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Does Coconut Oil Increase Testosterone?

Cocunut oil is one of the best cooking oils with an ecstatic flavor and aroma. But do you know that it can help with your testosterone levels? Learn more.

Quick summary

  • Coconut oil has been found to boost antioxidant properties and potentially enhance testosterone levels, although research on this relationship is still ongoing.
  • Natural testosterone-boosting supplements, such as TestoGen, PrimeMale, and TestRX, offer an alternative for those who dislike the smell or taste of coconut oil or want faster results.
  • While coconut oil can help increase testosterone levels when incorporated into a daily diet, natural testosterone boosters provide a side-effect-free option without requiring a doctor’s consultation.

If you are experiencing a lack of energy, depression, stress, anxiety, low sexual drive, lots of erectile problems, there are higher chances that your body is struggling with a low level of testosterone hormone.

It’s high time to think about alternatives like natural supplements that can increase your t-hormone level.

It has been proposed that coconut oil increases testosterone levels and improves sexual capacity, while the research in this context is still going on.

Let’s try to get an update on the current understating on this topic. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Is there any scientific evidence that coconut oil increases testosterone?

Everyone, including men and women, produces testosterone hormone; men make multiple times more than women.

Many researchers conducted studies to understand coconut oil’s impact on increasing or decreasing testosterone levels in men.

It was found that coconut oil has the strength to boost the antioxidant properties of the body, and its pro-thyroid effects clear that this oil is best for enhancing t-hormone levels.

To the question, whether coconut oil increases testosterone level or not? The answer is Yes.

While scientists are still researching the exact relationship between coconut oil and testosterone level, there isn’t much documentation to prove the side effects of this oil on your t-hormone level.

Can you boost t-levels naturally using any other supplement without any side effects?

Coconut oil can help boost testosterone levels, but you can get faster results  by taking natural testosterone-increasing supplements especially for people who don’t like the smell or taste of this oil.

Here are some of the best natural testosterone boosters that must be tried to see the positive results:

  • TestoGen – Popular testosterone booster overall – TestoGen is a fantastic t-hormone booster that builds muscle size, endurance, and strength. It just contains natural ingredients like Vitamins, Minerals, D-aspartic acid etc. to expand testosterone levels.
  • PrimeMale – The name says everything. One of the best testosterone booster, all the way from UK. Numerous clients believe this item to be possibly the most creative supplement out there to build testosterone levels.
  • TestRX – TestRX positions as the best item that is uncommonly defined for expanding testosterone in more seasoned men. In any case, appropriate for men of any age who need to build muscle, have more energy, endurance, and strength.


Coconut oil is one of the best sources of saturated fats, which has numerous benefits in our daily life.

Research also suggests that it can help increase the t-hormone level, provided coconut oil is used in your daily diet.

But if you don’t want to incorporate this oil in your diet, you can always try your hands on natural t-hormone boosters for best results.

These products are side-effects free and can be used by people of any age without the need for doctor’s consultation.

Written by Tom Knight
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