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Why Do You Get Erectile Pain?

Erectile pain is a total fun killer and is very prevalent among young people. Learn more about this problem here and ways to prevent it.

Quick summary

  • Erectile pain can occur during erections and may be caused by various factors, such as poor blood circulation, STIs, genital warts, herpes, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, or Peyronie’s disease.
  • Treatments for erectile pain include lifestyle changes, medications, self-stimulation exercises, cold compression techniques, and over-the-counter painkillers, as recommended by a doctor.
  • Natural erection boosters made from herbal ingredients, such as Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, and Viasil, can be a safe and long-lasting alternative to chemical drugs in addressing erectile pain and enhancing sexual performance.

Do you tend to run away from erotic stuff, fearing that your boners will go berserk and leave you in sharp pain? Well, while erotic stuff working on your boners is fine, getting hurt in the process is not!

Most healthy men should be able to get aroused when they come across anything erotic. But, if an erection leaves you with pain, you need to get yourself treated.

Here in this article, we shall cover all the possible reasons for erection pains and their treatments.

What is erectile pain?

Erectile pain is an unpleasant feeling that occurs when a man experiences an erection.

Although it is not always the cause, it can be a symptom of underlying health conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, nerve damage, and severe pain.

Erectile pain can originate in the penis, but it may also feel like it is radiating from the pelvis or abdomen.

It may also radiate to the groin, inner thighs, testicles, and scrotum. In most cases, it is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis due to poor blood circulation.

What are the possible reasons for getting erectile pain?

Erectile pain may be sudden, constant, or intermittent and varies from individual to individual and sexual activity to sexual activity.

At times, it may be difficult to decide if a certain pain exists at all or if it is caused by a different symptom and/or condition, such as STIs, genital warts, herpes, or prostate cancer.

In many cases, the cause of the pain is minor, while in others, it can be quite serious and lead to lasting problems.

This type of pain can occur during sex because of long-lasting conditions like erectile dysfunction or overuse injuries such as Peyronie’s disease, but also because of short-term symptoms like constipation or something more serious like bowel obstructions or testicular cancer.

What are the treatments for erectile pain?

Erectile pain is one of the most widespread health problems. Fortunately, there are a lot of treatments to help men get rid of erectile dysfunction.

The most common treatments are simple lifestyle changes, medications, and self-stimulation exercises.

Your doctor might suggest some cold compression techniques and over-the-counter pain killers for some time to check if the pain is relieved or persists.

However, if you do not want to rely on chemical drugs to eliminate erectile pain, you can try nutraceuticals for sexual health.

What are natural erection boosters, and why are they helpful?

Natural erection boosters are a new class of remedies that effectively treat physiological causes of erectile dysfunction and enhance potency.

These are made from natural, herbal, or Ayurvedic medicines using 100% herbal ingredients. They are safe and can be used in the long term.

Some of the top-rated erection booster pills on the market include Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, and Viasil.

Male Extra boosts your sexual stamina while Max Performer boosts your sexual desire and libido. Vigrx Plus enhances your erections, and Viasil is a pre-sex enhancement pill.


To conclude, erectile pain is treatable. Most often, your doctor might be able to explain the possible cause of the pain and treat you accordingly.

But it is always better to rule out the causative factor and treat it before it could go worse.

If you want to curb it from the root, the best option is to go with natural erection booster pills, which are safe and long-lasting.

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