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Do Avocados Increase Testosterone?

Avocado isn’t just fruit but an unheard savior for people with low t-hormone. But is there a better solution than avocado to boost testosterone? Learn here

Testosterone and avocado, what could be the possible relationship between this nutty grassy fruit and your manliness?

Well, researchers took a peek at this problem and came up with some interesting findings.

Let us try to explore what will happen when you eat avocado and try to find out if you can substitute this fruit with some other shortcuts.

Without further ado, let us jump into the crux of this article.

What happens when you eat avocado?

Simply put, avocado is a fruit rich in two components that are very important to the natural biosynthesis of testosterone.

It is a powerhouse of fatty acids, including monounsaturated fats (MUF), which account for over 70%, followed by 16% of saturated and 13% of unsaturated fats.

The testosterone biosynthesis needs cholesterol, and avocado has an adequate supply of the same.

Secondly, zinc is an important mineral that has a crucial part to play in the synthesis of t-hormone and as well as the health of sperm.

Avocado contains 10% of your zinc RDA per serving, and it is a widely preferred add-on in many cuisines.

Can I increase testosterone without eating avocado?

Well, avocado isn’t everyone’s favorite, and many people don’t prefer to include it in their diet.

Is there a one-shot solution that can compensate for the goodness of avocado in terms of testosterone secretion?

The answer is a big yes! There are herbal testosterone boosters with arginine and citrulline to give you a natural high.

But make sure that you go for a genuine formulation like Testofuel, Testogen, or Prime Male.

These products are made in a cGMP facility and are safe and side-effects-free. These boosters are not just for your t-hormone but have numerous other benefits.


Avocados can definitely increase your t-levels, thanks to their rich fatty acids and zinc content.

However, avocado cannot be there for you always, and you need something solid to maintain your t-hormone level.

This is where products like Testogen and Testolan and all can come in handy. These side-effects-free supplements can increase the biosynthesis of t-hormone five folds compared to daily avocado consumption.

So, give the avocado a try and make it part of your daily diet. If that doesn’t work, then go with proven booster supplements.

Written by Tom Knight