bisoprolol erectile dysfunction

Will Bisoprolol Use Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Since bisoprolol is a popular drug to cure high blood pressure, does it affect your erection and sex life? Here is the truth that you are looking for.

Quick summary

  • Bisoprolol, a beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure, may contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED) by reducing testosterone levels and negatively impacting sexual drive, although it does not directly cause ED.
  • Some studies show bisoprolol can boost testosterone levels by interfering with the protein that binds to testosterone, but a majority of users have reported sexual problems associated with its use.
  • To combat the potential adverse effects of bisoprolol on sexual health, consider using natural erection booster pills like Max Performer, Viasil, Male Extra, or VigRX Plus, which are safe, 100% organic, and do not interact with bisoprolol.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition in men that may be temporary, but it greatly affects your physical and mental working.

That is because when you experience ED, you have difficulty getting or sustaining an erection. This can lead to sexual distress and affect your fertility over the long run.

But, when it comes to the factors causing this in men, hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons.

However, men may also experience the erection dispute due to various underlying health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

At times, these conditions and the medicines that treat the condition may also lead to erection problems.

Talking of which, bisoprolol is a popular medicine for high blood pressure, but does that affect your sex life by causing erectile dysfunction? Here is what you need to know.

What exactly is bisoprolol?

Bisoprolol is an oral generic drug that is popular for treating high blood pressure. It is a beta blocker that modulates the epinephrine in your blood, thereby decreasing the demand for oxygen by the heat.

Besides, its main function is to widen your blood vessels by increasing the oxygen and blood supply to the heart.

In fact, bisoprolol is prescribed to men who have adopted weight control programs, diet, as well as exercise routines. This eventually curbs your high blood pressure and balances your body weight.

What is the relation between bisoprolol and erectile dysfunction?

According to sources, certain grades of beta-blockers may have an impact on the erectile health of the user.

In fact, according to studies, consuming beta-blockers for an extended period of time may reduce your testosterone levels and result in deprived sexual drive. However, apart from that, it does not associate with erectile dysfunction directly.

Having said that, there are contradictory studies that show the positive effect of bisoprolol in boosting the t-hormone in blood by interfering with the protein that otherwise binds to testosterone.

But upon survey, the majority of the bisoprolol users had some or the other sexual problems associated with its use.

How to combat adverse effects of bisoprolol?

Undoubtedly, you can’t stop using bisoprolol because it is a life-saving medication. At the same time, you can give away your sexuality to a drug as well.

Erectile dysfunction certainly has a few treatment options that cure the condition in no time. However, sometimes the effects are not long-lasting, permanent, and natural. In such cases, you can try the best possible natural alternates.

This is where nutraceutical supplements might come in handy. These natural erection booster pills are safe, 100% organic, clinically studied, and scientifically proven.

A few market toppers like Max Performer, Viasil, Male Extra, and VigRX Plus are some of the best alternates you must try.

These are mostly herbal formulations, and they don’t interact with bisoprolol, therefore you can dismiss your worries regarding cross reactions.


You may be experiencing erectile dysfunction mainly because of high blood pressure and bisoprolol may be adding to it.

This is because blood pressure affects your body’s blood flow and lowers the normal blood circulation in your penis.

And bisoprolol may interact with your testosterone mechanism therby slowing your sexuality.

You can always talk to your doctor for better suggestions or choose one of the best natural erection booster pill for better results.

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