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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps are the safest and best option out there to fix the erectile dysfunction, but do penis pumps work? Explore more about this device here.

Quick summary

  • Penis pumps are medically approved devices for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) without the need for medicines or surgeries. They use vacuum force to induce an artificial erection, promoting blood flow to the penis.
  • Benefits of using penis pumps include their safety, lack of side effects, and their ability to improve blood circulation and overall penile health without altering chemical messengers in the body.
  • Some of the best penis pumps on the market include the Bathmate HydroXtreme Series, Bathmate HydroMax Series, and Bathmate Hydro Series, all of which offer different features and levels of suction power to suit users’ needs.

Male enhancement is a huge market today. It was worth $200 million in 2019 and likely to hit a billion by the end of 2030.

This leap is sponsored by the engineering advancement of the 21st century, and the major stake is held by penis pumps, which is a medically approved device for treating erectile dysfunction (ED).

This is the only choice you have got to fix the erection problem without any medicines or surgeries.

The convenience of application and effective results made this device a favorite choice for many men around the globe.

You can use it as a therapeutic contraption to fix ED, at the same time also as a penis exercising tool to boost your erection.

But before laying a hand on one of these devices, do penis pumps work?

Let us try to answer this query and help you find a suitable penis pump in the market.

Without adding more words, let us start.

What is a penis pump?

penis pump

A penis pump or a vacuum pump is a male enhancement device with therapeutic value, and it is used to induce an artificial erection.

A vacuum force is used to suck blood into the penis, and a detailed explanation is described below.

Many brands manufacture penis pumps, and some models use water instead of air to create a vacuum, thus earning the name hydro pump.

This device is worn over the penis, and the air/water inside is pumped out to create a vacuum, which creates a negative pressure.

Vacuum pumps are useful for people with mild to moderate ED, and to everyone’s surprise, the majority of patients contract only a moderately severe ED.

Plus, most of the doctors would recommend a vacuum penis pump to combat ED than chemical drugs due to its safe application.

No invasive procedures required, takes just 10 ~ 15 minutes to get an erection, no side effects, no pain, and you don’t need any extra medicines along with it.

Do penis pumps work?

Definitely! Penis pumps are one of the most successful male enhancement apparatus in the market that can yield a therapeutic grade result.

This device consists of a hollow cylinder with a one-way valve at one end and a bellow shaped gaiter at another end through which the penis is inserted.

In some pumps, the water is filled in the cylinder to displace all air, which makes pumping, and vacuum creation more comfortable and controllable.

The cylinder is pushed towards the pubic region to create an airtight seal, and the cylinder is stroked up and down, which pumps the air/water out.

This action is continued for some 10 ~ 15 minutes, which creates enough vacuum inside the cylinder.

Air pressure is low inside the cylinder while high inside penis blood vessels, which opens up the constricted arteries and capillaries.

This draws blood into the penile tissue sacs, while the penile vein remains constricted, thus maintaining the erection.

This simple working is effective and doesn’t need the support of any other chemical drugs.

Why are the benefits of a penis pump?

penis pump benefits

Penis pumps are the safest choice out there to fix your ED problem without causing any damage to your organs.

Unlike a chemical drug, nothing is ingested in a vacuum pump therapy, and you are not altering a chemical messenger inside the body as well.

This is a side-effect-free option for ED, and to the worst, one might get itching or skin allergies due to the material used.

But engineers have eliminated that worry as well, by employing medical grade silicone for construction along with polycarbonate and abs for the body.

A vacuum pump is not just a therapeutic device, but it is an excellent exercising tool that can help you enhance penis health.

Using this device twice a day was found to improve the blood circulation into the penis, which helped faster cellular regeneration and resulted in even size increments.

What are some of the best penis pumps in the market?

Here are top-rated penis pumps we have scrutinized and reviewed for you.

1. Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

Bathmate HydroXtreme7Bathmate is the market giants when it comes to hydro pumps (water-based penis pumps), and they have three size specifications in general – 5, 7 and 9 inches with a unique 11-inch pump as well.

There is a handball squeezer attached to this pump to push water out, which eliminates the need for stroking the cylinder (thus reducing your manual effort).

2. Bathmate HydroMax Series

Bathmate HydroMax7

Another hydro pump from Bathmate line-up that has a newly designed gaiter which can deliver 35% more suction power and was found to be effective in 92% of their users.

All products in the Bathmate ecosystem is studied by Aspen Clinical Research to deem the products safe for human use.

This series of products are sold to over 1 million customers.

3. Bathmate Hydro Series

Bathmate Hydro7

This is the entry-level penis pump suitable for new users to acquaint with the feel of a penis pump and would help your penis get adjusted to the suction pressure created.

Comes with a wide range of accessories like towels, comfort pads, cleaning kit, etc. give you comfortable use.

The ergonomic comfort pads will ensure that your penile tissue is not bruised during stroking.


In a nutshell, penis pumps are the safest, convenient, and practical choice to address erectile problems.

Not just that, this device can help you fix the incurvate penis when used daily for an extended period.

Similarly, Peyronie’s disease is also treated using a vacuum-based penis due to the versatility of its application.

In higher-end models like Bathmate’s HydroXtreme, there is a handball to reduce the manual effort, which makes the experience more pleasurable.

Make sure that you purchase top-notch devices like the ones mentioned on our list to avoid skin allergies and other tissue damages.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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