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Is It True That Some Nuts Decrease Testosterone?

Nuts are great for health, but there is a popular belief that they can decrease testosterone? What does science say about this? Learn it here.

True or not, increasing serum testosterone levels through natural means has always been a source of contention among medical practitioners.

Although many pharmaceutical companies attempt to create the false impression that testosterone levels can only be increased by consuming specific steroids, many clinical studies prove it otherwise.

Undoubtedly, natural foods like legumes, eggs, etc., are the best choice, but there are preparations that combine all these foods into capsules. But not all foods are good for your t-hormone because certain nuts can, in fact, reduce it.

So, without further ado, let’s explore these.

Can nuts improve or decrease your testosterone levels?

Nuts are possibly the most enjoyable and delectable way to gain essential nutrients while improving overall health and well-being.

In a nutshell, nuts are nutritious and have a positive impact on our general health. Are nuts, on the other hand, an equally healthy source for testosterone levels?

Few nuts, particularly almonds and walnuts, are responsible for lowering testosterone production.

It may boost SHBG levels which makes hormones inactive and therefore unavailable for usage by the body.

Similarly, polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytosterol are also the reason behind decreasing the T levels.

In light of these findings, it would not be acceptable to conclude that all nuts are detrimental to your testosterone levels in the long run. In fact, certain nuts have been shown to have a positive influence on baseline testosterone levels.

How to improve T-levels?

If, in case, you are facing severe symptoms of low T-levels and are unable to find the right solution, it is best to take testosterone pills that come with endless benefits.

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D-aspartic acid is present in considerable amounts in the testosterone booster formula. The amino acid activates the hypothalamus, causing it to produce luteinizing hormone due to the stimulation effect, thereby t-hormone too.

This testosterone booster provides users with the capacity to gain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and overcome exhaustion, among other things. It has even been shown to improve concentration and cognitive function.

Your libido may be suffering, and your stamina may be lacking in contrast to your companions; these testosterone boosters may be able to help you regain the vitality & vigor you previously had.


Yes, certain nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc., can decrease the total testosterone in blood because of the excess SHBG content in them.

However, there is a kind of dietary supplement to compensate for this, and they are a safer alternative for steroids.

Some of the best testosterone pills mentioned in this article can help increase libido while also increasing endurance and restoring your effectiveness in the bedroom.

Written by Tom Knight