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Why Is Facial Hair Not Always About Testosterone?

Do you know that genetics has more control over your facial hair growth than testosterone? Learn how your t-hormone is linked to your facial hair growth.

Quick summary

  • Genetics and hormones play a significant role in determining the rate and thickness of facial hair growth.
  • Lower testosterone levels are not always the cause of sparse facial hair growth, with genetics and other factors such as ethnicity and heredity also playing a role.
  • Testosterone supplements, such as Testofuel, Testolan, and Testogen, can be taken to aid facial hair growth, but they are not the sole solution as genetics is a key factor in adulthood.

Are you wondering that your facial hair is not growing due to testosterone? Well, this is not the sole reason behind that. Continue reading to know the other factors too.

In terms of how rapidly and thoroughly your beard will grow in the end, genetics & hormones play a big influence in deciding this. Aspects such as health and lifestyle choices might also play a role.

Let’s find out what plays a major role in facial hair growth and what does not?

Facial hair vs testosterone

The hormone testosterone plays a significant role in the development of facial hair.

Additionally, even if your testosterone levels are normal, you may be genetically predisposed to having a sparse beard. Genetic variants, ethnicity, and heredity all play a role in this, to varying degrees.

Please remember that you receive genes from both of your biological parents. Your father’s beard may be a good indicator of what yours might be like, but your maternal grandfather’s beard may also be a good indicator.

The belief that bigger beards have higher testosterone levels than those with thinner ones is another frequent fallacy.

Although testosterone plays a role in the formation of facial hair, lower testosterone levels are rarely the reason for scanty facial hair growth in adults

The capacity to grow facial hair is not something that every man possesses. Genetic causes are the most likely reason why some men are unable to grow facial hair.

How to grow facial hair with testosterone supplements?

The goal of growing facial hair is an ideal one for any man to have. Whether you opt for a short and sleek style or a full beard, a beard may make you appear older and more sophisticated while also favorably accentuating your features.

Try the popular testosterone supplements to aid good facial hair growth. Some of the popular products in the market include:

The fact that these products are natural & do not include any chemical additives or harsh components despite being an instant testosterone-boosting drug is remarkable.

As a result, there is no need for you to have any reservations about its purity and dependability.

It is completely risk-free and can also help you with facial hair growth. Despite the fact that it is a global product, it is still made of natural and herbal substances and can promise you with good testosterone boost.


Well, it is clear that genetics & age factors also play an important role in facial hair growth, other than testosterone.

Testosterone is very important facial hair development when you are a budding teenager, but after hitting adulthood, genetic predisposition is the key.

However, if you want rapid results, try 100% safe and effective testosterone boosters for good facial hair growth and other benefits.

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