sizegenetics vs jes extender

SizeGenetics vs Jes Extender: Which Penis Extender Should You Buy?

The penis extender market is saturated, and hundreds of products are flooding the market daily. Check how SizeGenetics compares with Jes Extender!

Besides procreation, small penis size can have other effects on a male. One of those might as well be the lack of confidence and personality.

Therefore, a person must want to increase his size. And that is how penis extenders are brought into use.

These are marketed devices that can help increase the length and girth of the penis. It functions the same way as its name implies; it stretches the penis to make it longer.

A person can turn to many devices in the market. But namely, SizeGenetics and Jes Extender are considered to be the best ones in the field.

So here in this article, you will learn how to find the best extender for your interest.

What is SizeGenetics?


Why be dissatisfied with your size when you can turn to ways that can help increase it? SizeGenetics is one of those solutions scientifically proven to help increase the penis size and improve the curvature.

If you are in the market looking for a penis extender, it is quite unlikely that you might not have heard the name SizeGenetics.

Over a decade of this product’s service, this has proven to be one of the methods that a person is likely to turn to if he has a small penis size. It is designed and manufactured by DanaMedics Aps based in Denmark.

What attracts most people to this substitute is that it has proven to be a reliable solution in both the cases of penis enlargement and penile curve correction.

Using it, you will likely see changes in your physique in the very first month. Pain-free and 100% safe for use, this is the choice of thousands of people.

With its 58-way comfort usage design, this device slowly stretches the tissues over the penis. Providing maximum tension over the entirety of the penis, from the head to the shaft, maximizes the gains while increasing the comfort level for the user.

Along with increasing the length of the penis, it also checks the curve of the penis. As a result, it ensures that the penis does not grow in an abnormal curve.

What is Jes Extender?

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is a relatively new name that is emerging in the market of penis extenders. It is also from the house of DanaMedics Aps based in Denmark.

However, on no grounds can it be equated to just some random penis extenders. Instead, this is an extender that is known for showing results. And the output of this device is visible only after a short time of usage.

If you are looking for a penis extender that can help improve the overall size of your penis, then this just might be the best product you will see on the market.

Flaccid size, erection size, and girth size, this extender helps increase all these sizes.

This product is most known for applying superior traction for penis enlargement. However, this product does not rely on hypotheses or assumptions.

Besides, it is a product tried and tested in large medical organizations. And that is what attracts a large number of men towards it.

The entire working principle of the Jes Extender device relies on constant traction. This part of the device creates microtears on the tissue, which enhances the cytokinesis process to grant a size change up to 3 inches.

That tension, therefore, leads to an increment in the size of the penis. Instead of sudden tissue tears, this device emphasizes gradual pressure over the skin to regenerate tissues.

This method is painless and clinically tested, leads to no medical risks, and is highly supported by men.

SizeGenetics vs Jes Extender – Comparison


Jes Extender


This product has an ergonomic design, which ensures the penis is very well secured on the body of the extender. Also, the straps are self-adjusting and, therefore, can accommodate penises of different girths without any issues. 

An entirely different design philosophy by combining superior traction to stretch the penile glans. Compared to regular extenders, this product uses a mild suction created by vacuum to hold the penis comfortably in the stretched position for a longer period.


If you are planning to wear this extender for a long duration, then added comfort is guaranteed, thanks to its soft silicone strap and functionally designed penis base plate. 

Comparatively, this product is more fun to use, thanks to its design. However, the number of attachments and frequent adjustments needed might make it slightly tiring at times.


People suffering from injured penis shall stay away from this product during to its high stretching strength. The strap might also make it hard at times during erection.

This product might interfere with regular urination when in use. The silicon pads completely cover the penis glans, thereby preventing natural sensitiveness.


This extender uses a superior medical-grade spring made of stainless steel and imparts a whooping 2800gm of force.

Here the vacuum suction alone delivers enough stretches to ensure the penis enlargement. However, the spring used is 1000-1500 gm brute force.

Duration of use

It has to be used for a minimum of 6 months, and you can expect a change of up to 3 inches when used regularly.

Two-three months is the standard reported by regular users of this product.

Which penis extender is better?

Reading the characteristics of both the products, it is easy to see that they can be considered the very best in their might, and they are no clear winners in this battle.

Both the extenders offer what the crowd needs, and when used right, these products can beef up your masculinity with very little sweat.

The highlight is the ability of these extenders to increase the penis length in under 6 months of regular use.

The tension mechanism gives ample force to keep the penile shaft under constant stretch for up to 12 hours, yielding a maximum of up to 3 inches increment.

SizeGenetics focuses on the maximum tensile stretch while Jes Extender gives preference to the design and ergonomics, but it’s a win-win for the user in either of the cases.

The strapping mechanism on either of the products is made from medical-grade soft silicone, thus giving ample comfort to be worn for several hours without discomfort.

This helps in even the correction of Peyronies curvature, whose therapy focuses solely on hours of support compared to stretching force.

The price factor varies across both the product but by a small margin and comparing the features offered by the two, it is an awesome deal for the customer.

To put things into perspective, whether it be SizeGenetics or Jes Extender, the user can enjoy an easy and effective size increment of up to 3 inches with these products.

The only thing to remember is to make sure you purchase the best penis extenders from the authentic source, but not knock-offs!

Written by Tom Knight
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