a multimillion dollar industry due to the societal importance placed on penis size and masculinity.
  • There are various methods available for penis enlargement including penis extenders, surgery, jelqing, penis implants, PRP injections, shaving the pubic region, and hand exercises.
  • The safety and effectiveness of each method vary, with jelqing and penis extenders being the safest options and surgery being the fastest solution. Some testosterone supplements can give a temporary increase in size but the effects are limited. The choice of treatment should depend on personal factors such as budget, time frame, and individual physiology.

Penis enlargement is a multimillion-dollar industry today just because the gravity of masculinity is somehow linked with the size of the penis1.

People have tried everything from herbal supplements to sophisticated penile implants and but not all of these techniques would suit everyone out there looking to enhance manliness.

Because of the above reason, there are plenty of enlargement choices for a person to choose from, and newer findings are being added every day to boost the segment.

Before even trying any of the penis enlargement treatments, the very first question you should ask is, “can you actually increase the penis size?”.

Fortunately, the answer is a big ‘YES,’ but the extent of increase always boils down to person physiology and genetics.

In certain people, shorter penises are the genetic best, while in some people, medical conditions might cause the penis to stay shorter.

The penis is a tissue made out of balloon-like structures that inflate and deflate depending on the blood flow; due to this elastic nature of the tissue, you’ll always have enough room to expand the actual size beyond its original limit.

In this article, we are exploring some of the methods to get a bigger penis and discuss how each of it will benefit you.

So without stretching further, let’s straight away jump into the topic.

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What size would women prefer?

penis size

The penis length is always an equation of women’s preference, and for that reason alone, a man would spend a fortune to increase the size of his masculinity.

But have you ever wondered what science has to say about men’s penis size and women’s preference?

There were several studies regarding the penis size and women’s preference of which a study published in PLoS ONE claims that women prefer an average erect length of 6.3 inches with a girth 4.8 inches.

Sadly, the average penis size of US men was estimated to be 5.2 inches with a girth of 4.6 inches when erected.

But contradicting the above findings was a study published ‘BMC Women Health’ according to which women prefer girth over the length of the penis.

Also, the women population stated that the larger penis caused vaginal pain and discomfort due to increased friction.

About 83% of women don’t have much concern about the partner’s penis size while a small population in this group would’ve recommended penis enlargement treatment for their partner.

The problems with these studies are that they are limited to particular demographics, and the same may not be true when considered on a global scale.

There is no clear cut answer for the ‘ideal’ penis size and the women’s preference on a perfect size is yet to seek some more clarity.

Methods to increase penis size

increase penis size

There are several methods for increasing the penis size, and most common ones are discussed below.

1. Penis extenders

Extenders are penis enlargement devices 2 constructed using a plastic base, rods, and springs which gives a stretch to the penis tissue for an extended period.

The tension for stretching is created by the springs, which can apply a force equaling to 900gm to 4000gm.

The rods would anchor the penis properly on to the base and Velcro with comfort pads would secure the penis tightly on to the base.

Micro-tears occur in the penis tissue under the tension, and the body heals these micro-tears adding cell mass in the process, which would reflect as penis size increment.

2. Penis enlargement surgery

Popularly known as penoplasty 3 and this is a surgical procedure during which a ligament connecting penis to the body is cut in order to extend it out of the body.

Usually, 0.5 ~ 1-inch increment is achieved, but comparing with other techniques, the effort and cost incurred aren’t worth the size change; however, it is the fastest solution though.

3. Jelqing

It is a simple physical exercise that you could do in the comfort of your room.

An ‘O” shaped is made with the index finger and thumb to secure the base of the penis and stretched out of the body (lengthwise) for 3 ~ 5 minutes.

This step is repeated twice a day, but the results arrive only after a long waiting.

4. Penis implant

It is one of the expensive surgical procedure in which a silicone implant is inserted into the penis to achieve an increment of about 2 inches.

Though the results are promising, only a few doctors have mastered this surgery, and for this reason, the number of people getting a penile implant is comparatively low.

5. Platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP)

A patient’s blood is collected, and platelets are extracted and separated from other blood components.

These platelets are then injected into the penis, which can stimulate the tissue re-growth leading to an increase in penis size.

This approach is promising; however, still in its budding phase and require lots of studies.

6. Shaving the pubic region

One of the classic tricks to make your existing penis look bigger is by shaving off the pubic hairs.

When the black hair is removed, the penis is no longer highlighted form the skin color, thus clearing a background for size estimation.

After erection, the penis will look decently large enough for your partner, thus giving you the confidence to perform in bed.

7. Hand exercise

This is the easiest of all and doesn’t require any props or medications.

It is more or less similar to jelqing but combines a variety of techniques to enhances the penis tissue enlargement.

Usually, one would stretch the penis by holding the glans in a comfortable posture combining with massage to the base to increase the blood flow.

Sometimes a massage is given to the whole penile tissue to boost the blood flow to stimulate the cell growth.

Though safe, the only downside is the waiting period for the onset of result which could even take years.

Are these penis enlargement methods safe?

penis enlargement methods

Each and every technique described here has both advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of treatment depends upon budget, the time frame within which you need results, and individual physiology.

Techniques like penis extenders and jelqing are the safest options for penis enlargement.

A surgery performed by an expert surgeon is safe, but many people wouldn’t be ready to do cosmetic surgery on their penis.

PRP is comparably a new treatment, and the exact effect on penis enlargement and the human body are yet to be entirely elucidated despite its enormous success.

A penile implant is the least preferred choice in the list due to the higher cost and risk of implant breakage.

Can testosterone supplements give you a bigger penis?


The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because the effect depends upon the ingredients on the supplement.

A testosterone supplement is for replenishing the low t-hormone in the body, and it won’t help in penis size growth, whereas specialized testosterone products with nitric oxide supplement might.

Nitric oxide (NO)4 is a component that dissolves in the blood and relaxes the penis tissue to let more blood into penis sacs, thus giving you a solid rock-hard erection.

This will create a temporary change in the penis size by expanding the sacs to its fullest but would soon wear-off once the erection goes away.

The flaccid length is not changing in this process, and therefore it cannot be called a proper enlargement choice.

However, there are claims that some herbal mixtures used in Ayurveda can stimulate the tissue re-growth, and would result in size increment, but are yet to be proved.

In a nutshell, some testosterone supplements can give you a rock hard erection which might marginally increase the penis size temporarily.


With the modern-day medical facility and scientific interventions, penis size enlargement is an easy choice.

But for attaining the full benefits, you must carefully choose the treatment depending upon factors like your penis health, individual physiology, financial background, etc.

The cheapest of all is the jelqing or hand exercises, but you must wait for a really long time before you could measure the increment.

While penis extenders remain at the top of the list, the fastest resolution is always the penoplasty surgery followed by PRP.


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