Metoprolol and Erectile Dysfunction

Can Extended Use Of Metoprolol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Metoprolol is a unique medicine that treats hypertension. But, is it true that it may also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Here is all you need to know.

Quick summary

  • Metoprolol, a popular beta-blocker prescribed for heart problems and high blood pressure, can potentially cause erectile dysfunction (ED) due to its impact on blood flow, including the blood flow to the penis.
  • Besides ED, metoprolol may cause side effects such as dry mouth, tiredness, depression, palpitations, and sleeplessness, which can indirectly affect one’s sex life.
  • Natural erection booster pills like Male Extra, Member XXL, VigRX Plus, and Max Performer can be a safer alternative to combat ED induced by metoprolol, as they help increase blood flow in the penis without causing further damage to the body.

Heart and blood pressure problems are two of the most common health issues worldwide, and it is 90% of the time taken care of with drugs like metoprolol.

When your body consumes hard drugs, it soon tends to attain side effects. However, when it comes to men’s healthcare, after consuming metoprolol, they begin to experience their worst nightmare- the inability to sustain or get an erection.

Simply put, you begin to experience metoprolol erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms in no time. But, there is nothing to worry about. ED is temporary, and you can cure it with possible alternatives.

Keep reading to understand more.

A mini-guide to metoprolol and how it is linked to ED

Metoprolol is a popular beta-blocker, often prescribed to men diagnosed with heart problems and high blood pressure. This beta-blocker slows down the heart rate and relaxes your blood vessels, resulting in balanced blood pressure.

However, since metoprolol, a beta-blocker, affects your blood pressure, it also has a chance of affecting the blood flow to your penis. This, eventually, may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Other than that, you may also experience the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Palpitation
  • Sleeplessness

It can sometimes directly affect your ED or indirectly affect your regular sex life because of the above side effects.

Safer alternatives to try instead of visiting an expert

As we mentioned earlier, ED is temporary, and metoprolol consumption might also be temporary too.

In fact, you can cure your impotence without worrying about going to a doctor. But how exactly, you may ask?

Thanks to erection booster pills, you do not need to panic about erectile dysfunction. Instead, these pills will help your body increase the blood flow in your penis and improve your overall sexual wellness.

If you choose to go with something like Viagra to combat this, it may end up damaging your organs more than alcohol and cigarettes will ever do.

And that is exactly why you should choose an organic option. Because then, your organs will stay healthy, and your sex life will improve.

If you are not sure which is the best organic erection pill option for you, then you must check out the following:


Popular beta-blockers like metoprolol tend to affect the blood flow in your penis, resulting in a weaker erection.

However, when you cannot sustain your erection after metoprolol use, you can confirm that you have started feeling the heat of the drug.

Since slow the blood pressure, your penis may be struggling to get enough blood rush to create a stronger erection.

But don’t worry. You can defeat ED in a few months with some of the best natural erection pills. These products can support your sex life while on metoprolol or reverse the ED that is induced by other drugs.

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