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Penis Length Or Girth: What Matters More?

Are you confused about whether the length or girth of your penis is what matters? Well, we have an answer and some additional knowledge; read more here.

Quick summary

  • Girth is equally important as length when it comes to penis size. While the average circumference of an erect penis is 4.59 inches, individual preferences can vary.
  • The size of a penis does not determine sexual satisfaction, as it depends on personal preferences and individual experiences. Penis extenders, like Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte, are recommended for those seeking to increase their penis size in both length and girth.
  • Penis extenders can provide long-lasting gains in size and are recommended by doctors. They offer adjustable spring pressure tension and are made from medical-grade materials. The long-term use of these products can result in up to 2 inches of size changes.

When discussing the size of a penis, people focus on its length, but this overlooks an equally important measurement, the girth. The diameter of a circle at its widest point is commonly referred to as its grith.

Individual preferences and definitions of ‘normal girth’ can vary widely, just as they do with length, but the highlight is to see if it gets the job done.

Let us look at some prevalent size facts!

What is the typical circumference?

The typical circumference of any erected penis is 4.59 inches, while the girth of a flaccid penis is 3.67 inches, according to a study published in the British Publication of Urology International in 2014, which analyzed data from over 15,000 penis measurements.

While erect, the average height of an adult is 5.16 inches; when flaccid, it is 3.61 inches.) On the other hand, the data graph reveals a wide number of different aspects.

In a 2001 BMC women’s health study, 90% of ciswomen said width was more essential than length. They concluded that the width should be given more regard when discussing penis size.

A short or girthy penis is sometimes preferred by many men over a long and slender one. The overall size of a man’s penis isn’t that important for enjoying the sex in general; however, still, there exists a social stigma regarding length.

Size matters

According to the locker room and media talk, a bigger penis isn’t all that matters. A higher incidence of injury & infection has been linked to penises that are larger than average.

Some positions can be made more painful with extra size.

If you’re not careful, excessive girth or length can lead to injuries, especially during anal sex. Not to say that you also have to deal with the gag and choking issues that arise during oral sex.

In any case, it just demonstrates that a big D doesn’t mean much in the end.

Smaller isn’t that bad

Everyone engaged can focus on enjoyment instead of pain or figuring out how you’re going to get it in there with a smaller D.

It’s much easier when the size is smaller, especially when oral sex is involved. A smaller anal peen, on the other hand, reigns supreme.

With the right position, any perceived flaws in a penis can be easily fixed, and fun can be added to your moments.

Average is okay

85% of people with penises overestimate the average size of their dicks, believing that everyone else has a much larger one than they do.

According to the most recent data on schlong size, the following is a sobering reality check:

When flaccid, the average length of the penis is 3.6 in, and when erect, it can grow up to 5.2 in. The girth of an erect penis grows to 4.59 in, and while it will have 3.66 in when fully flaccid.

Length and girth can be increased

It’s okay if your size specification doesn’t fall anywhere in the number list above because the good news is that you can still increase your penis specification.

There are different ways by which you can increase your penis size. The safest and most effective is a penis extender, which is nothing but a small device worn over the penis.

It is also known as a penile grip device with which men can achieve longer penis and better penile curvatures without the need for surgery.

There is a pile of brands manufacturing this device, but only a few of them have FDA-approved design features.

It’s a medical-grade device with straps, a frame, and a tension mechanism. Better the design aspect, more gentle, painless, and comfortable will be the penis extender.

Here are a few recommendations

If comfort is your ultimate priority, then Quick Extender Pro is the best choice; thanks to its double strap design(DSS), this contraption can fit onto your penis without much hassle.

SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte are two other top-rated penis extenders in the marker with a minimalistic design, ensuring stealth working.

These devices can ensure a safe stretching of your penis, thus helping in increasing its size without bothering you.

There are some best penis stretching devices available in the market with tons of features packed into them, but the only thing to keep in mind is the materials used for construction and the tension of the spring used.

What are the benefits of penis extenders?

  • For Peyronie’s Disease (penile curvatures), this works wonders
  • 1000g – 4,000 g of adjustable spring pressure tension for superior stretching.
  • Gains in penis width and length that last a lifetime
  • Medical-grade materials are used in the construction of this device.
  • Zero-maintenance, lightweight, and long-lasting
  • It is even recommended by doctors


Although both penis length and girth don’t matter much as long as you are sexually satisfied and satisfying your partner.

As long as sex is concerned, the man should be able to simulate women while he should be able to enjoy himself.

Still, if you aren’t satisfied with your manliness specification, a penis extender is the most recommended gadget to mechanically improve your penis size, both in terms of length and girth.

You can expect up to 2 inches of size changes with the long-term use of these products.

Written by Tom Knight
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