Penis Pumps Benefits

Penis Pumps Benefits: Should You Buy One?

Do you know that penis pumps can treat Peyronie’s disease apart from erectile dysfunction? Explore more benefits of penis pumps, here.

Quick summary

  • Penis pumps are an effective non-invasive treatment option for erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s disease. They work by creating a vacuum that draws blood into the penile tissues, resulting in an erection similar to a natural one.
  • Compared to drug-based therapies, penis pumps are safer with fewer side effects, and their modern safety features make them even more reliable. They also provide instant results, making them a popular choice for ED treatment.
  • Vacuum penis pumps are endorsed by the medical community and FDA-approved, but not all advertised models have this approval. Seeking guidance from a medical professional is recommended for improved success rates when using a penis pump.

Penis pumps are a modern-day invention that is extensively used in sexual physiotherapy to address the impotence in men.

The very first prototype of modern-day pumps came in the 1960s, developed by G.D. Osbon, a businessman based in Georgia.

By 1974, the mere idea graduated into a successful company, and within 8 years after the launch, in 1982, the penis pump got FDA approval as a non-invasive treatment option for male impotence.

Initially, people had skepticism regarding the penis pump, but later on, this product started to gain popularity, and today, almost 150,000 patients are prescribed with a penis pump to combat ED1.

Vacuum based penis pump has a 90% efficiency and works with almost all cases of ED expect severe ones caused due to permanent erectile tissue damage.

Penis pumps even work on patients who underwent penile prosthesis removal, and overtime scientists & doctors found that penis pumps are effective in correcting the bent caused by Peyronie’s disease2.

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Know what a penis pump is and what it can do

using penis pumps

A penis pump3 works by the theory of ‘vacuum suction,’ and for that reason, it is also called a vacuum erectile device (VED).

It is used by people suffering from impotence or in medical terms called ‘erectile dysfunction (ED).’

Simply, it is a small cylinder chamber which can accommodate your flaccid penis to create an airtight seal and draw air out of the chamber to create a vacuum inside.

This vacuum will draw blood into the penis and mimics a natural erection by filling the penile tissues sacs.

In some models, water is filled into the chamber to replace the air, and water is pumped out in order to create a vacuum.

This is more effective than pumping out the air, which takes more effort to create a vacuum than water.

There is a pressure valve at the tip of the penis chamber through which water is ejected in each stroking, building-up proportional vacuum.

The negative pressure inside the chamber will expand the blood vessels of the penis shaft, which brings blood into the penis.

This artificial gradient created by temporary vasodilation will result in an erection, equally strong as a natural one.

The only downside is that the erection can go away quickly and to delay this, a constrictor or penis ring is worn.

Penis pumps are safer than drug-based therapy

There are a dozen treatment options available for ED, and the most popular choice might be Viagra, which came like a storm into the men’s wellness segment.

The unparalleled action of Viagra in boosting sexual vigor and creating a solid erection made it a favorite wellness supplement for males.

Others like tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil, etc. also accompanied Viagra into success, until the side effects started its show.

Lots of side effects tailed the use of oral medication, which pulled back the patients from relying on oral medications to treat ED.

Another choice was an injection called Alprostadil which has to be self-administered onto the base or side of the penis.

Suppositories and implants were also available, but couldn’t be the all-time favorite solutions for ED due to the discomforts they cause.

In extreme cases, surgeries are performed; still a very few would dare to do an operation on their penis. Exercises and counseling were the least effective solutions for ED.

All of this downside came as a stepping stone for the success of penis pumps, which tries to solve the very prominent issue, the ‘erection’ than running behind the cause.

Unlike other treatment modalities mentioned, a penis pump is very effective and gives instant result, thus earning fame all around the globe as the ultimate solution for ED.

There are no significant side effects for penis pumps, as they are purely an external device and the working is effortless as well.

With modern-day safety features and electronic chips, penis pumps are safer than never before.

Penis pumps can treat Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is a penile disorder characterized by the formation of fibrous scars in the tissue leading to curvature problems and painful erection.

In most of the people suffering from Peyronie’s disease, the pain during erection prevent them from having normal intercourse.

This feature of the diseases causes anxiety and stress in patients, thus having a psychological implication.

Due to this fibrous scar, the penis tissue reduces in size, which over will affects the person’s confidence as well.

Penis pumps are found to be an excellent solution in treating Peyronie’s disease.

A study published in the BJU international claims that VED’s were significantly good at fixing the curvature problem of the penis.

Using a VED for 10 minutes a day for 12 weeks was found to fix the curvature of the penis by 5 o ~ 25o depending on the individual conditions of the patients.

Using a penis pump for an extended period can reduce the need for correction surgery in Peyronie’s patients.

Another study found that VED therapy was effective in almost all stages of Peyronie’s diseases.

Benefits overloaded!

Definitely, there are downsides in any devices or treatment modalities, and it is always the severity of side effects and extent of result been considered to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an approach.

In the above context, VED’s are one of the best possible and safest treatment choices for ED.

There are a lot of benefits in choosing a VED over other treatment plans, and some of them are elaborated below:

  • VED’s are non-invasive; therefore, people prefer it over the alternatives like correction surgery or implants.
  • Most practical option and the results are instant, right in front of the eyes, which is more than enough for a sufferer to gain confidence in the treatment.
  • One can get it from an internet store or over-the-counter and use it since you don’t need a prescription for procuring a VED.
  • Best choice for a combinational therapy. VED’s can be incorporated with other medications to boost the success rate because penis pumps are an instant solution for ED, while the drugs can treat the cause.
  • Penis pumps can be used after prostate surgery or radiation therapy during which the patients will suffer from ED.
  • Even though if a person is not using a VED for treatment, it is an excellent exercising tool which can improve the quality of erection.
  • Modern-day penis pumps are safer than all other choices due to several safety features introduced on the device. There are pressures gauge, automatic cut off valve, electronic pressure regulators, indicators, etc.

It’s legal status

Vacuum penis pumps are endorsed by the medical committee to be used in the treatment of ED and Peyronie’s disease.

They are, in fact, one of the most prescribed treatment choices for mild to moderate ED and would require less intervention of the therapist.

Only during severe case would surgery be preferred but a penis pump is otherwise good in most of the cases.

The very first model of the penis pump was approved by FDA in the year 1982, and since then a lot of brands had perfected the design, and now there is a handful of brands marketing penis pumps with several eye-catching features.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to procure a device; however, having the guidance of a medical professional would improve the success rate by a great margin.

Always keep in mind that not all penis pumps advertised are FDA approved. The institutional committee has a stringent testing policy, and only the products superior in design would make it through.

Or in other words, those products that get FDA approval are safe and can be bought without a second thought.


penis pumps

Penis pumps are by far one of the most successful strategies to combat ED without the need for surgery.

They are equally good as medications like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil, etc. but doesn’t have any side effects as they do.

Unlike other treatment choices, a VED has a lot of benefits like instant results, safety features, and approvals from medical communities.

Since it’s a non-invasive treatment option that works from outside, the user is less likely to feel frightened or skeptical about a penis pump.

Also, a VED is anti-apoptotic (doesn’t cause cell death), anti-hypoxic (doesn’t choke or prevent airflow) and anti-fibrotic (no scar formation).

All these benefits make penis pumps a safe choice for treating ED and Peyronie’s disease.


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